Season 2, Episode 206
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Air date 10/30/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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Aqua de la Muerte
In Love and MURDER

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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voice overs.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Nate drinks the wine, and then stops. He drops to the ground, the glass shatters to the floor, and he hits the wood. Scoot is knocked out by Chloroform, and then chained to a weight, and pushed into a pool, drowning. Oleander is put into a cup of Brandy, and then AB drinks the brandy. Drillo is shot by a cannonball. Tyran drinks the acid and falls down, dead.]

[Arthur grabs it from the pipe as Charles walks over and takes it from him. The others come together, as Charles opens it. What it looks at is a piece of parchment with multiple rings that could move, with different designs on it. In the center of the map is a drawing of Wikia Island. ] 

[Charles]: What is this?

[Tyran]: In a few days.... there will be an alignment. Now, some of you have heard of the rare 2014 alignment that is occurring this month. (later in the scene). There will also references to a lunar eclipse, a red moon, a gate, a key, and a Map. The Gate, Key, and Map are repeated multiple times. So clearly, the Fiend wants us to know this. But for what purpose... I have no idea.

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ DON'T. FALL. IN. LOVE! ♪♫♬

[Lego]: "If you are reading this, and there are no other messages afterwards, the Fiend has killed me. (later in the scene) Secondly, Charles knows more then we think. I have connected the Five and Charles, as well as the Maid, the Killer, and the mountain. Fiend Mountain. Isn't that odd? Our killer is the Fiend, and the mountain is named Fiend Mountain? I do not believe it is just a coincidence, no.... our killer has taken the name from the mountain and used it for his own devious agenda."

[Lego]: "Ponce De Butler.... the original ancestor of the Butler Family Line, which has been forced to work as slaves since the betrayal of Wikia Manor." Wait a second... Wikia Manor is where Charles previously worked... and the Hotel... the Butler and King Hotel and Resort... 

[Jack]: The man you are trying to separate from my teammate is the Private Detective. 

[Kross]: Five Days left Charles... tick tock. Tick tock. You better figure this out quickly. You must find the Key, use the Map and the Key to discover the location of the Gate. Discover the other members of the Five, learn the truth about your ancestors, and everything you know will change!

[Clark]: The Conquistadors. They are the first ones who arrived on the island, and made the town and the church.  They came to the island looking for vast riches. However, there's a legend saying they fought an ancient evil.... and that there was a curse. To not just the Conquistadors, but to the descendants of five of these conquistadors as well. The descendants would be known as The Five.

[Arthur]: There's something else you need to know. You know the Mayor and John King?

[Charles]: Yeah?

[Clark]: Not only are they descendants of the Five, but there is also another conquistador. In fact, the leader of the conquistador. It just so happens that his last name.... is Butler.

[Charles]: I think that this demon, this evil that the legend is, that the mountain is named after.... is the one who called us. I think that's who we're dealing with. There's only a few days till the Night of the Dead. We have to find the Key... and stop this "Fiend", before anything happens. We have to solve this mystery once and for all. 

[The Fiend laughs demonically. ] 

[The Fiend]: That should be no problem, for the Fiend. 

[The Betrayer]: Long Live the Fiend.


[A van drives up to the edge of the jungle. Five people exit the van, wearing backpacks and carrying shovels. They come into the moonlight, revealing themselves to be Charles, Clark, Arthur, Diana, and Vicki. ]

[Diana]: Are you sure its here?

[Clark]: I'm sure.

[They head towards a large tree, one taller then most other trees. Once they reach the tree, they begin digging in front of it. ]

[Arthur]: How much digging is this going to take?

[Suddenly, the shovels hit an object, creating a loud noise. Everyone looks at each other, as Charles and Arthur jump down the hole, and begin removing the dirt nearby. ]

[Charles]: Why is there so much dirt?

[Arthur]: Since you're a butler's boy, I wouldn't expect you to know much about dirt.

[Charles, annoyed]: Moving on.

[Arthur and Charles clear the top of a chest, as Clark throws hooks with chains down to the two other males. Charles and Arthur place the hooks on the sides of the Chest. ]

[Charles, shouting to Clark]: Pull it up!

[Diana, Clark and Vicki pull on the chains, lifting Arthur, Charles and the chest up. They manage to get the chest next to the hole, as Charles and Arthur get on the ground. Clark walks to the Chest, and opens it up. All five teens look at the contents of the chest, smiling. ]

[Charles]: We have it. We have the Key...

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One

7 AM - Room 207 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[The camera moves over to the side to show Brandon and Speedy, kissing. They stop for a moment, as they look at each others eyes. ] 

[Speedy]: I'm so glad there's no more drama between us. 

[Brandon]: I still don't know how you did it, but you brought me back. 

[Speedy]: Of course. Look, I realized that if this... what we have... is going to work, we need to make sure there are no secrets. Nothing held back. 

[Brandon]: Yeah, I know. 

[Speedy]: Which is why I'll start telling you my real name, since you only know my author's name. 

[Brandon]: Really?

[Speedy]: Its Cassie. Cassie Stallion. 

[Brandon]: That's a lot better then Speedy. Cassie's a good name. 

[Speedy]: Thanks. 

