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Season 2, Episode 209
Evil Begins to Show It's True Colors
Air date 1/24/2016
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing - Part One

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“Beware of your friends;
do not trust anyone in your clan.
For every one of them is a deceiver,
and every friend a slanderer.
Friend deceives friend,
and no one speaks the truth.
They have taught their tongues to lie;
they weary themselves with sinning.”

The Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 9, Verses 4-5 in the New International Version of the Holy Bible

English Classroom - St. Wadsworth High School - Wikia Island  - May 15, 1967; 10:00 AM

[Kross is sitting in a classroom, as an old man sits on his desk. This teacher, looking at the small group of about twenty high school aged children, takes a moment to put on his glasses. ] 

[Teacher]: I just want you all to know, that I am looking forward to your contributions to society as we enter the final days of your senior year.  

[Kross looks over to see Eric doodling on a scrap piece of paper. He glances back at Rob and David, who are paying close attention to the teacher. Looking over his shoulder, Kross sees Richard, who smiles at him. Kross smiles back and then looks at the teacher, attentive once more. ] 

[Teacher]: Before you go and leave this classroom, I thought I'd share with you .... (pulls out paper) one last poem. 

[The classroom groans as the teacher holds his hand up. ] 

[Teacher]: You've heard about a thousand poems before, so you might as well listen to one last bloody poem, eh? 

-Play Soundtrack 1 (look on the right of the screen)-

[He looks back at the paper, as he begins reading it. ] 

[Teacher]: Do not go gentle into that good night,

[Kross glances back at Richard, the two locking eyes for a moment. ] 

[Teacher (voiceover)]: Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

[Rob turns his head, listening to the teacher. ] 

[Teacher (voiceover)]: Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

[The camera lowers and focuses on Rob's notebook, which includes notes on the piece of The Fiend Disk and a drawing of it. ] 

[Teacher (voiceover)]: Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

[It cuts back to the teacher, reading the poem. ] 

[Teacher]: Because their words had forked no lightning they,

[The teacher looks back up at the class. ]

[Teacher]: Do not go gentle into that good night.

[The camera cuts to Kross, slowly zooming towards him, listening to the poem, as fear strikes his face. ] 

[Teacher (voiceover)]: Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

[Kross continues looking before folding his hands together and lowering his head, before looking straight at the camera, his eyes filled with only one emotion: a fear for death. ] 

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"A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing" - Part Two

Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 3:30 P.M.

-Play Soundtrack 2 (look on the right of the screen)-

[It cuts to the ocean, as the camera rushes towards the island. The seas are angry, waves high, as the camera reaches past the trees towards a single road, where a car drives on it. The camera zooms into the car, peering through the window to show Kross, looking at his locket from the backseat. ] (0:20)

[Kross]: Richard. 

[Kross listens to the notes of the music box within his locket, playing each note of the lover's song. Kross picks the locket up from the seat, opening it up to see the gears running as his song plays. A single tear begins falling from one of his eyes, a great sadness appearing on him. Suddenly, he looks up at the window, and his expression changes. ] (0:45)

[Kross]: Stop the car. 

[The car immediately stops, as Kross exits out of the right side of the car. Kross takes two steps forward, a terrifed expression on his face, as the camera begins to turn away from Kross, and turns the sight he is looking at. The field with the single tree, coming off from a hill. Richard and Kross' favorite location. The place they met. The place they felt truly in love. Burning. In hell fire and ruin. Destroyed. ] (0:54)

[Kross, becoming angry]: Robert. 

[Kross entire face begins shaking in rage, at the sight of his favorite spot burning away. ] (1:00)

St. Wadsworth Police Station - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 4 P.M.

[Wikia Agency of Investigation soldiers burst out of trucks and other vehicles, storming the Police Station. The remaining officers alive, patching themselves up, look in embrassment and shame, as the agents enter the building. Running towards the building is Robert Gullahorn, in confusion of the sight before him. ] (1:10)

[Rob]: What the hell is going on here?

[Out of one vehicle comes Agent Yopo and Agent Mig, who walk up to Rob. ] 

[Yopo]: Officer Robert Gullahorn, I am removing you from duty. I want everyone out of this building by nightfall. 

