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is the pilot of Total Drama City.


(Chris): Aaaaand hello everyone! This is the season premiere of Total Drama City! We've brought back 21 contestants from past seasons to compete against each other in challenges!

(Blainely): And I have tagged on to be a secondary host-

(Chris): INTERN. Now, let's welcome in the cast.

(Chef): Team One is... 

(Blainely, reading from an intern holding up signs): Heather, Alejandro, Eva, DJ, Izzy, Dawn, and Cameron!

When their names are called, they walk off of the cruise ship.

(Heather): I'm on a team with Al? Come on.

(Cameron): At least we're on the island and not some city.

(Dawn): I sense a disturbance in the force. We're not going to be on a-

(Chris): SHUSH. Now, Team 2, Mike, Owen, Cody, Bridgette, Zoey, Justin, Lindsay.

They all walk out onto the dock when their names are called.

To be finished