Dreadwing, a split-Spark twin of Skyquake, was the captain of an army of Seekers, and is an expert in


explosives. Like Skyquake, Dreadwing is intensely loyal to Megatron, though his loyalty to his twin may be stronger. However unlike his brother, Dreadwing is better at keeping his temper in check.

In addition to his calculative tactics, cool-minded leadership, and fierce loyalty, Dreadwing has outwardly shown a sense of integritynot normally characterized by the Decepticon agenda. During situations of dwindling odds, Dreadwing considers all possibilites within battle and the resulting consequences from hasty decisions. In order to secure a profitable triumph or the welfare of his sovereign lord, the dreaded seeker will save face, in addition to saving the sparks of a few Autobots, if it meant to secure a clean victory and a battle for another day...

He also has a sweet cell phone.


Prime Cartoon

Voice actor: Tony Todd (English)

Dreadwing felt his brother's death, but stopped off to kill Seaspray on his way to Earth to investigate. He was followed by Wheeljack with whom he had a brief battle before scanning a newalternate mode and reporting to Megatron. Having been filled in on his brother's death, Dreadwing was keen for some avenging, despite Megatron's orders, and lured Wheeljack and Bulkheadinto a trap. Using Bulkhead as bait, Dreadwing intended to kill Optimus Prime. However, the Autobot leader was tougher than Dreadwing anticipated, and he was forced to disarm the bomb he'd planted on Bulkhead and retreat back to the Nemesis. Loose Cannons

Megatron assigned Dreadwing the task of ridding them of Airachnid, and Dreadwing took Breakdown along on the mission with him. Unfortunately Breakdown's temper resulted in Airachnid attacking them and webbing Dreadwing to a tree. With the apparent loss of Breakdown, Dreadwing returned to the Nemesis to face a disappointed Megatron. When Megatron himself later went to find Airachnid, Dreadwing followed him, and after a standoff, was able to rescue his leader from the Autobots after giving his word not to shoot. However Megatron did not give his and had his troops open fire on them as he and Dreadwing made their getaway, while telling Dreadwing that he would make a fine second in command. Crossfire

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After the Nemesis crashed and Megatron brought it back online with Dark Energon, the newly-awoken intelligence in the ship put Dreadwing into stasis-lock. He remained in that state until the kids removed the Dark Energon from the ship's power core. Flying Mind



  • Dreadwing (Cyberverse Commander, 2012)
  • Dreadwing (Voyager, 2012)

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