Cyber is a main character in Omnitrix Conquest. His partner is a Charmander.


Cyber is 14 years old and is 5'4" tall. He has black hair that covers his eyes. Cyber wears dark clothes with dark armor over the top of it.


Cyber is one of the 8 wielders of the Omnitrix. Along with that, he can communciate with Pokemon and capture them. To add to it, Cyber is exceptionally strong and creative. Despite dressing dark and covering his face, Cyber is actually a very happy boy.


  1. Fasttrack
  2. Heatblast
  3. Swampfire
  4. Rath
  5. Way Big
  6. Big Chill
  7. Benviktor
  8. Benmummy
  9. Benwolf
  10. Shocksquatch


  • Charmander (Partner)
  • Emolga
  • Caterpie
  • Raikou

When Cyber was eight, he was roaming the edge of the village on a rainy afternoon. He was hoping to find a Pokemon that had died of hypothermia to return home and eat. A man ran up to him in a coat and handed Cyber a capsule. The man explained that the capsule will keep him and his family warm and would give them enough food for a month, he added that he needed Cyber to save "it", then ran off. Cyber returned home and opened to capsule to find a baby Charmander, along with lots of food. Cyber and Charmander became great friends over the next six years.

A year prior to joining the group, Cyber and Charmander were out hunting for vegetables and fruits to eat. As they were searching, they came across an wound Emolga. Cyber quickly rushed home and began trying to heal the Emolga. They managed to fix its wound, but Emolga had an extremely high temperature. It began to slowly die, but Charmander managed to suck the fever out of Emolga's body and save it. From then on it bonded with Charmander and joined Cyber's team.

In the fifth episode, A Bug's Life, the team capture one bug Pokemon each. Cyber captures a Caterpie.

In season two, the team stumble upon a nest full of eggs. They each take one and Cyber's hatches into a Raikou.



  1. Scratch
  2. Metal Claw
  3. Ember
  4. Dragon Rage


  1. Thunder Shock
  2. Spark
  3. Quick Attack
  4. Charge
  5. Pursuit


  1. String Shot
  2. Tackle
  3. Headbutt


  1. Thunder
  2. Tackle
  3. Metal Claw
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