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Season 2, Episode 205
Wikia Island Prision.png
Love is Weakness
Air date 5/17/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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I Came In Like a Cannonball
Chair of Mountain Terror

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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voice overs.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Nate drinks the wine, and then stops. He drops to the ground, the glass shatters to the floor, and he hits the wood. Scoot is knocked out by Chloroform, and then chained to a weight, and pushed into a pool, drowning. Oleander is put into a cup of Brandy, and then AB drinks the brandy. Drillo is shot by a cannonball.]

[Ultra]: This... Game of Murder... it has begun.

[Richard]: Rob, I swear upon my father's grave. I did not kill him. You know that I am the least likely of us and the three others to kill anyone.

[Rob looks at him, angry. ]

[Rob]: You are nothing like HIM, Richard.

[Tyran walks over to the file and opens it up. Inside the file is a packet of papers with mathematical numbers on it and a key card. The card says SPECIAL PASS TO HOTEL LAB. ] 

[Tyran]: An Equation... a lab.... all part of the mystery I suppose. Well, it seems this scientist has work to do.

[Arthur grabs it from the pipe as Charles walks over and takes it from him. The others come together, as Charles opens it. What it looks at is a piece of parchment with multiple rings that could move, with different designs on it. In the center of the map is a drawing of Wikia Island. ] 

[Charles]: What is this?

[Clark]: I have a feeling we're going to find out... 

[As they look into their eyes, Brandon pulls Speedy towards him, embracing as the two meet each other lips in an act of passion. As the two begin to kiss, a person watching from a crack in the door walks away. Charles turns around, with a grim expression on his face. ] 

[Vicki (The Maid), sighing]: Oh Charles.... 

[Male Teen #2]: The Map and the Key... they will be found. (later in the scene) I don't understand. Instead of the Map and the Key, instead there's a golden triangle item, and a book written in English! Someone has been here before us!

[Suddenly, the Lion Mouths in the ritual site's wall begin pouring out water, as the group attempts to flee. As they do, the wallet of Male Teen #2 falls out, into the water. It floats away, as the group attempts to flee the cave. Multiple rocks fall onto the ground, as they jump out of the caves, and onto one of many large pieces of rock and land next to the cliffside. (in a different scene) Richard leaves the room as Charles grabs a book from Richard's bookself. The book reads "A History of Wikia Island - By Daral Scidran". Meanwhile, Richard grabs the wallet from Charles's desk, remembering the day he, Officer Rob, and the three other friends went to the caves. In 1964. ] 

[Tyran]: In a few days.... there will be an alignment. Now, some of you have heard of the rare 2014 alignment that is occurring this month. (later in the scene). There will also references to a lunar eclipse, a red moon, a gate, a key, and a Map. The Gate, Key, and Map are repeated multiple times. So clearly, the Fiend wants us to know this. But for what purpose... I have no idea.

[Lego]: Sub told me that you ended it with her. Which is good, I mean... I'm the one that saw you two kissing, and told Sub. 

[It cuts to him singing to Brandon. ]

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ DON'T. FALL. IN. LOVE! ♪♫♬

1970 - Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary - Wikia Island

[Officer Rob, nearly two decades younger than his 1989 counterpart, walks from a hallway, a grim expression on his face. As he walks down, the camera moves to his side, to see him walking up to a man in a suit. ]

[Man]: Is it done?

[Officer Rob]: They've put him in an isolation cell, a cell that no one will be able to enter except police personal. He won't be going anywhere, David.

[David]: Good. Now that monster won't be able to harm anyone else ever again. As soon as I lead this town, I'm going to try and get him executed. Immediately.

[Officer Rob]: David, now that he's gone, now that we have captured the man who is The Fiend, we can continue our investigation.

[David]: We're in our twenties now, Robert. We should start thinking about our futures, not our past.

[Officer Rob]: But there's no one left to hurt us! The Fiend is in this very prison as we speak. We can continue to look for the clues, the Map, everything! We can find the truth about the island. We can do it David! Richard, You, and I can go an-

[David]: Rob, have you lost your mind!? OUR FRIEND IS DEAD! THAT MONSTER KILLED HIM. He also did something else to Richard, yet you won't tell me the truth about what that thing is.

[Officer Rob]: Sins are between a man and the lord. I won't speak of them to anyone else.

[David]: We are never looking into this island's past again. Besides, I don't care if The Fiend is in this prison. What about his friends? We have no idea who they were. Richard wants to put this part of our past away, and I agree with him on that. We all agreed to go to Hall Manor, and end this once and for all.

[Officer Rob]: Perhaps you're right, I didn't even stop to think about Eric.

[David]: After Hall Manor, I'm going to get everything ready. In two days, we have to take time to mourn him.

[Officer Rob]: I'm sorry David.

[David]: It's alright. Now come, we must meet Richard and bury this part of our lives away so that no one, not even any descendants can bring it back.

[David pats Rob on the back, as the two walk towards the exit. ]

1989 - Wikia Island Police Station - Wikia Island

[Charles, Arthur, Diana, Vicki, and Clark are all siting at the Police Station. ] 

[Charles]: So we found the Church... the Temple... what else is there? 

[Clark]: Well this is a few hundred years old, so. 

[Diana]: I feel like we need an expert. 

[Arthur]: On Spanish? We can just go to a teacher for that. 

[Vicki]: Not just the Spanish, this map. This island, its history, everything. 

[Charles]: I just wish someone would call and give us advice...

[Suddenly, the phone rings. It continues to ring, as the group is silent. ] 

[Charles]: Well that's not... creepy at all. 

[Charles picks up the phone and answers it. ] 

[Charles]: Hello?

[Voice]: Charles, my dear old friend. It just so happens I have a hand to lend. 

[Charles looks at the group, confused. ] 

[Charles]: How do you know my name? Who are you? 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - The Mystery Deepens

[Voice]: You can only find help if you look at the ultimate crime. But know this, you're running out of time. Five Days Till the Night of the Dead. Look for the Island Location I said. Now please, don't scare. 

[Charles continues to look at the group, now concerned. ] 

[Voice]: Discover the Truth of the Five if you Dare. 

[The call ends, as Charles puts it down. ] 

[Clark]: What was that about?

[Charles]: We got our advice. 

[It cuts to a building across the Police Station. Inside, a hand puts down a phone, before the camera moves upward, revealing the hand to belong to The Fiend, who is grinning. ] 

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One.png

Present Day Wikia Island - Butler and King Hotel and Resort

[It cuts to a plane flying above Wikia Island. Charles is sitting in the Economy Class, reading a brochure about Wikia Island. ]

[Charles]: This should be fun.

[Suddenly, a flight attendant asks if he wants anything to drink. ]

[Charles]: No thank you, my dea-

[He looks at the Flight Attendant to see its Melina, one of the Maids from Wikia Manor. ]

[Charles]: Melina....

[Suddenly someone grabs his hand. He looks over to see Erica, the other maid of Wikia Manor. ]

[Charles]: Erica....

[Erica]: Why Charles.... why did you let us die?

[Suddenly he jumps out of his seat, to see all of the guests. Sci is in one of the back seats with a rope around his neck, while Bloxx exits out of the airplane's bathroom, burned up, and Dark goes into it, blood all over him. Charles looks around, as an air marshal walks up to him. ]

[Air Marshal]: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to die....

[Charles turns around to see Ermac, the Killer of Season One, smiling and with a sword. He stabs a passenger, who looks like Nick, as the passengers next to him, looking like Reo and Toon scream in horror. Meanwhile, the roof of the Hotel opens up, revealing missiles. Three shoot out, spinning into the air, going towards the plane. One hits the front of the plane, killing the pilots. Suddenly the plane dives down, as everyone falls forward. Another missile hits the side of the plane. The side door opens up, as Sklei and RG are sucked out and thrown backwards into the plane engine, where they are ripped into shreds. Ermac points a gun at Charles. Just as Ermac pulls the trigger.... the entire plane fills in flames. Charles is surrounded in the flames, as he sees a shadow forming. ] 

[Charles]: No... NOO... NOOOO. 