[Brandon]: I guess now's the time to tell you my secret. 

[Speedy]: What would that be?

[Brandon]: Well... I've always was interested in the crime thriller and mystery novels when I was younger. But I also wanted to be a teacher. 

[Speedy]: And you did. 

[Brandon]: Well, I almost did. 

[Speedy, confused]: Wait, what? 

[Brandon]: I almost did, but something happened. Well, you know how my family had never been the best. Well, when I was fifteen, my father was in a car crash. He went into a coma. My mother went away for being abusive. I later found out the man who caused my father to go into a coma had purposefully done that. He later went to kill four men. His last victim, before the arrest and execution of him... was my father, who died while in the coma. 

[Speedy]: I'm so sorry. 

[Brandon]: Yeah, well. They were never the best parents, but they were my parents. When my father died, I went into a rage. I had to find justice, and the only thing I knew about finding justice were the books, the novels I read. So with only those novels, I went and I helped the cops find the man. I watched... I watched as the light faded from his eyes, the day of his execution. I knew, as he died... that there was no going back. My life had been touched by crime and sadness, there was no turning around. I continued to help solve the crimes of people... 

[Speedy, realizing]: ... as the Private Detective. It was you. 

[Brandon nods. ] 

[Brandon]: I came to this island, after receiving a message from The Fiend. He, he called you the secretive Speedy. I came to this island because I thought someone was going to get hurt. I didn't think I'd fall in love with someone like you though. 

[Speedy smiles, holding Brandon's hands. ] 

[Speedy]: Well, Mr. Detective, even though you lied, I forgive you. 

[The two kiss again, as the camera moves to the wall. It cuts to Sub, in the Lab. He is looking at all the files he had found a few days earlier. He takes out the file that says "Brandon", seeing "Teacher" as his occupation. However, Sub crosses that off and writes "Detective" next to it. He flips past Brandon's file, and reaches Vicki's file. ] 

[Sub]: You... you've been hiding a lot from us, haven't you. You're not only the Maid, but you were Charles' friend, and you were on the island when the town was destroyed. But does Charles know about you? 

[Sub finishes looking at the files, putting them in the lab. As he starts walking out, he stops. Slowly, his head turns around, as his eyes notice a glass coffin. Sub turns around, and walks towards the glass coffin, realizing there's a person in it. As he reaches the glass coffin, he sees a engraving on the glass. ] 

[Sub]: "Here lies the body of Ponce De Butler, a great leader". 


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: I've been thinking about who this killer is, and honestly my best guess is Omi. But I honestly don't know for sure. I don't know anything anymore...

[Suddenly, there's a loud scream. Sub exits the Confessional, and looks around the dining room. He notices the screaming is coming from the Kitchen. He runs into the Kitchen, noticing Vicki, screaming. ] 

[Vicki]: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

[Sub]: What? WHAT?!

[Vicki]: He's... he's ... 

[Sub turns the corner to show a burnt, crisp body. The body has no chair, and its still smelling like smoke. Sub walks towards the body, as he realizes who it is. ] 

[Sub]: The a-hole got fried... Lego's dead. 

[It cuts to everyone in the Cafe, including Charles and Vicki. ] 

[Charles]: As you all most likely know, Lego was killed. Which means... you must go and solve how the Fiend commited MURDER. There will be the crime scene, or the Kitchen. The Last Known Whereabouts, Lego's Room, and the Morgue. I'll let you decide among yourselves. 

[Brandon and Speedy]: We'll do the Morgue. 

[Omi]: I'll do the Last Known. 

[Jack]: I'd like to do the Crime Scene, with you Sub, and you Omni. 

[Omni]: Us? Why?

[Jack]: I believe the three of us can do much. Plus, you two have proven to find important things in all your locations. 

[Omni]: Alright, which leaves Ultra with Omi. 

[Ultra]: Got it. 

[Jack]: Good. 

[Charles]: So, you've all decided? Good. Then please, head to your destinations. The staff have work to do. 

[Charles and the Maid leave the room along with Speedy, Brandon, Omi, and Ultra. Jack, Omni, and Sub head into the Kitchen. ] 

The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene

[Omni]: So... 

[Sub]: So...

[Jack]: I know you two have been enemies, but I believe together we can figure this out. 


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: This is going to be hard. But necessary. 

[Sub opens up cabinets, as Omni looks in the oven. Jack opens the fridge, making a piece of paper fall from it, landing on the ground. ] 

[Jack]: What is this?

[Sub opens up a cabinet, finding a Pamphlet standing up. He grabs it, and holds it, looking at it. Omni notices both looking at their items. ] 

[Omni]: What did you find?

[Jack]: A paper... its instructions for how to make a chair. Odd. 

[Sub]: This is a pamphlet... about the Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary. Formerly home to 500 inmates. There's entire sections on death row.... jeez, they still used the electric chair... 

[Omni]: Really? I always thought the electric chair was quite inter-

[Sub and Jack look at Omni, both a bit creepied out. ] 

[Omni]: Sorry. Jack is right though, it is odd. Maybe the Last Known and Morgue will make more sense. 

The Last Known Whereabouts

Room 206

[Omi and Ultra enter the Last Known Whereabouts, which is Room 206. ] 

[Ultra]: Wow... its so Red. Red for evil, I guess. 