[Rob]: You can't do that. 

[Yopo]: Yes, I can. 

[Agent Mig grabs Rob's gun, removing it away from him. ] 

[Yopo]: This is no longer your island Rob. All officers will become Agents, and you... your incompetence has led me to having no other alternative but to fire you. I suggest you pack your things now, or they will be thrown away. 

[Rob walks into the building as Mig and Yopo follow. ] (1:53)

[Yopo]: Alright, let's clean this place out. 

[WAI Agent]: Yes sir. 

[Rob goes behind a column wall, as Yopo turns to Mig. ] 

[Yopo]: You're in charge of making sure this is accomplished. 

[Mig]: I figured as much sir. 

[Yopo]: There's also something else of note I need to discuss. Robert Gullahorn. 

[Mig]: What about him? 

-Play Soundtrack 3 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Yopo]: I want you to look into him. If what Sines said is right about Rob, based on what those kids said is true, then Clara Butler's case needs to be re-opened. 

[Mig]: Sir, you believe that Robert Gullahorn killed Clara Butler?

[Yopo]: I don't know. But I want you to look into it. Can you do that?

[Mig]: Of course sir. 

[Yopo]: Oh, and make sure that Rob doesn't know about this. I don't trust him anymore, not after this morning. (0:19)

[It cuts to Rob, hiding behind the column, listening to Yopo and Mig discussing about him. Rob closes his eyes, taking a breath to calm himself, before opening them up and walking away. ] (0:29)

Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 5 P.M.

[An overview shot of the island. From so high above, the island with so much death and drama appears to be just as peaceful as the rest of the Earth. It is as if nothing wrong has happened. ] (0:47)

Demple Residence - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 5 P.M.

[It cuts to a shot of the Demple Residence. A few lights are on, the wind blows removing two fallen leaves for a second. Another light turns off, this one upstairs on the second floor. ] (0:54)

[Charles Butler is sitting in front of a fireplace, the flames reflecting the warm colors onto his face. Two feet come next to him, before sitting down as well, revealing the feet to belong to Vicki. ] 

[Charles]: I feel like I don't know who to trust anymore. 

[Vicki]: Oh come on. You can trust me. 

[Charles]: I know, I know. I'm sorry. What... What am I supposed to do about Clark though? About my father? 

[Vicki]: Just.... be more open about it. Trust me, the idea of liking someone the same gender as me... it's foreign. But you love the both of them. Clark is your friend.... and Richard is your father. Nothing has changed Charles. 

[Charles]: Maybe. I just.... need time. 

3 P.M. - Lobby - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Brandon is laying down on the couch in the lobby. His eyes shut, the man rests, twitching as he moves his head, in deep sleep. He continues twitching his head, his head moving a little faster. ]

[Voice]: Love is weakness. Love takes your priorities, and mixes them up. 

[It cuts to a dark room, Brandon standing in the sole area of the room with light. Brandon looks around the darkness, scared. ]

[Voice]: I have seen your heart, Brandon.

[Flying past Brandon is the Ouija board, which burns away to reveal a sculpted face cracked into two pieces, thrown away into different sides. ]

[Voice]: And it is mine.

[Brandon screams in pain, as blood comes out of his mouth. Scars and bloody cuts appear on his face, as he falls to his knees. The setting changes to a gray room as Brandon's clothes changes to rags. He looks at his arms to reveal handcuffs. Brandon struggles to get rid of them, screaming at them, as he looks upward to see three pregnant woman sitting against the wall, all three scared. From the shadows floats an assault rifle, as Brandon looks at them. The camera focuses on Brandon as the flash of gunfire reflects on his face. ]

[Brandon]: No. Please no.

[Voice]: You never had friends, you never had family because they never loved you.

[Brandon looks over, and sees Speedy, in a glass box with a bomb inside it. Speedy is banging on the glass, screaming. ]

[Brandon]: Speedy!

[Voice]: And now you had a love, but you had to give her up.

[The bomb explodes in the glass box, shattering it and killing Speedy at the same time. Brandon looks in horror, before being thrown back upwards, standing once more as he looks into a cage surrounded by fire. ]

[Voice]: You can never love or be loved, because its not for you.