[From the flames appears the Fiend, who is laughing. Charles falls to his knees as he hears gunfire, the clinging of swords, and a scream. Suddenly, the Fiend lunges forward, aiming at Charles as he prepares to be hit. Suddenly, Charles opens his eyes, finding himself in his new Butler Quarters. Charles looks at the time.  Charles gets up, and looks at the sign. THE BUTLER AND KING HOTEL AND RESORT - FOOD * POOL * SUNDRIES. He gets up, looking at Fiend Mountain. ] 

[Charles]: Why must you taunt me? 

[It cuts to the Cafe. Lego, Sub, and Brandon are sitting on one side of the table, while Omi and Ultra are sitting on another. Brandon sighs, looking at his breakfast. Lego elbows Brandon, getting his attention. ] 

[Lego]: You'll get over her. Remember... love is weakness. Love is a cancer that grows inside and makes one do foolish things. Love is death. 

[Brandon, hyponticly]: Love... is weakness. 

[Lego looks over at Sub, who nods in approval. Omni arrives at the Cafe, and sits next to Omi. ] 

[Omi]: Do you know where Jack or Speedy are?

[Omni]: I don't know about Jack, but Speedy is refusing to get out of her room for some reason. 

[Omi sighs, looking at his food. ] 

[Omi]: There's something I should tell you... Lego and Brandon were in here last night. Apparently, Brandon and Speedy were a ... a thing.

[Omni turns to face Omi, in shock. ]

[Omni]: What?

[Omi]: Lego saw them... um, kissing, told Sub about it, which was why Brandon went to the Crime Scene. I assume when Speedy ran up crying, Brandon told her they couldn't be together. They forced them apart, just so "Brandon could stay in the game". Apparently Lego has a thing against romance, since he spent a lot of time telling Brandon to "don't fall in love". 

[Omni]: I never knew that they... wait, this is Sub and Lego's doing?

[Omi]: Yes, especially Leg-

[Jack and Charles enter the Cafe. ] 

[Ultra]: Jack! You're... you're alive.

[Jack]: I'm an old man, I'm going to go any day now. It doesn't matter how I die. Or If. 

[Charles]: Where is Speedy?

[Vicki (the Maid), arrives with Speedy. Speedy sits next to Jack and Ultra. Her eyes are red, and her hair is messy. ]

[Charles]: As you can tell by Jack being here, that means one thing. Tyran is dead. I found him at the Golf Course. So, now that he's dead, it is time to decide where we will go. The Crime Scene, which is the Golf Course. The Last Known Whereabouts... Tyran's room. And, the Morgue... where you can inspect the body and see how he perished. I will return in a moment.

[Charles leaves the room, as everyone begins discussing. ]

[Sub]: Now that there are only three of us, we each need to take an area. I'm gonna take the morgue. 

[Lego]: Well let's see where they're going. 

[Meanwhile, Omni is discussing with Omi, Jack, and Ultra. ] 

[Omni]: I need to tell you all something. Omi already knows this, but something has occurred. According to him... Brandon and Speedy were a ... a thing. Lego saw them... kissing, told Sub about it, which was why Brandon went to the Crime Scene. We assume when Speedy ran up crying, Brandon told her they couldn't be together. They forced them apart, just so "Brandon could stay in the game". Apparently Lego has a thing against romance, since he spent a lot of time telling Brandon to "don't fall in love". 

[Jack]: I was already aware of this. 

[Ultra]: Same. 

[Omni]: Oh. Well then you do know. Now, Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused. I would know, because I have a wife. 

[Jack]: As do I. 

[Omni]: Now, I love my wife, yet I can do my job and love her at the same time. Lego and Sub however believe Brandon and Speedy can not. I believe that's not true. If, and I'm saying IF, they are star-crossed lovers... then who are we to stop them from being together. Especially if they might die. Being apart is only going to affect them more, and distract them from surviving. So... I say we bring them back together. 

[Ultra]: I agree. 

[Jack]: As do I. 

[Omi]: So, where are we going?

[Omni]: Speedy, do you want to go to the Last Known?

[Speedy, depressed]: Sure. 

[Omni]: Alright, I'll go with Speedy. Jack, I want you to follow Sub. Omi and Ultra, follow Brandon and convince him to not give up. 

[Charles returns to the Cafe. ] 

[Charles]: So, which of you will go to the Morgue?

[Sub raises his hand. Then, Jack does as well. ] 

[Charles]: Then please, head there yourselves. 

[Sub and Jack get up and exit the Cafe. ] 

[Charles]: Those who would like to go to the Crime Scene?

[Brandon raises his hand. Omi and Ultra raises their hands. ] 

[Charles]: The Maid will take you to the Golf Course...

[Vicki leads Brandon, Omi, and Ultra out of the Cafe. ] 

[Charles]: Lego, Speedy, and Omni... let's go to Tyran's room, Room #208. 

The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene.jpg

[Brandon, Omi, and Ultra arrive at the Golf Course. On the grass is a chalk drawn person, next to labels such as "EVIDENCE #1" , "EVIDENCE #2", and so on. ] 

[Ultra]: Look at the Evidence labels. "Property of the Wikia Island Police Station". 

[Omi]: Its not every day you see a chalk drawn person. 

[They then see Brandon, laying on the grass. ] 

[Brandon]: Life has no meaning... there is no life in the void... only death. 

[Omi]: Remember, while we're trying to fix Brandon while solving this... crime at the same time. 

[Omi walks over to Brandon, grabbing his arm and pulling him up. ] 

[Omi]: Get the hell up, this isn't time to rest. 

[Brandon]: What's the point?

[Omi]: Get up, look for clues, and to keep you focused... let's have a chat. 

[Ultra looks at "EVIDENCE #1" to notice a Water Bottle uncapped, with the substance still in the water bottle. Omi and Brandon walk over to see "EVIDENCE #2" and "EVIDENCE #3". ] 

[Omi]: The grass has been burned?

[Brandon]: A cap that's melted.. that's in EVIDENCE 3. 

[Ultra points out to Omi the Box of Matches in "EVIDENCE #4". Omi walks over to "EVIDENCE #5", which is a Golf Club. ]


Name: Omi
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Omi]: A Water bottle and its cap, a golf club, and a box of matches? None of this makes sense. But now that I've found everything in the Crime Scene, I'ma use the time I have to fix the B-man. 

[Omni walks over to Brandon. ] 

[Omi]: What's going on with you?

[Brandon]: I'm... I'm realizing there is no meaning. 

[Omi]: All because of Lego?

[Brandon]: He's right... Love is Weakness. 

[Omi]: No Brandon. Its not. Love ... Love is.... Love is putting someone else's needs before yours. Are you putting Speedy before you?

[Brandon]: Of course, I'm saving Speedy. Love blinds you... Lego and Sub have taught me this now. You can't stop me...

[Brandon walks away, as Omi looks concerned. ] 

The Last Known Whereabouts

Room 208.jpg

[Omni, Speedy, and Lego enter Tyran's room, which is a mess. ] 

[Omni]: Whoa, a twister must have hit here. 

[Omni, Speedy, and Lego separate, looking in different areas of the room. Speedy walks over slowly, reaching his desk to see a letter. ] 

[Speedy]: Dear Mr. Tyran, I am to inform you that the Fiend wants us to do a bit of golfing. Head downstairs at 7 AM and proceed to the golf course first, and you will be spared. 