[Omi]: I think that would apply to our killer much more. Strange he didn't choose this room for himself.... 

[Ultra]: You are right. Now, let's look for evidence. 

[Omi and Ultra separate, looking around the room. ] 

[Ultra]: Is it odd that this room has the bathroom and the bedroom in the same area?

[Omi]: The bathroom... check the shower!

[Ultra opens the Shower door, to find a container of gasoline, a razor, and lots and lots of hair. ] 

[Ultra]: Gasoline? A Razor? Hair? 

[Ultra and Omi look at each other, then back at the evidence. It cuts to the Morgue. ] 

The Morgue

The Morgue

[Brandon]: Well someone ordered Lego well done...

[Brandon and Speedy stare at the burnt corpse of Lego. ]

[Speedy]: More like overdone. 

[Brandon]: Well there's one thing I know... he didn't die by fire. 

[Speedy]: What?

[Brandon]: See the Lichtenberg figure? That usually comes from lighting, but since there hasn't been a storm since the day Scoot died, I'm guessing it came from a source of electricity. From the head down. 

[Speedy slowly touches Lego's head, feeling the skin. ] 

[Speedy]: There's gasoline on this... and the hair is gone. How the heck did he die? 

Wikia Island Police Station - Wikia Island - 10 PM - 1989

[Charles, Arthur, Vicki, Diana, and Clark are looking at The Key and The Map. Officer Rob walks in with three boxes stacked on top of each other. ] 

[Officer Rob]: Its late, I need to head home and finish something I've been working on for a long time. Can you file these reports?

[Arthur]: All of them?!

[Officer Rob]: Yes, if I may remind you, you're still working here as part of your community service. This is part of it. 

[He gives all three boxes to Arthur, and walks out. Charles gets up, watching as Officer Rob gets into his police vehicle, and drives away. ] 

Wikia Island Police Station - Wikia Island - 11 PM - 1989

[Charles is still putting away some of the files in the third box. Vicki comes from one of the backrooms, walking to Charles. ] 

[Vicki]: Come on, take a break from the work. 

[Charles]: I'm almost done, I just have about... fifty left. 

[Vicki]: Alright, we'll be in the back. 

[Vicki walks away from Charles and disappears from the room. Charles looks around, taking out "A History of Wikia Island - by Daral Scidran". He opens it to a page showing pictures of The Key, The Gate, the Map. ] 

[Charles]: "The Map will reveal the location of the Gate. Once entering the Mountain, there will be a door. The Key can be used to open the door and the Gate. Once unlocked, the Five must travel through a series of tests, tests that will challenge the Five. " 

[Charles hears something, and turns around. He sees a spinning bottle on the ground, eerily. Charles turns back to the book. Quietly, Charles's shadow forms into the shadow of a demonic shape. Charles, hearing something again, turns around. As he turns around, he drops the book, standing up and looking in horror, as he faces The Fiend, who is growling. ] 

[Charles]: What the hell... you're the demon?!

[Fiend]: I prefer Fiend... Fiend of Wikia Island. 

[Charles]: You... get away!

[The Fiend charges towards Charles, who jumps over to the side as the Fiend crashes into the desk. Charles backs away as the Fiend turns around, howling. ] 

[Fiend]: Give me the Map and Key!

[Charles]: I don't think so. 

[The Fiend charges towards Charles, who unplugs a tall lamp and hits The Fiend with it. The Fiend crashes into some boxes, causing Arthur, Clark, Vicki, and Diana to run into the room. ] 

[Arthur]: What the hell is that thing?

[Charles]: No time to explain. Get the Book and let's get out of here!

[Clark runs towards the desk Charles was at and grabs A History of Wikia Island, and the five proceed to exit the Police Station. They hear the Fiend shout in anger as they get into an empty police vehicle. ] 

[Diana]: Arthur, what are you doing?! We can't drive this, this is stealing a car!

[Arthur]: I'm not going to die!

[Arthur kicks the window of the car, shattering the glass. He unlocks the car, and lets everyone in. Diana, Clark, and Vicki get in the back as Charles sits on the passenger's seat and Arthur attempts to hotwire the police car. As he attempt to do this, The Fiend exits the station. ] 

[Charles]: Hurry!

[As The Fiend runs over towards the car, Arthur is able to start the car, and begins driving away. As the car turns the street, Arthur stops for a moment. ] 

[Arthur]: Is he following us?

[The group eerily waits as it sees a nearby tree move. Suddenly, a chipmunk jumps off, running across the street. ] 

[Arthur]: Thank good-

[Suddenly The Fiend charges out of the trees, and runs towards the car. Arthur pushes on the pedal, as The Fiend grabs onto the open windows, before the speed of the car makes him fall off. Arthur drives away, turning the corner as he attempts to drive away from town. ] 

[Vicki]: Charles, do you mind explaining what's going on?

[Charles]: Monster Chasing Us... The Fiend, wants the Map... Key... attacked me... 

[Clark]: Well that's not good. 

[Diana]: Arthur, where are we going?

[Arthur]: Out of this town!

[Arthur takes a sharp turn and stops. The Fiend is standing in the middle of the street, waiting for the group.] 

