Ben Vs.

is a new series created by the The King of All Tacos and Waffles which follows Ben Tennyson as he vs. other cartoon characters , bands , celebraties , annoying singers and USERZ. Looking for one co-writer.


Season 1

This season is about Ben fighting the cartoon characters. It has 12 episodes

  1. Ben Vs. Finn and Jake
  2. Ben Vs. Johnny Test
  3. Ben Vs. Ash and Pikachu
  4. Ben Vs. Dudley Puppy
  5. Ben Vs. Chowder
  6. Ben Vs. Timmy Turner
  7. Ben Vs. The Eds
  8. Ben Vs. Phineas and Ferb
  9. Ben Vs. Lazlo
  10. Ben Vs. Spongebob
  11. Ben Vs. Naruto
  12. Ben Vs. The Powerpuff Girls (Season Finale)

Season 2

This season is about Ben fighting the bands , celebraties and annoying singers. It has 21 episodes.

  1. Ben Vs. One Direction

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