[Omni walks over to the adjoined bathroom, but the door is shut. He attempts to open it, but can't. ] 

[Omni]: His Bathroom! Its... locked. 

[Omni then notices a key nearly. Omni looks back at the door handle to see a key hole. He takes the key, twisting it into the door, and pulls it towards him. Inside the bathroom is a mobile pin board, tape, news articles, numerous books, and paintings. Omni grabs the pin board and pulls it outward. Speedy and Lego notice, and begin inspecting with him. ] 

Tyran Pin board.png

Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: Tyran's been busy, because this pin board is full.  Four things are connected to Charles, and four things are connected to the Killer. What's interesting is that there's one item on the board not connected to anything else. A News Article about "mysterious golden triangle pieces" discovered in both Stonehenge and Cairo. But even then, there's still a lot. A Former Terrorist... the tragedy not being an Earthquake. And then there's Tyran's suspicions about the Five and the Fiend... I now suspect Lego, but as for Omi... that is someone I had not suspected... I will have to watch him more closely. 

[It cuts to Lego picking up a book titled "Diary". He notices a piece of paper stick in the book, and opens it up to that page. On the page is a message. ] 

[Lego]: "If you are reading this, and there are no other messages afterwards, the Fiend has killed me. If you are reading this, you have found my evidence, my clues, what I know about the mystery. I will leave you with some knowledge before I die. Firstly, the world is in danger. After studying all these resources, I have determined that the alignment that I spoke of will have major consequences on the planet, and especially, this island. You must flee this island or die. Secondly, Charles knows more then we think. I have connected the Five and Charles, as well as the Maid, the Killer, and the mountain. Fiend Mountain. Isn't that odd? Our killer is the Fiend, and the mountain is named Fiend Mountain? I do not believe it is just a coincidence, no.... our killer has taken the name from the mountain and used it for his own devious agenda. Or perhaps, well... if you turn to Page 15 of the book labeled "Spanish Conquest - by Daral Scidran", you'll be able to see. Finally, in the event of my demise.... I ask that Brandon and Speedy, who I have come to realize were in a relationship... that they don't give up on love. " 

[Lego puts down the book, and begins looking at other books. He finds "Spanish Conquest - by Daral Scidran", and opens to Page 15. ] 

[Lego]: "Ponce De Butler.... the original ancestor of the Butler Family Line, which has been forced to work as slaves since the betrayal of Wikia Manor." Wait a second... Wikia Manor is where Charles previously worked... and the Hotel... the Butler and King Hotel and Resort... 

[Meanwhile, Omni walks up to Speedy, who is also looking at the books. ] 

[Omni]: Speedy... we need to talk. 

[Speedy]: I don't have time Omni...

[Omni]: Its important, please...

[Speedy]: Fine. What is it?

[Omni grabs Speedy by the arm, pulling her to the pin board. ] 

[Omni]: Look, everyone knows about you and Brandon. 

[Speedy]: Don't... don't remind me...

[Omni]: Look, you need to know something. Lego saw you two the other day...

[As Omni begins saying this, Lego starts listening in. ] 

[Omni]: He was the one who told Sub about you two. Sub then told Brandon that he had to break it up or else he might die. Lego is the one told Brandon that love is dangerous. 

[Speedy]: But... that's impossible. You're... lying. Brandon never loved me. 

[Omni]: Yes, he did. Lego has him all mind-controlled, being convinced that he is better without you. Just.... give him another chance. He deserves it. 

[Lego walks towards Speedy. ] 

[Lego]: If I may interrupt, 

[Omni]: You may not. 

[Lego]: Speedy, you are better off without love. Love... well, as I told Brandon, love is weakness. Love is a cancer that grows inside and makes one do foolish things. Love is death, and you don't want to die, do you?

[Speedy]: No, of course not. 

[Lego]: Love is a distraction from the real important things in life... like money, success, and staying alive. If you value your life, you will stay away from Brandon. You are better without him. 

[Speedy]: That is true... love has distracted me before... countless boyfriends delaying my work.

[Omni]: Don't listen to him, Speedy. Love is a beautiful thing, and should not be destroyed by a hateful man who has never experienced love. 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Love is Weakness

[Lego]: You... you think I haven't experienced love before?! I did once.... once upon a time. I was in love with a woman... a woman who I gave my heart, my soul for. But at the same time, I grew from a poor family, like many of us have. I swore to make people bow before me, to respect my power, my wealth. Eventually, I was given a chance to gain that power, but I was told that if I married the woman I loved, that I would be destroyed. I married the woman... and I was nearly destroyed. I nearly went broke because love... love is weakness. Love takes your priorities, and mixes them up. Why do you think its said that 50% of all marriages end in divorce? Because... love is evil, it is the most evil thing in this world, and it is the job of men like me, do make sure Love dies. Once I got rid of her, I became successful. I became rich, I got power. Now you know that I have experienced love, and if you want my personal advice... I believe the Mind should have control over the Heart. The Heart is the most dangerous organ in the human body. 

[Lego walks away, leaving Speedy unsure of what to believe in. ] 

The Morgue

The Morgue.PNG

[Sub]: Burns in and around the mouth, teeth damage, blisters and swelling around the mouth... he must have drank something... 

[Jack and Sub are inspecting Tyran's body. ] 

[Jack]: Now that we're alone, I'd like to talk to you. 

[Sub]: About what?

[Jack]: Everything. You and Omni are more alike then you think.... 

[Sub]: Are we?

[Jack]: You both examine evidence the same, you have the drive in your eyes.... the same look. Well, in some ways. You claim your a bounty hunter... but you don't look like one. You don't act like one, you act... as if there was more to you. You act as if, you had something to hide. 

[Sub]: Your Honor, I don't need you psycho-analyzing me. 

[Jack]: In fact, there is something I've noticed. Omni, you, and Brandon... you all seem.... different. Omni at least has said he's a cop, but you two... you claim to be something else. 

[Sub]: I'm not a cop...

[Jack]: I never said you were. You don't have to a cop to have the look... 

[Sub]: Well, if we're talking about looks, how would you know?

[Jack]: I'm a judge, I've seen cops. Bad cops, good cops, cops who are confused... its really anyone that has to do with the law. Interpreting the law, or make sure others follow the law, or investigating those who may breaking the law... 

[Sub]: But I'm not the private detective. The Fiend called me out as the Bounty Hunter.

[Jack]: And neither am I. Which led me to think. If Speedy, Omni, you, Tyran who was the scientist, or myself... that leaves the CEO, 

[Sub]: Which is Lego.

[Jack]: The Comic Book Writer...

[Sub]: Why would the Fiend bring a Comic Book Writer? It makes no sense, he doesn't have an important job like most of us. 

[Jack]: the Lawyer, Omi, who was the first guest to "officially" arrive on the island, and then there's....

[Sub]: Brandon... the Teacher. Brandon had a look in his eyes... I never heard of Brandon in the educational system... oh my god. 

[Jack]: The man you are trying to separate from my teammate is the Private Detective. 

[Sub]: But, how? Why would he lie about who he is? And how did the Fiend know about him?

[Jack]: My guess is, someone had connections, someone with authority. Maybe even someone who would know the private detectives because they're on the same side of the law. 

[Sub]: Omni... or Omi. Wait a minute... You're a judge, Omni is a cop, Omi is an attorney, Brandon's a private detective, I'm a ... bounty hunter, and the files... its all connected. Its all about the law. The Fiend is someone who has connections to the law!

[Jack]: There is always the chance that it could be the CEO... my years in court have shown that the rich have the resources to do many illegal things. Anyone can be bribed. The one thing we can be certain of is that the Writer... she isn't the villain. 