[Inside the cage is a figure. A man with red eyes. ]

[Man]: You will rot and suffer, because NO ONE can EVER LOVE YOU. NO ONE. 

[Brandon steps away, terrified about the figure inside the cage. Suddenly, the cage materializes around him, as he looks around. The figure is now shown outside the cage, as Brandon screams in terror. ]

[Brandon]: Please no! Please!

[Voice]: BRANDON!

[It cuts back to Brandon in the lobby. Brandon opens his eyes, shaking as he looks to his right. Standing over him is Charles. ] 

[Charles]: Brandon, sorry to wake you up but .... you okay?

[Brandon]: Yeah.... yeah I'm fine. Just.... just a nightmare.

[Charles, points to couch seat]: Can I sit?

[Brandon, sitting up]: Yeah, sure. 

[Charles]: I was hoping you could offer some advice. 

[Brandon]: About what?

[Charles]: Well you see, Vicki and I ... Vicki and I, when we were younger... we were in a relationship. 

[Brandon]: Oh. 

[Charles]: For 5 years, we were in love. Then, I made a stupid mistake, and we separated. I became a Butler and left her, and I didn't see her again.... until we both returned to this island. 

[Brandon]: That's.... life I guess. 

[Charles]: So, when she came back... when I knew it was her. Everything came.... rushing back. All those.... locked away feelings that I had forgotten about. It's not recently that I... I truly realized that I'm still in love with her. I need your help Brandon. I need to win her back, to do something special. 

[Brandon creaks his neck a little, trying to focus. ] 

[Brandon]: Well.... Speedy, she won me over with this... grand gesture of sorts. She brought me to the library, surrounded by some of my favorite novels. 

[Charles]: I remember that. That was after everyone accused me of being The Fiend. She came to me after dinner, and asked me to help her with that. 

[Brandon]: So, do something like that. A grand gesture to show her that... you still love her. That you've always loved her. Then, the only other thing you can do is just talk. Be honest with each other.... and then say it. 

[Charles]: It?

[Brandon]: You know.... It. 

[Charles]: Oh.... yes, of course. Thank you Brandon. 

[Brandon]: You're welcome Charles. 

[Charles smiles, before getting up and walking away towards the Cafe. Brandon watches Charles, before getting up himself, and walking upstairs. It cuts to Charles entering the Cafe, as he spots Vicki, setting up one of the tables. ] 

-Play Soundtrack 4 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Charles]: Hey. 

[Vicki]: Charles. Hi. I'm just.... setting up the table. 

[Charles]: Dinner isn't for another couple of hours. 

[Vicki]: I know but without a riddle today, I feel... I feel like I need to be doing something. To keep me busy, you know? 

[Vicki looks back down at the table, placing plates at certain locations. ] 

[Charles]: I get it. Listen Vicki.... would you... maybe... consider possibly... um..

[Vicki looks back up at Charles, interested in what he's saying. ] 

[Charles]: Would you like to... potentially have dinner ... with me. 

[Vicki]: Charles Butler.... is this you asking me out to dinner?

[Charles]: I suppose so. 

[Vicki smiles, and slowly begins walking up to Charles. ] 

[Vicki]: And where exactly would we be eating at?

[Charles]: I was thinking a sunset dinner by the pool. There's some nice tables and chairs, and I can cook a great t-bone, if you don't know by now. 

[Vicki nods her head. ] 

[Vicki]: I'd love to. 

[Charles smiles at this, before waving her goodbye, and exiting the Cafe. Vicki watches him leave, before a small laugh escapes her mouth, before she returns to her job. ] 

St. Wadsworth Police Station - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 8 P.M.

[Agent Mig is sitting on one of the few remaining desks in the Police Station, which only has a few lights on. He is looking at a file labeled "Butler, Clara". Mig flips through the pages, looking at a photo of her body, and a drawing of the crime scene. Mig looks upward to see a figure in the shadows. ] 

[Mig]: Did Yopo not make it clear? You're fired. 

[Man]: Perhaps. But this is my police station still, and you're sitting on my desk. 

