"Fear is an illusion. To be alive isn't."

Warning: Attack on Titan: Gale contains upcoming spoilers about the canon Attack on Titan. If you haven't seen that and/or don't want to be spoiled in general, reading this series is not recommended for you. In addition to that, cursing is also included in this series, as well as violence and medium gore.

Attack on Titan: Gale is an Attack on Titan Fan Fiction Series created by Nick.

Plot Overview

After the gate at Shiganshina District, Southern Wall Maria is destroyed by the terrifying Colossal Titan, Patricia, a ten year old girl and a witness to the monstrosity of the Titans, migrates to the Karanese District, located at Eastern Wall Rose with her mother after he father is killed in the chaos. After arriving in Karanese, she meets with Nick and Sci and later all three of them enlist in the Military, as they dream of seeing the world beyond the three walls and fighting back against the Titans.


  • Nick Stone (NickFusi0n) - Nick has been living in the Karanese District for the majority of his life. He is best friends with Sci, and later Patricia. He later discovers his special abilities and his aid to the military proves unique. He has an irritable personality.
  • Sci Lender (Sci100) - Sci has a mysterious past and tends to get paranoid when asked about it. He has a calmer and more idealistic nature than Nick. He discovers his abilities later after joining the military.
  • Patricia Deller - Patricia, originally from the Shiganshina District, migrated to Karanese afted the fall of Wall Maria. She quickly becomes best friends with Nick and Sci and cares about them a lot. She is a strategic thinker and retains a calm personality like Sci. She later enlists in the military with her two best friends.


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