Moments after the Fiend's message to Charles and His Friends - Police Station - Wikia Island - The Year of 1989

[The call ends, as Charles puts it down. ] 

[Clark]: What was that about?

[Charles]: We got our advice. 

[Vicki]: Who called?

[Charles]: I have no idea... 

[Diana]: Was it the man who called before?

[Charles]: This mystery figure... the one who called about the John King murder... the one we think we saw earlier?

[Arthur]: Who is he? Why did he make us find the chest, the Map.... all of that?

[Charles]: Those are questions we can answer later. He said a riddle... "You can only find help if you look at the ultimate crime. But know this, you're running out of time. Five Days Till the Night of the Dead. Look for the Island Location I said. "

[Vicki]: The Ultimate Crime?

[Clark]: The Night of the Dead?

[Officer Rob arrives in the Station. ]

[Officer Rob]: What are you all do-

[Charles]: Sir, I have a question. What is the worst crime on the island?

[Officer Rob freezes up, looking at Charles and his friends. ]

[Officer Rob]: I don't believe you have the right to know that, Charles.

[Charles]: Well when I get a mysterious call from the same guy who told us about John King, then I think I have a right to know.

[Officer Rob]: Wait... a call?

[Charles]: I think we should go to the one place on the island where all criminals are, where the ultimate crime is. The Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary.

[Officer Rob begins rushing past the group, before going into his office and shutting the door. He sits in his chair, as he looks at an image. An image of Richard, Himself, and three other teens. One of the Teens, the German-Accent one has a red x drawn onto him. Another has a cross on him. Rob sighs, putting his hands to his head. ]

[Officer Rob]: What was I thinking? Stupid Rob... but maybe I should... no I can't, he's too dangerous.... Should I let them?

[Officer Rob moves his eyes around his office, thinking. ]

[Officer Rob]: He is too dangerous... why did I ever let Charles do this... snap out of it....

[Rob opens the door to look at Charles. ]

[Officer Rob]: Are you sure you have to go there?

[Charles]: Yes.

[Rob looks at him, with a grim expression on his face. ]

[Officer Rob]: All of you, in the squad cars. I'll get one of the other officers to drive Arthur and Diana. Charles and Vicki... get in the car with me. You all are going to owe me an extra week of labor for this.

[Charles]: Does that mean...?

[Officer Rob]: Yes, but your father isn't going to like this.

[It cuts to two police cars leaving the town, driving on the road. It cuts to Officer Rob driving the car, looking at the side, to see the ocean. He looks at the mirror above him, to see Charles and Vicki looking at the Map.]

[Officer Rob]: Say, where'd you get that map?

[Charles]: The Church. It was in the organ.

[Officer Rob]: The Organ... of course.

[The cops begin driving around a giant hill. ]

[Vicki, speaking to Charles]: Have you ever gone to the...

[Charles]: Never. Have you?

[Vicki]: No. I'm a bit scared though.

[Charles]: Why?

[Vicki then points to the window. Charles turns to face the window, to see a giant prison with tall walls, wires, towers with lights on them, and a giant block-like building in the middle. The prison is connected to a piece of land connected by a small road bridge between the two landmasses. ]

[Charles]: Oh.

[Rob makes a turn to the left, heading towards the prison. The other car also turns, as they head down the road. The cars drive onto the paved bridge, connecting the two pieces of land. Charles and Vicki stare into the deep rocky waters below, as the car begins slowing down. Two guards appear, one going towards Rob, the other walking to the other car. ]

[Guard, addressing Rob]: Officer Rob, sir.

[Officer Rob]: Greetings.

[Guard, noticing Vicki and Charles]: We don't accept minors here, Rob. You know that.

[Officer Rob]: Not prisoners, guests. I will be with them.

[Guard]: What is your purpose here?

[Officer Rob]: We believe there may be intelligence to help solve a case.

[Guard]: Alright.

[The guard motions a third guard watching the other two cars. The first two guards give a thumbs up, making the third guard press a button. The doors to the prison open up, letting the two police cars. Once they are in, the doors shut with a loud bang, and the guards stand outside the doors, motionless. It cuts to the five teenagers, Officer Rob, and the second officer entering the Administration Wing. A new officer arrives, this one with a giant mustache, all grey hair. ]

[Prison Officer]: Officer Rob, your visit is not expected.

[Officer Rob]: I didn't expect to be here either. However, it appears that we will need contact with one of your prisoners.

[Charles]: One who can speak Spanish.

[Prison Officer]: Well... most of the prisoners are in the yard, so I can ask them now. I'll be back.

[The Prison Officer begins leaving. ] 

[Officer Rob]: Thank you.

[Officer Rob then turns to the rest of the group. ]

[Officer Rob]: If he says no one can help, we're leaving. Got it?

[Everyone nods, as he turns around. Moments later, the Prison Officer returns. ] 

[Prison Officer]: We do have a prisoner who can help. I will take them there. 

[Officer Rob]: Thank you very much. 

[It cuts to Charles and the group walking down the prison hallway, past many empty cells. They are being led by the Prison Officer. ] 

[Prison Officer]: What kind of information do you need?

[Charles]: We need some translations, since the Ma- the evidence we've acquired is in Spanish. 

[Prison Officer]: Hmmhm. 

[The Prison Officer stops near the end of a hall, next to a do metallic white door, with three red lights on the left side, a big red light at the top, a number pad on the right side, and below it a wheel to turn. The door is made up of several triangle parts, all forming a circle-door, with a small circle window in the center. Above the door, it says MAXIMUM SECURITY: Solitary confinement. ] 

[Arthur]: Are we going in there?

[Prison Officer]: Besides the man in there... there have only been four other souls who have been in that room. You will not be the 5th to 9th. Instead, we have Prisoner 05061014. 

[Prisoner]: I hear you need help with translations... 

[Charles]: Yes... 

[Charles takes out the Map and shows it to the prisoner. The Prisoner looks at it, flipping it around. ] 

[Prisoner]: This is old... permission to ask the name of the guest?

[Prison Officer]: Permission granted. 

[Charles]: Charles. 

[Prisoner]: This is very old, Charles. The text, the paintings... I know some Spanish, but this may be beyond me. 

[Suddenly, a voice echoes to Charles. ]

[Voice, in German Accent]: Charles... Charles Butler. I can help you uncover the truth of the Map... 

[The Prisoner Officer turns around, in shock as the Prisoner begins backing up, clearly afraid of the voice. ] 

[Prison Officer]: He spoke... after all of these years... he spoke. 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - The 15th User

[The Prison Officer walks towards the MAXIMUM SECURITY: Solitary confinement cell. The Prison Officer puts in a code: 61235. The lights turn green, as the Officer twists the wheel. The door twists 180 degrees, then opens up to reveal a second door. That door then opens up as well, creating a circle-shaped hole to walk though. The five teens enter the hole, looking into the cell. Surrounding the walls are moving, blinking lights. Between the door and the center is a long bridge , and in the center is a man in a special containment cell, his body stretched across a giant board, all tied up so he can’t reach any part of his body, surrounded by a huge 10ft. glass box surrounding him. The teens and the prison officer run up to the box. ] 

[Prison Officer]: Its incredible. The first time he's talked in 20 years... 

[Vicki]: Who is he?

[Prison Officer]: He was part of a group of friends, who betrayed them 20 years ago. Wait a second... he called you Charles Butler... as in Richard... You can't be here, we're going now. 

[Charles]: Wait... Officer Rob said that he, my dad, and the mayor were in a group of friends. The mayor and him had a disagreement about something. Was that disagreement about... this man?

[The Man, speaking in a german accent]: Of course it was. I don't blame Richard though. He wasn't a true genius like I was. 

[Charles]: So you know my father. 