[Fiend]: GIVE. 

[Arthur]: That's it, I'm done running. 

[Arthur drives the car forward, towards The Fiend. The Fiend grabs onto the car, blocking the view of Arthur, who attempts to not crash into a building. ] 

[Fiend]: Charles... MINE. 

[Arthur turns the wheel, making the Fiend lose his grip on the car and making the car crash into a store window, and stopping the car.]

[Charles]: Is everyone okay?

[Everyone]: Yes. 

[The group quickly hurries to get out of the car, as The Fiend slowly walks towards them. ]

[Clark]: He's still coming!

[Diana jumps through the destroyed window, followed by the rest of the group. They run through the store, finding a door. They open the door and enter a break room, seeing another door. Once the final person enters, Arthur locks the door, while hearing the demonic laugh. Charles opens up the other door, setting off the emergency alarms. The group exits the building, and run into the alley. They run towards the street, when a black car arrives, with a man in dark clothing at the wheel. He lowers the window. ] 

[Charles]: Mr. Mayor?

[Mayor]: Get in this car if you want to live. 

[The group looks at each other, before it cuts to Richard in his room. ] 

Richard's Butler Quarters - Hall Manor - Wikia Island - 11:25 PM - 1989

[Richard places a picture of his ancestor, and a picture of the families at Wikia Manor on his desk. He then turns as the door opens, seeing Charles and his friends enter. ] 

[Richard]: Charles? What Happened?! Your clothes are ripped, you have cuts and bruises..?

[Charles]: We might have died, if it wasn't for him... 

[Charles points to the door, as the Mayor enters the room. ] 

[Richard]: David? What happened?!

[David (aka the Mayor)]: The Fiend attacked them at the police station. 

[Richard, in disbelief]: Impossible. We thought that ... you know who was the Fiend, before he decided to get rid of that identity. 

[David]: I contacted the prison. He has had no activity, except for a disturbed grin. 

[Richard, shocked]: How much longer until the Night of the Dead?

[David]: It's Tomorrow. I'll tell Rob that they're safe, but the rest is up to you Richard. Good luck. 

[Richard]: Same, David. 

[David King leaves the room as Richard turns his attention to the group. ] 

[Richard]: I'll awake the staff and have them attend to the four of you. As for Charles, I'll attend to him. 

[Richard goes out of his room as the camera cuts to Richard cleaning up Charles's wounds. ] 

[Charles]: Father, you've dealt with this before?

[Richard]: Yes, and this attack is why I didn't want you or anyone else getting involved in this mystery. 

[Charles]: So that's why you wanted the wallet, because you thought Kross was the Fiend. 

[Richard]: You... how do you know about him?!

[Charles]: We met him a few days ago, he helped us figure out the Map...

[Richard, realizing]: Wait.... the Map you showed... that's THE MAP? 

[Charles]: And the Key. 

[Richard]: Charles, you need to understand.... with who you are, and what you have... you are in GRAVE DANGER. 

[Charles]: Then tell me the Truth! So I know what I'm up against, so I can solve this mystery, or whatever this is!

[Richard]: If I were to tell you the truth... well, lets just say that I would prefer to keep the few secrets I have untold. There are some things in our past that aren't supposed to be revealed Charles. I wished you didn't become involved in any of this, but it seems to happen every time. Our family has always had something like this happen. Our children are born 15 years before the Night of the Dead. Every 25 years, while the child is fifteen, the Night of the Dead occurs. And during that time, it is very dangerous. Which is why I must ask you Charles... to leave this alone. If you know where the Gate is, do not attempt to reach it. It is not in the nature of a monster like ... Kross, or The Fiend... to be kind, forgiving, or humane. So please, give them no reason to harm you. 

[Richard ends cleaning up Charles, and stands up. ] 

[Richard]: Your friends can stay here tonight, and they can call their parents as well. But don't go wandering tonight Charles. For your sake, and mine as well. 

[Richard leaves the room, leaving Charles to think. It cuts to Charles sleeping in his room. Richard is sitting in a chair, watching him with a gun. Richard reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a picture. It shows Richard, Rob, Kross, David, and Eric Cureluy in 1964. Suddenly, he hears something loud. Richard puts away the photo, and grabs his gun, exiting Charles's room. He hears another noise. ] 

[Richard, whispering to himself]: The Library... 

[Richard turns the corner, walking down the hall towards the Library. He reaches the door of the library, and jumps out, aiming his gun only to realize no one is there. As he lowers his weapon, his shadow is replaced by the shadow of a demonic shape. Richard turns around, his face becoming that of pure terror as it returns to Charles room. Charles wakes up, looking around. ] 

[Charles]: What the... 

[Suddenly, he hears screaming. After listening, he jumps out of bed and begins running. As he runs down the hall, he hears the familiar demonic laughter. He turns the corner, to see the demonic shadow fleeing down another hall, and his father bleeding, on the ground. Charles rushes to his father, screaming for help, as one last demonic laugh is heard. ] 


[All the guests are sitting in the Lobby, as Charles and Vicki arrive. ]

[Charles]: The Killer has a new riddle for you. Solve the riddle, and you may or may not remain ALIVE.