[Mig]: Stop the bull. We both know what you really are, Gullahorn. You act like an honest cop, but I think we both know that Clara Butler didn't kill herself that night. The evidence goes against that conclusion.

[The man steps into the light, revealing himself as Robert Gullahorn, wearing mechanical devices that surround his arms. ] 

[Rob]: You really think you are going to do anything? 

[Mig]: The world will eventually know you as the man you really are. I intend to make sure that happens. 

[Rob]: You will try. 

[Rob lifts his arms up and throws them back down, as two large blades extend from the device past his hands. A blade on each side, he lifts his arms up and goes towards Mig. Mig jumps to the right side as Rob strikes down onto the desk, damaging it. Mig grabs his gun and Rob's gun from another table, and aims it at Rob. ]

[Mig]: Eat lead.

[Rob flips up into the air, as Mig fires his gun. Rob's right blade stabs the support beam hanging above them, using it to miss the gunshots. He twists to the right, breaking off the beam as he kicks onto the wall. Mig turns to the right, firing at him, but Rob kicks the wall, landing on a file cabinet, which he jumps off of, landing near Mig. ] 

[Rob]: Nice attempt. 

[Rob knocks the two guns out of Mig's hands, roundhouse kicking Mig across the room, who crashes into a file cabinet. Mig looks to see a window nearby him, as he punches the window, shattering it. He takes a large piece of glass into his hands, as Rob runs towards him. Mig charges at Rob, using the glass to defend himself as he hits against the cold blades. Mig ducks down, nearly being decapicated in the process, before slicing part of Rob's leg. Rob screams out, as Mig kicks him in the groin, before using his free fist to knock Rob in the face, hard. ] 

[Mig]: You know, I'd thought you'd be better. I guess snakes like you are only good at deception, eh?

[Rob looks at Mig, enraged, as he tries to move. He looks over, to see one of his blades is stuck behind a file cabinet. Rob tries to get it out, as Mig, catching the advantage, runs up towards Rob. Rob reaches over with his free arm, removing small connecting pieces as the mechanical device falls off his arm. Rob gets back up, just in time to defend himself from Mig. Rob knocks the glass out of Mig's hand as Mig falls back into the evidence room. ] 

[Rob]: Oohh... you're in trouble now. 

[Mig looks to see a small rack with swords from the Church of the Fiend. Mig grabs one, as Rob grins. ] 

[Rob]: A one on one sword fight? Really? Did they teach you how to use a sword at the Academy? I took fencing. In fact, all my friends did. So you see Miguel.... you really don't stand a chance. 

[Rob removes the connection pieces on the other mechanical device, taking out the blade inside it. He holds the hilt of it, looking at Mig. Mig charges at Rob, pushing him out of the evidence room as they return to the main part of the police station. Rob swings his sword, trying to knock Mig's out of Mig's hand, but Mig moves to the side, climbing onto another empty desk, before jumping away. Mig stands closer to the entrance of the building as Rob comes against him. Rob tries pushing the blade against Mig's, but Mig pushes it to the side, before quickly whipping his sword at Rob's face. Rob gets a small cut near his eye. ] 

[Rob, in pain]: Damn you. 

[Rob flips his sword and kicks Mig, forcing the two of them outside. Mig drops his blade, as Rob goes up to him. Mig dodges barely the blade and strikes him the gut, forcing Rob to drop the sword. The two begin to fist fight each other, knocking each other across the road. Rob suckerpunches Mig, before grabbing his sword. As Mig turns to face Rob, he stops, gasping for air for a moment. Looking down, he sees blood leaking from Rob's blade piercing him. ] 

[Rob]: Like I said... you really didn't stand a chance. 

[Rob removes the blade from Mig, who drops to his knees. Rob takes a deep breath, looking around but seeing no sign of life besides the two of them. Rob grabs Mig's sword and throws them into the police station. He then grabs Mig and drags him on the pavement, onto the grass, and into the woods. It cuts to Mig being dropped against an old tree, as Rob looks behind him, seeing barely any lights from the town, far enough into the woods. ] 

[Mig, coughing]: You think you're free? (cough) You'll.... you will never be free. 