[The Man, speaking in a german accent]: Indeed, I do Charles Butler. Allow me to ... reintroduce myself. My name.... is Kross

[Prison Officer]: Stay away from him, kids. He may be trapped in here, but nevertheless, I still consider him the most dangerous man in the world.

[Kross]: The Officer is quite correct, children. Now please step aside officer, for I believe we have business to attend to. 

[Prison Officer]: You don't tell me what to do. 

[Kross]: In fact, I do Officer. Now step. Aside. 

[The Officer, clearly intimidated by Kross, moves to the side. ] 

[Kross]: Now, I believe you had a Map you wanted to show me. 

[Charles shows the Map to Kross, placing it on the glass for Kross to see. ] 

[Kross]: Even now, it looks better then I could have imagined.... where did you find this?

[Charles]: The Old Spanish Church. 

[Kross]: I see. I have many answers to give you, maybe even answers to questions you haven't discovered yet. But I have two conditions. First, I will need a more... personal look at the Map. 

[Police Officer]: Never. 

[Kross]: Oh, so if every single officer in the Prison currently aims their weapons at me, I remain handcuffed, and I remain three feet away from them at all times, would that be good enough?

[Police Officer]: .... you'll have your wish. 

[Kross]: Secondly, ... I would like to talk to Charles about what has happened on the island. How much he knows, how Robert, Richard, and my friends are. 

[Charles]: Deal. 

[It cuts to Charles, Vicki, Arthur, Diana, and Clark standing in the kitchen of the prison. They watch as officers march into the Kitchen. Then, Kross appears with handcuffs, with guns aimed at his head and chest, grinning at Charles. Charles takes a step back, unnerved by the expression of the man. Kross remains 3 feet away from the group, on the left side of a kitchen table. ] 

[Kross]: So... let's have fun. The Map?

[Charles, holding the Map unfolds it, and slides it across to Kross. Kross then begins examining it. ]

[Kross, grinning]: It was said that when the five Spanish conquistadors came to the island, that they created a map. The Map would lead one of their descendants to the final resting place of a treasure beyond calculation. A treasure many have died, trying to find. These descendants would only be known as... 

[Using his hands, he moves around some of the rings on the Map, till a message forms. CINCO. ] 

[Kross, grinning]: The Five. 

[Charles]: How did you know about the rings?

[Kross]: I knew a lot about this Map before you were ever born, Charles Butler. Now as I am helping you, tell me what led to this moment. 

[Charles, nervous]: Well, my father was framed for murder only to turn out he wasn't. My friends helped me prove his innocence but we were forced to do community service. Then, we mysteriously got a call from a man who told us about the death of... a person. While figuring that case, we uncovered something, which led to us going to the Church, and finding the Map. Since then, we've only been looking at the Map, and going into the caves to a temple, only to find nothing but a damaged wallet. 

[Kross]: A... Wallet. My wallet.... the one I dropped. Of course. Can I have it?

[Charles throws it over to Kross, who catches it. He puts the wallet on the ground, but not before discreetly taking a really folded paper out and sticking it between his fingers. He lowers his arms and takes off his shoe partly before dropping the paper into the shoe, and putting his foot back in. Kross continues to move the rings around, until he discovers two messages. ]

[Kross]: Aqua de la Muerte and Detras Del Mapa. Hmm... 

[Suddenly, Kross turns around, and grabs a knife, aiming it at Charles, who begins looking scared as Kross grins disturbingly. ] 


2 Seconds After Kross Grabbed the Knife - Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary - 1989

[Kross, with a disturbed grin holds a knife at Charles, who is becoming scared for his life. The officers aim their guns at Kross, shouting. ]




[Kross begins laughing, the laughter echoing throughout the Kitchen. He then drops the knife on the Kitchen Table, and slides it to Charles. ] 

[Kross]: You're all idiots. I wouldn't kill Charles...  You are a very… very special butler. Aren't you? 

[Charles, angry]: What the hell is this for?

[Kross]: Aqua de la Muerte means "The Water of Death". You see, Humans require water to survive, correct? H20 is the "Water of Life". But in your vampire movies, Vampires require only one substance to survive. The Blood of Others. In many ways... "The Water of Death" is blood. Your blood Charles Butler. "Detras del Mapa" means "Back of the Map", so... 

[Kross flips the Map over to the back, before looking at Charles, who is confused. ] 

[Kross]: Don't you understand? There's something on the back, and it can only be found by blood being spilt! 

[Officer]: I think that's enough for now...

[Charles]: No... I can do it. I want to know what all this means. 

[Charles grabs the knife, looking at his reflection in the knife, then looking over at the palm of his hand. ] 

[Charles]: I won't need to cut off anything, right?

[Kross]: All we need is simply a small vial of your precious blood. Officers, we'll need a vial or cup, some hair dryers, and cotton swabs. Oh, and some bandages for the boy. 

[A few officers go to reach these things, as Charles hesitates to cut himself. In a few minutes, a cop bring a cup, while another brings hair dryers and cotton swabs. Charles puts his hand over the cup, as he looks at the knife. Looking at the palm, Kross watches, somewhat grinning as Charles closes his eyes, and cuts his palm. He puts his palm facing the cup, so some blood drops out. After the blood covers the bottom of the cup, Charles places the bandage onto the cut, wrapping it around his arm. Arthur grabs the cup, walks over near Kross, and drops it off. Kross takes the blood, puts the cotton swabs in it, then begins placing the swabs on the back, moving them around to cover the back in blood. After a while, most of the back is covered but nothing has appeared. ] 

[Kross]: Let's blow dry the Map now. 

[The Officers, holding the electronics, begin blowing hot air onto the Map. Suddenly, an ink picture and text begins showing up. Kross, excited, smiles as he watches the text and ink picture appear. Eventually nothing new appears, and the blow drying stops. Kross begins looking at it. ] 

[Kross]: Its a warning, an ancient warning. "Si usted lee esto, sabe que usted está en peligro. El demonio de la isla no puede ser liberado. Esta puerta, como se ve en el dibujo de arriba es la última puerta a su prisión. Este demonio, este monstruo sólo puede ser liberado en la noche de los muertos. Un período de tiempo raro cuando la Luna cubre el sol, la luna se convierte en derramó la sangre de los Cinco, y la luna se hace más grande que antes. Las aguas se vuelven irregulares, la montaña se convertirá en acky, y esta será la única vez que se puede abrir la puerta. " 

[Clark]: What exactly does that mean?

[Kross]: "If you read this, then know that you are in danger. The demon of the island can not be freed. This gate, as seen in the drawing above is the final door to his prison. This fiend, this monster can only be freed on the Night of the Dead. A rare time period when the moon covers the sun, the moon becomes spilled with the blood of the Five, and the moon grows larger then before. The waters will become uneven, the mountain will become achy, and this will be the only time you can open the gate. " 

[Charles]: The Demon? 

[Vicki]: The Night of the Dead.... that sounds like an lunar eclipse. A larger moon sounds like a Supermoon. 

[Clark]: I read about that. A supermoon is ...

[Arthur]: A big moon, I think we get it. 

[Charles]: Is is possible that the person that has been calling us... is this demon?

[All four friends look at Charles, as a gut-wrenching feeling hit Charles' stomach. Then... laughter. More maniac laughter. Charles turns to face Kross, who is laughing uncontrollably. ] 

[Kross]: After all these years... the Mystery is back. 

[Kross continues to laugh, as the officers slowly raise their guns at Kross, all concerned. ] 

[Kross]: This Map... this warning, Charles. It is all part of a dangerous secret. A secret hidden on this island for centuries, re-discovered by Daral Scidran, your father and I, and now yourself. I know that its the year of the Night, but what's the day?

[Charles]: January 11th. 