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: Nothing makes sense, this riddle is going to be important.


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Private Detective
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: Now that all the drama is done, I'm hoping we can all know howdunnit.

[Charles]: "Poor unfortunate Lego believed that Love is Death, his philosophy stood until his last breath. Please go, run, and grab, a pair of night-vision goggles and head to the place that rhymes with stab. "

[Everyone separates, Omi, Brandon, and Speedy heading upstairs while Omni, Sub, and Jack head towards the Basement Stairs. Ultra remains, thinking. He then decides to head with Omi, Brandon, and Speedy. Omni, Sub, and Jack reach the staircase and begin going down it.


Name: Jack
Occupation: Judge (formerly), retired
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Jack]: The three of us instantly knew that the place that rhymes with stab is lab. The lab downstairs. 

[The three reach the end of the hall, to find a table with only three night vision goggles. Just enough for them. ]

[Sub]: At least we're the first ones here. 

[The three put on their night vision goggles and open the door, entering the dark room. When they reach the dark room, they see a movable chalk board with a message. ]

Run to Room 230 which has no lock. When you learn how he died it'll be quite the shock.

[Omni and Jack exit the lab, as Sub notices something. He walks over to the glass coffin where the body of Ponce De Butler was. Only, the body is no longer there. Sub slowly walks away from the coffin and then runs out, joining the others. It cuts to Omi, Brandon, Speedy, and Ultra. Brandon kicks down a janitor's closet, and looks inside. He looks around and comes back.]

[Brandon]: No Night-Vision Goggles.

[Speedy]: Wait! Stab rhymes with Lab! The Lab!

[The four begin running down the staircase, as Omni, Sub, and Jack reach the Main Floor and hide in the Cafe, to not be seen by the other four. Brandon, Speedy, Omi, and Ultra go down the staircase to the basement as other three head to the lobby. They then run onto the main staircase, and reach the second floor. Jack manages to get ahead of the other two, and reaches Room 230 before anyone else. Jack enters the room as the airhorn sounds. He closes the door, looking at what killed Lego. He sees a chair with wires, straps, and cables connected to it. On the chair is a roll of duck tape. Jack walks over towards the desk, where he sees a hooked up television playing footage. It shows Camera Feed 207, which plays the scene where The Fiend walks up to Lego, duck tapes his mouth, and grabs him, forcing him into the shower. It then cuts to Camera Feed 105, where The Fiend is pouring gasoline onto Lego, who has no more hair and then straps him onto the chair. The Fiend connects the chair to a power source and flips a switch. The Electric Chair shocks Lego, and the video cuts to a message. ]

The Night of the Dead is Coming. Continue to Solve the Mystery. Long Live Wikia Island… Long Live the Fiend. 


Hospital - The Next Day at 5PM - Wikia Island - 1989

[Charles is sitting next to a sleeping Richard, when Arthur, Vicki, Diana, and Clark enter the room. ] 

[Clark]: Hey. 

[Charles]: You all alright? 

[Arthur]: Yeah. Are you?

[Charles]: I just wish I could have helped. Which is why I'm going to the Mountain. 

[Diana]: What?!

[Charles]: I said that we needed to go to Fiend Mountain and end this, and that's what I intend to do. You guys have helped me this whole time, even though I didn't deserve it. You helped clear my father's name, and even though we haven't always agreed on everything, you've been with me to the end. If you don't want to come with me, that's fine. But I would really be happy if you would be with me one last time. So... will you?

[The group looks at each other, and then nod their heads. ] 

[Arthur]: We'll join you. 

[Diana]: No one can mess with our friend.

[Clark]: We're not going to let some freak mess with anyone. 

[Vicki]: We'll be with you, always. 

[The group looks out the window, towards Fiend Mountain. It cuts to the group standing in a cave inside the Mountain. ] 

Fiend Mountain - Wikia Island - 7 PM - 1989

[Charles]: Jeez, I never realized how tall the Mountain is. 

[Vicki]: Yeah. 

[Charles takes out a cigarette lighter and turns it on, providing a light source. The other four proceed to do the same thing. As they proceed into the cave tunnel, their shadows move, becoming the shadow with horns. Clark is walking behind everyone else, when suddenly he is thrown into the shadows, dropping his lighter. The four continue to walk forward, not noticing his disappearance. Diana and Arthur are also walking together, when suddenly the two of them are grabbed, disappearing into the darkness. Vicki and Charles hear this, turning around. Vicki and Charles then look at each other and start running away from the sound of laughter. As they continue to run, Vicki is caught by a rope looped on her. ]

[Vicki, screaming]: CHARLES!

[Charles]: Vicki!

[Vicki falls to the ground and begins being dragged onto the dirt, as Charles grabs onto her hands, dropping his lighter. ] 

[Charles]: I'm not letting you go!

[A sudden tug pulls Vicki away from Charles and into the darkness. Covered in the darkness, he attempts to refind his lighter. He manages to do so, and slowly backs away from where Vicki was taken, only to nearly fall. He looks over to see a liquid substance in a ditch shaped like a pentagon. He walks over the liquid to put the flame of his lighter at the wall. Looking at the wall, he notices a design, and a keyhole. ] 

[Charles]: Its a door. 