[Rob looks at Mig, curious. ] 

[Mig, coughing]: Maybe not me.... but someone else will show the island who you really are. One day... they'll see you for the devil you are. A two-sided son of a bitch, (cough) and they'll know. Richard will know, his son will know, they all will know. 

[Rob reaches for the jacket, taking a small dagger out of his coat pocket inside. ] 

[Mig, coughing]: You're going to die, Gullahorn, and when you do.... I'll see you in hell. 

[Rob smirks for a moment, before he strikes the dagger down. The camera focuses on his face, as a final breath of air is heard from Mig, and blood splatters across the officer's face. After a few more stabs, Rob stops, taking deep breaths, looking upward at the moon. The Fiend has just murdered once more. ] 

4 P.M. - Library - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Omi enters the library with a glass of water, taking a drink of it, as he walks over towards a table with A History of Wikia Island on it. Placing the glass on, he stops for a moment. Turning his head, he sees a red envelope, laying on a smaller table. Walking over towards it, he picks it up and pulls out a letter in it. Looking at the paper, the paper reads "WE HAVE THE KEY". ] 

[Omi]: Well that's interesting. 

4:30 P.M. - 2nd Floor Hallway - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Omni]: So you're the King? 

[Sub]: Evidently I am. It's.... relieving and terrifying at the same time. 

[Omni]: I get the feeling. 

[Sub]: I guess... that night that Drillo died, the Fiend was right. I'm a bastard child. 

[Omni turns to Sub, facing him. ] 

[Omni]: Whatever your father did, whatever adultery he committed, it doesn't define you. Yes, your father had an affair with your mother. But that doesn't make you a bad person for being the product of an affair. It just makes you human. 

[Sub nods. ] 

[Sub]: So you're the Hero, I'm the King...

[Omni]: Brandon is the founder, and Omi is the Betrayer, yes. If they weren't, I'm sure The Fiend would have made that clear, just as he made clear that we were wrong about who the King was. 

[Sub]: If I'm being honest with myself, now that we know who The Five are... I'm scared. It's only a matter of time before The Fiend tries to get us to the mountain. After that.... what's going to happen to us? 

[Omni]: I don't know. The Map and A History of Wikia Island only reveal so much. 

[Sub]: I just... I don't like not being in control. It's like my entire life has been leading up to this single night, and once it's over... I'm done. 

[Omni]: We're going to survive. We're going to stop The Fiend, and whoever this... Kross is. 

[Sub]: That's the other thing. Kross. 

[Omni]: What do you know about him? Besides what Charles told us last night?

[Sub]: He was a rumor. A ghost. When the Wikia Agency of Investigation came to the island in 1989, everything went to hell. Kross had escaped the prison, Christopher 'Yopo' Rider led an investigation to go after him and his followers. They were a cult associated with a mythical Cabal of sorts. 

[Omni]: When I went to Tyran's room the day he died, he had a board. The board had a document about the town potentially not having been destroyed in an Earthquake. 

[Sub]: It wasn't destroyed in an Earthquake, that I know. Of course, most of the files regarding the incident are classified. I only know a little bit that's shown. It's clear though... a lot of people died when the town was destroyed, including Charles' father. 

[Omni]: His father died in the town?

[Sub]: He died around that time, yes. How exactly he died is unknown to the Agency, but he died. Make no mistake, he hasn't been seen by the Agency in 25 years.... but if he's really on this island, then we're screwed.

The Demple Residence - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 9 P.M.

[Charles is sitting in the dining room, looking at a picture of Arthur, Diana, Clark, Vicki, and himself. He sighs, as he hears footsteps coming towards him. More than one. Looking over, Charles sees Vicki and Clark, standing next to each other. Vicki looks straight at Clark, while Clark looks down at the floor, back up at Charles, and back to the ground. Vicki pushes Clark towards Charles. ] 

[Vicki]: I let him in, encase you're wondering. I'll let you boys talk. 

[Vicki walks away, leaving the two of them alone. ] 

[Charles]: Clark. 

[Clark]: Charles. 

[Awkward silence. ] 

[Clark]: Look, I'm... I'm sorry Charles. I shouldn't have ran without explaining myself. 

[Charles]: You realize how awful that was hearing from Sines?

