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Beef Boss (capitalized as "beef boss") is a Mii that looks like a hamburger and was created on July 8, 2019. He appears multiple times throughout Poofesure's videos and is one of the channel's principle mascots. He is based off of the Fortnite skin of the same name

He first appeared in the video, "figuring out which fortnite skin is best at wii sports" where Poof created Fortnite characters on the Mii Channel to use them in Wii Sports.

The Fortnite skin, labeled "Beef Boss," has a hamburger head, and Poof decided to make the hamburger mii from the video we all know and love, "How to make a hamburger mii". Ever since then, beef boss has become the staple mascot of Poof's videos. Poofesure has described him as "very short and fat"

Season 1

beef boss was the first islander added in Tomodachi Life. Poofesure is "beef boss's lookalike". Due to him being the "lookalike", he cannot be removed from the island.

He since then has became good friends with Abby, getting married to her and having 3 children, Alfie, Heidi, and Dexter.

When Poofesure jokingly fed him a cheeseburger on December 28, 2019, beef boss had the worst possible reaction (turning grey and sinking into the ground with dramatic music; "he really didn't like it at all"), and cheeseburgers immediately became his most disliked food, indicating he is not a cannibal. He enjoys eating caviar, escargot, and chicken drumsticks.

On March 28, 2020, Poofesure gave €10,000 to beef boss, prompting him to dress up in a spacesuit and take Abby on a trip to outer space. He still wears the spacesuit as his current outfit.

On July 1, 2020, beef boss announced that he and Abby were expecting a third child together, and Dexter was born nearly a month later.


Abby: beef boss' wife. They bonded over their love for offensive jokes and being closet furries. They have had 3 children named Alfie, Heidi, and Dexter. Alfie and Dexter are currently living on the island, while Heidi was sent off of the island. It is confirmed that they have had sex and that Abby has eaten beef boss' ass.

Elisa: beef boss' best friend. Elisa had a large crush on beef boss, but she has been rejected on several occasions.

Alfie: beef boss' first child. For large chunks of Alfie's childhood, beef boss was unable to be a proper father to the young child as he was unable to help make Alfie stop crying multiple times. However, Alfie still loves his father very much and still lives on Pen Island with his father. He has a similar face structure to his father, despite being mostly human.

Heidi: beef boss' second child. She is his first daughter and takes after her mother, Abby, appearance-wise. Unlike Alfie, Heidi was sent off on journeys, which effectively means she was erased off of Pen Island.

Dexter: beef boss' third child. He was not really seen a lot but it is guessed that he is living on the island trying to get a date.