[Charles then notices an area where the substance begins, connected to the wall. Charles puts the flame of the lighter near the liquid, lighting it on fire. As the pentagon lights on fire, The Fiend enters the light. ] 

[Charles]: You!

[Fiend]: Charles, The Butler you have found the Door. Now give me the Key and the Map before you hear my Roar. Then follow me and give me the blood of the Five. Don't and you will not come out alive. 

[Charles]: Wha makes you think I'll do that? What the hell is so important about this Map, and this Key?

[Fiend]: The Map Leads to the Gate, The Gate leads to the Island's Fate. Now GIVE.

[Charles sighs, taking out the Map from his pocket. He throws over the Map, making The Fiend grab it. He then takes out The Key, looking at it. As he throws the Key, he realizes he didn't throw hard enough. The Key lands in front of The Fiend, shattering into pieces. The Fiend, horrified, picks up one of the pieces, examines it, and faces Charles. ] 

[Fiend]: The Key is said to be made of brass, not glass. Therefore, it can not, and WILL NOT BREAK!

[The Fiend charges at Charles, who jumps over the fire and lands on the ground. The Fiend attempts to punch Charles, who rolls over, and struggles to get up. ] 

[Charles]: I swear, I didn't know it was a fake!


[Charles runs down the tunnel as The Fiend shouts in frustration. Charles continues to run through the tunnel, hearing the footsteps behind him. Eventually, as he reaches near the end of the cave tunnel, he finds his four friends gagged and tied together in a rope. ] 

[Charles]: What the--

[Charles takes out his pocket knife, cutting the rope as he hears the steps of the demon coming closer. He cuts the rope, letting everyone get freed, as they take off the gags. ] 

[Diana]: He's coming, hurry! [As Charles pulls Vicki up, Vicki looks over and screams. Charles hears the sound of metal moving, before he sees the Fiend's arm come down towards him, pushing Vicki out of the way and jumping over to the side. The Fiend, who has a metallic blade coming from under the clothes on his arm, not in his hand, hits part of the rock, and struggles to pull it out. The five teens watch in shock. ] 

[Clark]: Run!

[They begin running, as The Fiend pulls out the blade, and screams in frustration at them. The group exits the cave, as Arthur looks to his left, seeing an area of land large enough to walk sideways one by one. ] 

[Arthur]: This way. 

[The group carefully begins walking, turning the corner as The Fiend reaches the end of the cave, and looks down to see where the group is. Suddenly, the ground begins to break off under the group, collasping as they fall, heading towards another part of the mountain. The group freaks out, as The Fiend appears at the ledge, watching them fall. As they come closer near the ground, the group looks at each other. ] 

[Arthur, shouting]: Charles, I'm sorry for anything I said! 

[Charles, shouting]: No, I'm Sorry! I never wanted you all to get involved!

[Clark, shouting]: It doesn't matter! We became friends!

[Diana, shouting]: We are still friends!

[Vicki, shouting]: I'm happy to spend my last days with you Charles!

[Charles and Vicki look at each other, as they head towards oblivion. Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter is heard, before in a flash, the group lands on a net. ] 

[Arthur, in shock]: Wha-

[The group looks upwards to see a helicopter, with the net being pulled up by a man. ] 

[Clark]: The Mayor?

[David King]: When I found out Richard was attacked, I knew you five would go to the Mountain. 

[David manages to pull up the net, allowing all five onto the helicopter. ] 

[Arthur]: How'd you manage to pull us all up? 

[David King]: Eat your green beans, boy. 

[Charles]: Wait, how'd you know we'd be at the Mountain? You never had the Map? 

[David King]: True, but if anyone thinks that the Mountain is just called Fiend Mountain cause its hard to climb, they're fooling themselves. No, that Mountain was for sure used by the Spanish. 

[Charles]: We escaped, but the Fiend has the Map...

[Vicki]: What about the Key? 

[Charles]: It was a fake. Destroyed. 

[David King]: It doesn't matter, you all are safe. 

[Arthur]: But Charles is right, the Fiend does have the Map. He manipulated us all. 

[Diana]: The Fiend somehow knew about John and Joan's issues, and knew about the chest in the hidden room. 

[David King]: My chest? The one I hid in my brother's house? No one could have known about that. 

[Clark]: He also knew what was IN the chest, leading us to the church. 

[Arthur]: He probably expected us to go and find the caves, where Kross' wallet is. However, an unexpected result occurred: We found the Map. 

[Vicki]: Once he knew we had the Map, he made sure we would find the one man who could help us with the Map: Kross. Kross helped us with the Map, which led us to finding the Key. 

[Charles]: Or what we thought was the Key. Once he believed we had the Key and Map, he attacked, forcing us to the Mountain. 

[David King]: But now we know the Key wasn't real, and the Night of the Dead is nearly over. The good news is that as far as I know, there are only two of the Five families on the Island. The Kings, which I'm the sole remaining member who lives on the Island, and the Butlers, which is you and Richard. Unless the rest of you are related to the other free families, I have no idea why they had you involved.

[Charles, realizing]: Wait a second. The day I met you four... your car. There was a bullet. I forgot about it... is it possible he shot your car? Causing your accident because ...