[Clark]: I understand if you hate me because of .... what Sines said. 

[Charles]: I already had enough on my plate with my father, but than I find out that one of the only friends is... is like him? 

[Clark]: For the record, your father likes guys and girls. I'm just... I just like guys. 

[Charles]: Like that makes it any easier. 

[Clark]: Look. I don't know why I'm like this, and I don't have all the answers. But it's not like I've thrown myself at you. I've kept my distance, I've held my secret. I let you be with Vicki, because I know she cares about you, and you care about her. I'm still me Charles. 

[More silence, as Charles looks at his friend. ] 

[Charles, beginning to cry]: I just.... I just don't understand. Why? Why is this happening to me? 

[Clark]: I don't know Charles. 

[Charles, crying]: I mean... I feel like I had been better off not knowing the truth. But I know, I know and I can't get it out of my head. I don't understand this... gay stuff. I don't understand how my father could love Kross. It.... it doesn't make any sense to me, Clark. I've been trying to understand it. I got away from my father so I could understand it, but I don't. I don't understand, and without him to help me I feel like my world has turned over, and I'm lost and confused in a fog so dense that I'm tripping everywhere. I've always counted on him, needed him... and to find out that he's not the man I thought he was, it hurts. It hurts Clark. Then to find out that my friend... my friend has kept the truth from me as well. To know that my friend has harbored feelings like I harbor for Vicki onto me... I don't get it. 

[Clark]: I know. I wasn't sure about my feelings for the longest time. Do you think I enjoy knowing that Kross and I are both ... the same way? No. I hate it. It disgusts me. But I got through it. Yes, it doesn't always make sense. But that's life, and the people we care for.... they don't change us. They're just another part of us. We're still us. 

[Charles nods, beginning to stop crying. ] 

[Charles]: Do you ... you...

[Clark]: I'm still attracted to you, but no. I'm not in love with you. It took me some time today to figure that out, but that's the truth. 

[Charles takes a breath. ] 

[Charles]: I'm sorry for how I reacted. 

[Clark]: I'm sorry for not letting you know sooner. 

[Clark goes up to Charles, giving him a bro-hug, before Clark stops it. ] 

[Clark]: One more thing Charles. I think it's time to forgive your father for lying about him and Kross. 

[Charles]: I don't know if I can. 

[Clark]: According to him, Kross and him got together when they were 15, the same age you and Vicki got together. Now, do you love her?

[Charles]: Um... I mean I guess...

[Clark]: Do you love her?

[Charles]: Yes Clark, yes!

[Clark]: Okay. What if you were in a relationship with Vicki for 5 years, would you love her even more? 

[Charles]: Yes, probably. 

[Clark]: Then look at it from Richard's point of view. He was with Kross for five years before HE ended the relationship. It wasn't Kross who ended it, it was your father. How can you claim that Richard is guilty when you're just as likely to do the same thing? 

[Charles lowers his eyes, thinking for a moment, shame in his eyes. ] 

[Charles]: Thank you Clark. I think you might be right, like always. 

[Clark smiles, nodding as he walks away, leaving Charles alone with his thoughts. ] 

The Abandoned St. Wadsworth Police Station - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 10:01 PM

[Rob places the weapons he used against Mig inside his desk drawer, hiding them. He looks around, checking for any signs of damage. He looks at the beam above, now with a crack in it, and sighs. Looking back at the floor, he notices blood on the ground. Rob looks at the small cut in his leg, which has stopped bleeding.] 

[Rob]: I almost forgot about that. 

[Rob walks into a bathroom, grabbing the remaining toilet paper, and begins to use it to soak up the blood. Throwing away the bloody toliet paper, he takes a hand cloth, cleaning any remaining dust on that area of the floor. Creak. Rob looks upward, turning around to see whose there. Standing at the door is Richard Butler, looking shocked at the sight of the abandoned station. ]

[Rob]: Richard, what are you doing here?

[Richard]: Sorry Rob. I just... I wanted to apologize to you.

[Rob]: You already did that Richard. 

[Richard]: I meant about your job. I heard you got fired.

[Rob]: Yes well, everything I've build up towards is falling apart. Now if you excuse me Richard, I'm trying to say goodbye to this old place. 