[Kross]: Five Days left Charles... tick tock. Tick tock. You better figure this out quickly. You must find the Key, use the Map and the Key to discover the location of the Gate. Discover the other members of the Five, learn the truth about your ancestors, and everything you know will change!

[Kross begins laughing once again, as two officers grab Kross by the arms, and begin pulling him away. ] 

[Kross]: Goodbye Charles Butler, I imagine eventually we shall meet again, only... under less friendly circumstances.... 

[Kross continues laughing as Charles looks at the image of the Gate, concerned. ] 

Lobby - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[All the guests are in the lobby. Lego and Sub are standing closely to Brandon. Lego is making sure Brandon isn't looking at Speedy, while Sub is just looking at Brandon, now suspicious of him. At the same time, Omni, Omi, Speedy, Jack, and Ultra are together. Charles stands with Vicki at the top of the staircase, watching the guests, who have not yet noticed the two employees. ] 

[Charles]: The Tension is ripping them apart. I think today will be a battle. 

[Vicki]: Agreed. I've overheard Lego's speech against Love. I suspect he is dangerous. 

[Charles]: There's only one issue. 

[Vicki]: What's that?

[Charles]: I don't believe he's the Fiend... 

[The two begin descending the staircase, catching the attention of the guests. ] 

[Charles]: Lady and Gentlemen, the Fiend... 

[Charles remains silent, as he places his hand on his head. ] 

[Vicki]: Are you okay, Charles?

[Charles]: I ... I need to rest. I don't feel well.

[Charles hands Vicki an envelope. ] 

[Charles]: This is the riddle... read it to them. Take charge. 

[Charles then heads out of the Lobby, leaving the guests and Vicki in the Lobby. ] 

[Vicki]: The Fiend has demanded a new riddle. So, 

[Vicki opens up the envelope, and puts out the letter. ] 

[Vicki]: "My favorite Roman Emperor was Augustus, my greatest value is my sense of justice, go to the room where food is fed, solve my puzzle of the dead. With the body complete reach for the clue, so that finally justice will be due. " 

[Everyone begins racing out the lobby towards the Cafe. ] 


Name: Jack
Occupation: Judge (formerly), retired
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Jack]: It was obvious what the Maid meant. The Room where food is fed is the Cafe. 

[Everyone reaches the Cafe to see the tables replaced by eight beds. On these beds is a box. Jack grabs the box and opens it up, pulling out plastic body parts. Ultra and Speedy do the same. As those three begin putting the pieces together, the others reach the Cafe. 


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: My goal is to make sure that not only do one of us figure out the riddle, but to get Speedy and Brandon to believe again. Sub and Lego can't win. 


Name: Speedy
Occupation: Haunted Stories Writer
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Speedy]: I need to solve this riddle, to prove to myself that I can so something. But at the same time... I need to tell Brandon something important. 


Name: Lego
Occupation: CEO of Toy Company
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Lego]: The puzzle is basiclly taking all these plastic parts and putting them together to form a plastic-look a like of Caesar Augustus. 

[Jack connects all the head and face pieces together, before putting the head on the neck and chest. Ultra puts the feet next to the legs, and then sticks the legs to his chest. Speedy, who is right next to Brandon, is putting the arms together. ]

[Speedy]: Brandon... spsssh. Brandon. 

[Brandon ignores her. ] 

[Speedy]: Look, Omi told me that you were actually depressed about breaking up, that what you said as your reasons were only said because of Lego and Sub. 

[Brandon is still ignoring her. ] 

[Speedy]: Brandon, I'm sorry for anything I've done, and I know you still love me. Don't listen to Lego!

[Brandon's face changes after hearing this, before Lego (who is right next to Brandon) shouts. ] 

[Lego]: She's the one that is weak, not you Brandon. You're stronger and better without her. 

[Speedy finishes her body, and the mouth of the body opens up. Speedy reaches in, and grabs a piece of paper. It says "Room 225". Speedy runs out of the Cafe, as Lego manages to finish his body and does the same. Brandon, Jack, and Ultra also finish at the same time, and begin running out. That leaves Omi, Sub, and Omni. Sub is almost done with his puzzle, which makes Omni mad. ] 

[Omni]: Screw the riddle....

[Omni walks over to Sub, grabs him by the shirt, and yanks him over towards the Kitchen doors. Omni then punches Sub through the doors, before throwing him towards the table. Sub falls the ground, groaning as Omni begins beating the crap out of him. Sub kicks Omni in the face, getting back up in a flip. The two attempt to throw punches at each other, each person failing. Omni manages to kick Sub in the chest, before punching him in the face. Sub manages another punch to Omni, before Omni forces Sub to stand in front of a stove and have his arms up at the top of a wall. ] 

[Sub]: What the hell is wrong with you?

[Omni]: Same here. Why? Why would you break up the only good thing that has happened to this hotel??

[Sub]: Don't you realize its Dangerous? Brandon OR Speedy could be the Killer? If Brandon's the Killer, then she'll die, and I'll know what to do. If She's the Killer, and Brandon dies, then I'm pretty much screwed. 

[Omni]: IF?

[Sub]: Who knows, maybe she could use Brandon to get rid of people, give false info. 

[Omni]: You. Are. Being. Irrational. You should be able to handle this, as a bounty hunter. You KNOW they're not the Fiend! Because they were IN LOVE! Jeez, you're stupid. 

[Sub]: I'm stupid?!

[Omni]: YES. YOU ARE. Love is .... Love is more important NOW, then it ever has been. You've been thinking the Fiend is the wrong person. Its not Me, or Jack, or Ultra, or Speedy, or Brandon, or Omi. Its Lego! LEGO is a maniac who has a personal vendetta against love itself. In fact, he told us that its his duty, HIS DUTY to make sure love doesn't happen. Speedy's riddle from yesterday? Stating that love doesn't exist, that Brandon doesn't love her. 

[Sub]: He doesn't. 

[Omni]: He's acting like he doesn't because you and the maniac told him that he might die if he is in love. It doesn't matter if he's with or without her, he still has a good chance of dying, like the rest of us! Did Brandon ever tell you his riddle?

[Sub]: No. 

[Omni]: It was that he was unable to love, that he can't be loved or love in return. Both Speedy and Brandon got love-related messages, and who is the only man who has stated negative things about Love? LEGO. He has manipulated you, Brandon, and Speedy because he has a vendetta against romance. You need to consider who he is before you think the rest of us are dangerous. 

[Omni lets go of Sub, and begins walking out. He stops and turns around. ] 

[Omni]: This petty feud between us... it has to end. We can't continue like this. We need to work TOGETHER to figure out who the damn Fiend is. 

[Omni exits the Kitchen, leaving a stunned Sub. It cuts to Speedy and Brandon running up the staircase. ] 

[Speedy]: Brandon, we CAN Be together! Ignore everything Lego has said. Love is life, not death. Love... is powerful, more powerful then anything else. 

[Brandon, tired but sad]: Speedy, I'm done with you... please... leave me alone... 

[Speedy]: Brandon, that's not you. Brandon... BRANDON I LOVE YOU

[Everyone in the hotel hears this, including Charles, who is laying down on his bed. Brandon and Speedy reach the stop of the staircase, leaving Brandon shocked. ]

[Brandon]: What?

[Suddenly, Lego grabs onto Brandon, shoving him down the staircase. ] 

[Lego]: Make sure no one else on Omni's Team get up here. 

[Lego grabs Speedy, shoving her down the hall, before they make a turn. They go past the elevator, before turning to the right again. Lego shoves his foot to Speedy's, making her fall down. Lego grabs her foot. ] 

[Lego]: I’m not gonna let you take him back. You’ll ruin him, you’ll corrupt him!