[Vicki, also realizing]: He knew you would be there, and you would save us. He knew you would be there, and he... he planned it all. 

[Charles, realizing]: Could he have also been the one behind my father's framing? 

[Arthur]: I don't think it matters anymore. He got what he wanted, and he also didn't get what he wanted. This mystery is over... at least for now. 

[The Helicopter flies towards the town, as The Fiend stands on the mountain, grinning as he looks at The Map. ] 

[Fiend]: You have gotten away, but as the Night of the Dead ends I have one last thing to say. Enjoy the next quarter of a century before I settle the score, for this game of murder will return once more.

[The Fiend laughs, taking the Map in his one hand, and walking into the cave of the Mountain, disappearing into the shadows. ]


[It cuts to everyone eating dinner. Charles arrives with envelopes in his hand. ]

[Charles]: Moments ago, you revealed to the Confessional who you thought, out of the seven of you who the Killer was, and how they killed Lego. Now, I am here to reveal whose theories excelled, and which theories were quickly debunked. 

[The guests at each other, including Brandon, who looks at Speedy.]

[Charles]: Congratulations, Jack. You will be kept alive, for solving the riddle. 

[Jack]: Thank you Charles. 

[Charles]: However, for the rest of you... it is time to learn how Lego's rage led to the Fiend giving him a treatment of Shock Therapy. 

[Begin Flashback]

[It shows Lego sleeping at night. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: "After witnessing Lego's rampage, I knew that he had become a threat. I weighed the options of how I should have his death occur, and trust me, it was a difficult decision. I realized though that Lego needed to suffer, so I decided that I would stray from my other ideas and use the old fashioned way of death. The Electric Chair. " 

[It then shows the killer quietly places the Electric Chair in an unknown room. He then enters Lego's room with duck tape, and a razor. Placing the razor in a pocket, he rips a piece of duck tape off, waking up Lego. The Fiend places the duck tape on Lego's mouth, then grabs him, forcing him into the shower. 

[Charles, voiceover]: "After making my electric chair, I entered Lego's room, ducked taped his mouth, and shaved off all of his hair in the shower. The amount of hair on him was... disturbing to say the least. " 

[It cuts to The Fiend pouring Gasoline on Lego, then strapping him to the Electric Chair and shocking him. ] 

[Charles, voiceover]: "I poured gasoline on the businessman, who cried throughout it. Strapped him onto the chair, and sparks flew. The poor man who had no love in his heart was friend from the inside out, before I placed him in the Kitchen, and left. " 

[End Flashback]

[It returns back to the Cafe, with Charles reading this. ]

[Charles]: Presenting Extra Crispy Lego... The Fiend. " 

[Charles starts giving envelopes to everyone.]

[Charles]: In these envelopes is a card. If you have done well enough, you will get an "Alive Card". If you did not, you and at least one other person will get an "In Danger Card". And one of the "In Dangers" will not survive to find out who committed murder. Now... Speedy, will you open your card?

[Charles]: Speedy.

[Speedy opens up her letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Charles]: Omni

[Omni opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Brandon]: Brandon.

[Brandon opens up his letter, and he sighs. He pulls out an ALIVE Card. ]

[Charles]: Ultra

[Ultra]: Oh my gosh…please let me have an Alive card. Please...

[Ultra opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Omi

[Omi opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Sub

[Sub opens up his letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Charles]: Now since that's that...

[Sub]: Actually, I have something to say, and Charles, if you could stay with us, that would be great. 

[Charles nods, as Sub pulls out of his shirt a series of files, and throws them onto the table. ] 

[Sub]: There is more to this then we think. I found a series of files, files about all of us. Every last one of us. This Fiend has done his homework.... and there's something I think you should all know. This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, it happens every twenty five years. 1989, 1964, 1949, 1924, I could list off the years at ease. I'm saying this because the year 1989 is of particular interest. Increase in Crime. The death of 90% of the Island's population. What is really interesting is that there were some characters of importance. Arthur and Vicki Demple, Diana Ney, Clark Johnson... not to mention Richard and his son... Charles Butler. Do you have something you'd like to add, Charles?

[The group turns to Charles, who looks at the group and quietly walks away. Leaving the room, he takes off his bow-tie, running through the hall, to the door, exciting out to the pool area. Dropping his bow tie into the pool, he looks out at the ocean in desperation. Conflicted about revealing his past to the guests, or to keep it secret. He watched the sun slowly set, while unknown to him, in the ocean below him, a disturbance was felt. Suddenly, a submarine appears, pushing away the native life. It continues going farther away, with no sign of its existence known to anyone on the island. ] 

Hospital -  One Day Later - Wikia Island - 1989

[Charles walks into the hospital room, where Richard is awake. ] 

[Richard]: Charles... you're alive. 

[Charles]: Yeah Dad. I am. 

[Charles walks over to his father, pulls up a chair, and sits next to him. ] 

[Richard]: Did- did he..?

[Charles]: No. The Key was a fake. A decoy. He can't enter it for another twenty five years. 

[Richard smiles at that. ] 

[Charles]: I'm so sorry. I should never have even looked into this mystery in the first place. 

