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Brian is a main character in Omnitrix Conquest. His partner Pokemon is a Deino.


Brian is 13 years old and is 5'3" tall. He is well built for such a young and short person. His face is always shining and he has short hair. Brian wears a red cape and always wears a blue shirt with green pants over bronze armor.


Brian is one of the 8 wielders of the Omnitrixes, allowing him to transform into 10 different alien creatures. He also has the ability to communicate with Pokemon, plus he is extremely fast and can jump very high and long distances.


  1. Way Big
  2. Four Arms
  3. Jetray
  4. Fasttrack
  5. NRG
  6. Big Chill
  7. Goop
  8. Cannonbolt
  9. Upchuck
  10. Humungousaur


  1. Brian's Deino (Partner)
  2. Piplup
  3. Nincada
  4. Arceus (Egg)

Brian met his Deino as a child. His parents were Pokemon breeders and one of the Deino eggs gained a bond with Brian, so they grew up together and Deino became his partner. Deino has proven to be extremely powerful.

Brian met Piplup when he was 10. Deino and Piplup had a very long battle which ended in a draw. Piplup refused to admit defeat, but respected Brian, so it followed him around everywhere. It continued to follow Brian until Brian's 11th birthday when two men tried to take Deino. Piplup jumped in and defeated the two men and then allowed Brian to capture him.

In the fifth episode, A Bug's Life, the team capture one bug Pokemon each. Brian captures a Nincada.

At the beginning of season two the team will stumble upon a nest of eggs. The egg that Brian obtains eventually hatches into an Arceus.



  1. Tackle
  2. Dragon Rage
  3. Headbutt


  1. Bubble
  2. Peck
  3. Surf
  4. Water Gun


  1. Scratch
  2. Foresight
  3. Leech Life
  4. Fury Swipes


  1. Explosion
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