[Speedy kicks Lego in the groin, before getting up, running. Lego grabs her shirt, making her turn around and kick him in the chest, before shoving him to the wall, angry. ]

[Speedy]: Da hell did I ever do to you?

[Lego]: You fell in love with him. A man you know is incapable of love. A man who needs to be controlled.

[Speedy]: Why?

[Lego]: Because, I know he’s special. I think he’s one of the Five. And if he is.... if he is one of them... he can’t have no lady distracting him, now can he? 

[Lego pushes Speedy away, facing away from the hall he came from, looking at Speedy. ] 

[Lego]: Now, if you want to be smart, instead of being the stupid woman you are, I suggest you get out of my way, and go back to the hellhole you came from.

[Lego grabs Speedy, and throws her to the ground, making her become scared. ]

[Lego]: Because no matter what... you and your "love" will not win back Brandon. I will make sure of that. 

[Someone taps on Lego's shoulder. Lego turns around, to see Sub. ]

[Sub]: Shut up, please. 

[Sub punches Lego in the face, knocking him down. ] 

[Sub]: That was being an a-hole. 

[Sub offers his hand to Speedy, who accepts it. He helps her get up. ] 

[Sub]: I'm sorry Speedy, I now realize who I was, and what I was doing... it was wrong of me. I am truly sorry for the trouble I've given you. 

[Speedy]: Uh.... thank you?

[Sub]: Now, in the name of love... win the riddle. 

[Speedy smiles, as she turns around. She walks over turning right again, reaching Room 225. She finds a key card at the front of the door. She opens the door with it, and enters in. She sees a table with multiple objects on it. A bottle of Sulfuric acid, a switched out bottle of water, and a bottle of flavoring. Speedy smiles at this, knowing that she has won as the airhorn is heard, signaling the end of the riddle. ] 


5 Minutes After the Riddle is Solved - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island

[It cuts to a bookshelf in front of the door. Omni and Ultra are standing with Speedy. ]

[Omni]: With Lego knocked out, and trapped in this room, he won't be able to bother anyone.

[Speedy]: Thank you Omni. 

[Sub walks towards Omni, who notices Sub is coming towards. ] 

[Sub]: I see now the poor choices I have made, and thus come to the conclusion ... that even though we are different, if we are solve this mystery, and have any hope for survival, we must join forces. So.... Truce?

[Sub offers his hand to Omni, who looks at it. Omni extends his hand, the two former enemies shaking hands. ] 

[Omni]: Truce. 

[Speedy and Ultra sigh in relief. Sub walks away as Omni turns to Speedy and Ultra. ] 

[Omni]: Today, two sides united against a common foe... and now with this truce, we can discover who the Fiend is. 

[Omni begins walking toward the staircase with Speedy and Ultra as Sub walks to Brandon, who is sitting in front of his room's door.]

[Sub]: Brandon, we need to talk. 

[Brandon]: I know we lost, I shouldn't have let Speedy distract me again. 

[Sub]: No, look. I was wrong... we were wrong. Lego was wrong. Lego... he's a monster. Love isn't weakness, Speedy and Omni's group was right all along. I was blinded, blinded by thinking he was the Killer, when I see he isn't. Whatever got Speedy to say what she had to say.... whatever she said to you today is true. Brandon... you can love, and be loved in return. You're the one who will prove the Fiend right if you give up on your feelings, feelings I will never understand. 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Romance Theme II

[Brandon looks up at Sub, before getting up. ] 

[Brandon]: So... 

[Sub]: So? Go get her back. 

[Brandon nods, and Sub walks away from Brandon. As Brandon is left alone, he shakes his head, his face becoming a large grin. It cuts to all of Omni's Team and Sub in the lobby. Suddenly, Brandon reaches the top of the staircase. ] 

[Brandon]: SPEEDY!

[Speedy, and everyone else turns their heads. ] 

[Brandon]: I love you too. 

[Brandon begins racing down the steps, as Speedy (who is standing near the walls) begins racing towards the staircase. As Brandon hurries down, Speedy moves past the guests. The two grab each other at the bottom of the stairs, before embracing in a passionate kiss. Everyone in the lobby smiles, including Vicki and Charles, who are watching from the Front Desk. ]

[Vicki, happy]: True love prevails. 

[Vicki and Charles' hands begin moving together,  but the two realize what they're doing and the hands move apart. It cuts to the second floor of the hotel. Then to the door with the bookshelf in front of it. Suddenly, a loud noise hits the door, moving the bookshelf and the the door. A hand grabs the side of the door and begins pushing outward. It cuts to the seven guests chatting in the lobby. A man, dragging a baseball bat is walking down the hall towards the top of the staircase. Once he reaches it, he lifts it up high and throws it. It cuts to Brandon and Speedy talking. ] 

[Brandon]: Thank you, for making me a better person. For saving me, and our love. 

[Speedy]: You may have had a bad past, but WE can have a good future. 

[Suddenly, the baseball bat hits the piano keys, sending some of the keys flying in the other, other keys being crushed and staying down. Everyone turns to the piano, startled. Brandon falls off his seat. ] 

[Omi]: What the hell?

[Its then that everyone hears laughter. Everyone turns their heads to the staircase to see Lego at the top of it. ]

[Lego]: Soo.... Brandon gets girl, and its a happy ending for everyone.

[Lego begins walking down the staircase. ]

[Lego]: The Fighting... ended.

[Lego reaches the end of the staircase. ] 

[Lego]: And Lego fades into the background, no longer important, ahhh. No longer ... needed. I. Think. Not.

[He begins walking towards the Piano, where Speedy and Brandon are. Lego grabs the baseball bat, as he turns to Sub.]

[Lego]:  You couldn't let me do it, could you? You couldn't let me destroy them. 

[Lego then faces the rest of the group. ] 

[Lego]: All of you foolish people believe that LOVE is the most powerful thing in the world, that LOVE can exist in a reality of death. 

[He turns to face Omni. ] 

[Lego]: I wanted to make Brandon pure.... to make Speedy pure. To get rid of their disease, and cure them of it. To get rid of their love. I TRIED to save them... 

[He then turns to Brandon and Speedy. ] 

[Lego, angry]: But now... NOW ... they're imperfect. Now they're ruined, and its all your fault. All of you. So now, naturally... I have to take the most risky action for the greater good. 

[Lego begins walking towards Brandon. ] 

[Lego]: I MUST get rid of love... goodbye Brandon. 

[Lego raises the baseball bat  and raises it to strike down Brandon, who is on the ground watching his life go before him. As Lego comes to hit Brandon, Speedy jumps forward, taking a blow to the chest. Everyone gasps, as Speedy falls to the ground. Lego, annoyed, looks over to see Speedy in pain. ] 

[Lego]: Foolish woman. Don't you know? Love is Weakness. Love is a disease, love is dangerous, love... is death. It will only give horrific pain when one of you die. 

[Speedy watches as Brandon gets up and holds a candlestick in his hand. She then looks at Lego. ] 

[Speedy]: You're wrong... You're the weak one. Because you're never understand love... and I feel sorry to tell you... that Love is Strength. 

[Brandon hits Lego in the head with the candlestick. The baseball bat hits the ground as Lego falls to his knees, and collaspes onto the ground. Brandon looks around to see everyone else's reactions. Jack just smiles, and gives a thumbs up. ] 

[Jack]: Good job. 

[Brandon smiles, facing Speedy, who is also in pain, but trying to smile. It cuts to dinner. Everyone but Lego is sitting at the table. Charles arrives at the dining room. ] 

[Charles]: I don't want to ruin the happy ending of today, but alas the killer requires me to explain how someone died, and who is in danger. Congratulations, Speedy. You will be kept alive, for being able to confront a mad man and prove that love conquers all. 

