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Species: Petrosapien
Home planet: Petropia
Body type: Humanoid
Abilities: Crystallokinesis
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Diamondhead is a Petrosapien from Petropia.


In OS, Diamondhead is a humanoid of crystals with a black and white suit.

IN AF and UA, Diamondhead has a rock body. He is a bit more muscular, and darker.

In OV, Diamondhead is lighter, a bit smaller, and wears a green shirt.


Diamondhead can control and shoot crystals. He is strong, and very durable. Diamondhead can make crystals on his body bigger, and turn his hands into various shapes. He has shown the power to absorb energy and fire it back, or just redirect it with a crystal. When Diamondhead's hands are sharp, he can slice through many things. Diamondhead has been shown to make crystals come from anywhere, such as big crystals from the ground. He can also do things with ice-like crystal, such as making crushers, or trapping someone's feet in the ground.


Diamondhead is weak to sonic vibrations, as they can break him.