[Richard]: Its ... not your fault. It would have happened regardless. Our curiosity gets the better of the two of us. 

[Charles and Richard hold each other's hands, as Charles begins tearing up. ] 

[Charles]: You were right... you were right about everything. 

[The two remain in the hospital room, knowing that a chapter in their lives is over. ] 

The Lab - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[All the living guests look around in the Lab. ] 

[Omni]: So this is where you found those files?

[Sub]: Indeed. 

[Brandon]: Its clear that he wanted you to find those. This Fiend knows how to plant clues for us to find. 

[Speedy]: I think we shouldn't be talking about the Fiend, and more about Charles and the Maid. They were here on the island. Twenty Five Years ago. What was her name again?

[Jack]: Vicki, my dear. Her name was Vicki. 

[Brandon sees a light switch. He walks over, and flips it, then looks around. ] 

[Brandon]: Huh, this doesn't do anything. Odd. 

[Omi]: There's things that remain to be answered, and Charles isn't going to tell us. So how exactly are we supposed to figure this all out. 

[Sub is looking at part of the Lab, when his attention moves to the side. ] 

[Sub]: What the heck?

[Sub stares at the glass coffin of Ponce De Butler, which had previously been empty during the riddle. However, now it contains the corpse again. ] 

[Omni]: What is it?

[Sub]: That body... it wasn't there before. I mean it was, but then during the riddle, it wasn't. It showed up today for some reaso-

[Suddenly, all the lights shut off in the room. A glow appears from the coffin, as smoke and mist spread across the room from different directions. Eventually, the Coffin opens up, and surprisingly, the corpse of Ponce De Butler rises, facing the group. ] 

[Ponce De Butler]: Be Warned, Sub of Wikia. The Story you and the Thirteen have been fed is a lie. The Island is indeed cursed, it has always been cursed. 

[Suddenly, machinery turns on. A projector turns on, playing a video with various images and music on a screen. ]  

[Ponce De Butler]: I, Ponce De Butler, arrived, with my men, including my second in command, Christopher King, and my friends George Founder, Jay Betrayer and Michael Hero.  We arrived at the island, looking for gold and rubies. However, we were lied to. For when we settled, we heard a terrible roar. We quickly discovered that there was something on the island. Something evil... very evil. A demonic being of terrible power... 

[Images of Spanish Conquistadors arriving on the Island, treasure, and birds flying out of the jungle are shown, before cutting to a disturbing carving of a demonic-looking being. ]

[Ponce De Butler]: The Fiend. The Fiend of Wikia Island ruled over the island. He had only known that land for years... he killed our animals... he burned our houses... and tortured my mind. The Demon... he had only known about the Island. But when we arrived, he quickly discovered the main land and planned to spread his power and his darkness, his evil and fear to the mainland. We knew that we had caused a terrible event and quickly, we realized that if we didn't stop the Fiend that he would destroy us all. 

[Images of dead animals, burnt houses, and a drawing of a man gone insane appear on the screen. ]

[Ponce De Butler]: We attempted to kill the Fiend, but he was too powerful. It was only with the Five of Us... The Butler, The King, the Founder, The Betrayer, and the Hero that we managed to trap the Fiend's true form. By doing so, with holy power we were able to keep the Fiend on the island, but at a cost. The Five of Us would be forced to remain on the Island, along with our descendants so long as the Fiend remained on the island. It was our job to make sure that the Fiend would never leave. But the Fiend cursed us all, especially my family, which has been forced into slavery for over half a millennium.

[Images of the Fiend being pushed back with various religious symbols, and then Fiend Mountain appear. Then, images of the families of Wikia Manor, Richard Butler, and Charles Butler appear. ]

[Ponce De Butler]: Thus, that is why Charles has been a slave. THAT is why he is forced to be the Butler of the Hotel, the Manor, and all those before. That is why he could not leave the island. It is the Curse. The Curse caused by the Fiend. All those on the island have suffered from fear and evil. They have been manipulated since the dawn of their existence, and that is the reason that the town that once existed no longer does. The Evil destroyed the town once and for all. 

[Images of Charles in bondage, as well as news articles about Omni's, Sub's, and Brandon's pasts appear during this part of the speech. ]

[Ponce De Butler]: Beware. The Fiend is Coming. This has all happened before. It is the Tests. They have started once again. He is looking for them, the Five. The Butler, The King, The Founder, the Betrayer, and the Hero. The Five Familes, whose identities can be revealed not just by their last name, but with things like Heritage, eye color, skin color, hair color, height, and the fact that each member of the Five is Blood group O. Always Blood Group O, another part of the curse. Charles is one of them, the rest are here on the Island. The Map can only be found by the Five. The Map will lead you to the Gate. The Gate can only be unlocked by the Key. The Key will unlock the Gate, and free the Fiend from the Island so he may destroy it, and all who live. Heed my warning. It begins with the Butler. It always starts with the Butler. The Fiend is Coming. Heed the warning from the Hotel's sign... THE BUTLER must DIE!

[At that moment, the projector ends, and the body of Ponce De Butler falls apart, silent once more. The guests look at each other, unsure what to say or think about what just occurred. All that they truly knew was that soon, very soon... The Game of MURDER would continue once more.... ]


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