[Speedy smiles, facing Brandon, who is also smiling. The two hold hands, which makes Charles smile for a moment. ] 

[Charles]: However, for the rest of you... it is time to learn how Tyran's drinking problem got the best of him.

[Begin Flashback]

[It shows the Lab, where the Fiend is. ] 

[Charles, voiceover]: "As some may have known, I had taken some acid from the lab. Sulfuric acid. Carefully, I took grape flavoring and poured it into the acid to make it taste like the natural water with grape flavoring, which Tyran enjoys.  " 

[It then shows the killer pouring the acid into a water bottle and tighting the cap. ] 

[Charles, voiceover]: I poured the acid into the water bottle with the correct label, and then proceeded to tighten the cap, and switch out the water bottles. I left a note instructing Tyran to go to the golf course, which he did. As he took a sip of my dangerous chemical drink, he quickly realized it wasn't water, but a burning luquid, one that would give him burns around the mouth and in the throat. It destroyed Tyran's teeth, while melting the cap on the bottle. Tyran, after drinking my acid, fell to the ground, as the acid worked into his stomach, causing internal bleeding and thus, killing him. 

[It shows the Fiend standing over Tyran's body, then placing a box of matches and a golf club on the ground, as well as placing EVIDENCE Markers near the evidence. ] 

[Charles, voiceover]: As for the golf club and matches, those were red herrings, meant to distract you. They served no purpose.

[It cuts to the Fiend placing books in Tyran's bathroom. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: Finally, with Tyran dead I added some books to his room. I had given Tyran access to numerous files and books from the library the night before, allowing him to write his special message, including his message about Ponce De Butler. Cruelly yours, the Fiend. " 

[The flashback ends as Charles hands out envelopes to everyone. ] 

[Charles]: In these envelopes is a card. If you have done well enough, you will get an "Alive Card". If you did not, you and at least one other person will get an "In Danger Card". And one of the "In Dangers" will not survive to find out who committed murder. Now... Omni, will you open your card?

[Charles]: Omni.

[Omni opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Sub

[Sub opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: I shall open Lego's card for him. 

[Charles opens up Lego's letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Brandon]: Brandon.

[Brandon opens up his letter, and he sighs. He pulls out an ALIVE Card. ]

[Charles]: Jack

[Jack opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Omi

[Omi opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Ultra

[Ultra]: Oh my gosh…please let me have an Alive card. Please...

[Ultra opens up his letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Ultra, worried]: Noo... 

[Charles]: Now, let us get to bed. The Fiend would like us ready for tommorow. 

[Charles leaves as Ultra looks around at the table, concerned. ] 


1970 - Three Days after Rob and David's Discussion - Psychiatrist's Room - Wikia Island

[Richard, younger than his 1989 self, walks into a room. Inside, books are lined up neatly on a bookshelf. A few toys are played around, a desk nearby. A man, already inside with a doctor's coat on, turns around to see Richard walk into the room. ] 

[Doctor]: Hello Richard. 

[Richard]: Dr. Sines. 

[Dr. Sines]: Thank you for listening to Robert and coming here. I know these are hard times for you. 

[Richard, emotionless, almost dead, looks at Dr. Sines quietly. ] 

[Dr. Sines]: Take a seat please, make yourself at home. I'm a psychiatrist that likes to make people feel comfortable. 

[Richard sits down in front of Dr. Sines, who sits in front of him as well. ] 

[Dr. Sines]: Robert has told me everything I could be concerned with, and there is quite a lot we have to talk about. I did want to talk about Eric and the events that led to his death, but I think Eric isn't the problem. I think the problem is Kross. 

[Richard looks up, tears filling his eyes upon the name "Kross" being heard. ] 

[Richard]: I made a mistake. What did I do? 

[Dr. Sines]: You did not make a mistake Richard. That man was a bad influence on you. 

[Richard]: I should have left the island. I should have not listened to Robert, and just went to the docks. 

[Dr. Sines]: Richard, it isn't you who has become the sinner. It is Kross. Kross is the devil. You are just an innoccent soul having been corrupted. But all can be saved. You and I can work together to fight this evil in you. To restore the humanity. 

[Richard]: He isn't The Fiend. 

[Dr. Sines]: He is Richard. Fiend means demon, demon as in devil. Kross was never a good soul. You made the right choice by betraying him. I will spend as many years as it takes Richard to help you through this. No one will ever know the truth except You, Robert, and I. 

1 Day After Meeting Kross - Wikia Island Police Station - Wikia Island - 1989

[Arthur and Clark barge in, with a bunch of books. ] 

[Arthur]: We found some infomation. 

[Charles]: What'd you find?

[Clark]: The Conquistadors. They are the first ones who arrived on the island, and made the town and the church.  They came to the island looking for vast riches. However, there's a legend saying they fought an ancient evil.... and that there was a curse. To not just the Consquitdors, but to the descendants of five of these conquistadors as well. The descendants would be known as The Five.

[Arthur]: There's something else you need to know. You know the Mayor and John King?

[Charles]: Yeah?

[Clark]: Not only are they descendants of the Five, but there is also another conquistador. In fact, the leader of the conquistador. It just so happens that his last name.... is Butler.

[Charles looks at Clark, unsure if he's telling the truth or not. ]

[Charles]: So... that means, I'm one of the Five?

[Arthur]: It would appear so. Along with the Mayor, and three others. A Butler, a King, a Hero, a Betrayer, and a Founder. 

[Charles sits down, looking at the map. As he looks at it, he notices something. ] 

[Charles]: Wait a second....

[Charles begins spinning the wheels of the map, changing them constantly. Eventually, he stops as Vicki, Diana, Arthur, Clark, and Charles all look at what he's discovered. ] 

[Vicki]: Fiend Mountain... that's where the Gate is, and the treasure... 

[Charles]: That's where we have to go. That's the island location. Guys, I think I know who has led us to this. 

[Everyone looks at him, not understanding. Charles sighs. ] 

[Charles]: I think that this demon, this evil that the legend is, that the mountain is named after.... is the one who called us. I think that's who we're dealing with. There's only a few days till the Night of the Dead. We have to find the Key... and stop this "Fiend", before anything happens. We have to solve this mystery once and for all. 

The Jungle - Wikia Island - 11:55 PM - The Day of Tyran's Death - 2014

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Long Live the Fiend

[It cuts to a unknown location inside the jungle. A person walks into the location. ] 

[The Betrayer]: I'm here. 

[A shadowy figure appears, coming out of the shadows.]

[The Fiend]: Thought you would never make it. 

[The Betrayer]: I've been busy, you know that. Its been espically hard with the number of cameras all across the hotel. Harder to do things without him knowing. 

[The Fiend]: We need to keep our eyes on the ball. The Alignment is closer then ever. Those idiots haven't discovered who they really are. 

[The Betrayer]: We know about three of the Five. Charles, myself, and we know the King. 

[The Fiend]: Indeed we do, thanks to Charles in 1989. But the Hero and Founder... we haven't figured them out yet. Time's running out. Any suggestions?

[The Betrayer]: We've given them the files, clues about the next murders, told them about the alignment, even hinted at the disk. They need a push. Major push. 

[The Fiend]: I have my next victim. Prehaps we should plan something very special for him. 

[The Betrayer]: He is only one person. We need something larger then life. We need to destroy any hope, dreams, love, and all things nice and spice. Once we do that, it will push them to their limits and it will allow them to solve the Mystery. 

[The Fiend]: And how will we do this?

[The Betrayer]: Simple. We contact the dead, of course. 

[The Fiend laughs demonically. ] 

[The Fiend]: That should be no problem, for the Fiend. 

[The Betrayer]: Long Live the Fiend.

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