[Richard]: Oh. Sorry. 

[Richard begins to leave, and then stops for a moment, turns around and faces Rob again. ]

[Richard]: You know, the Agency of Investigation came to my tent in New St. Wadsworth. They were asking about your involvement in Clara's suicide. 

[Rob, throwing away the hand cloth, closes his eyes, frustrated as Richard keeps going on. ] 

[Richard]: They were asking me what you said, and how I found her. You said that she died by suicide. 

[Rob]: Yes, I did. 

[Richard]: Well, that's not what they said. They said that they suspected that it wasn't a suicide. Agent Yopo suggested that it wasn't depression that killed her. It was you. 

[Rob]: Richard, you have to realize how ridiculous that sounds? 

[Richard]: I know, I know! It doesn't make any sense? I mean, why would you kill Clara? You were the one who introduced her to me, after all. You were the one who said I should propose to her and marry her. You... you were the one who said that we would be great parents.

[Rob slowly rises, his eyes open, for the first time the appearance of true and utter guilt on his face, his back still turned to Richard, who is unable to see Rob's expression. ] 

[Richard]: And then after we do become parents, a few months later she immediately dies.... and you become the supportive friend in a time of grief. Then after David and I argue you stick with me and become my only friend in the process....

[Rob turns, facing Richard, as the realization begins to dawn. ] 

[Richard]: You... you were always there. Watching. Controlling. 

[Rob]: Richard, who are you going to trust? Them? Or me? 

[Richard takes a step back. ] 

[Richard]: It's all true. Oh my god. It really is all true.... isn't it? 

[Rob doesn't respond to his question. Richard, seeing the guilty expression, begins yelling at Rob in anger. ] 

[Richard]: It is. You.... you son of a bitch. You killed Clara?! How could you? You MURDERED HER? Why?! WHY?!

[Rob punches Richard in the face, before shoving him forward, knocking Richard into the holding cell. Rob takes a key from his belt and locks the cell doors, before throwing the key onto a desk. Richard and Rob groan in pain, Richard from the punch and fall, Rob from using his hand to punch Richard after the earlier incident with the TV. ] 

[Rob, out of breath]: Yes.... Yes...... Yes. I killed her that night. I didn't intend to kill her.... I had to Richard. I had to kill her. 

[Richard]: Why? 

[Rob, out of breath....]:  I was.... I was.... hoping.... hoping to kill you. I didn't need you anymore. You.... had served your purpose. You had given birth to an heir. I wanted to kill you... to make him suffer. So I could become a father-figure, and push him towards the mystery, a mystery that I inadvertently pushed you away from. But Clara came instead, and I had to change my plans. 

[Richard]: So what now.... you're going to kill me? 

[Rob]: No. I already killed Sines and Agent Mig today. I'm tired and injured. Yes, I wanted you to die, and die you will. But I simply don't have the strength to kill you Richard. I guess I played my part too well by actually caring. No No one else is coming here, which means I can leave you here alone to die. I'm sorry it had to end like this. I would have preferred to kill you differently, but I can't let anyone get in the way. I've lost too much already, and with your death, I will not only become a new father figure for Charles, but strike the greatest blow against Kross that I ever could to him. Goodbye Richard. 

[Richard screams at Rob as Rob grabs his coat and leaves the Police Station. ]


5:30 P.M. - Lobby - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Charles is waiting around in the lobby, not dressed in his usual clothes. Instead, he is wearing a white dress suit with a red tie, and white dress pants as well. He's looking around the room, as if waiting for something. Meanwhile, on the staircase, two black high heels appear, walking down the steps. Charles looks up, his jaw dropping for a moment, as it cuts to the staircase once more. A red fabric dress with one strap, black heels, pink lipstick and small sapphire earrings. Vicki slowly descends each step, taking note of Charles' expression. She reaches the final step, before walking over to Charles. ]

[Charles]: Vicki.... you're... you're beautiful.

[Vicki smiles, looking back at her date. ]

[Vicki]: Thank you Charles. You're handsome, as always.

[Charles]: Thank you, I appreciate that. (raises arm, his hand towards Vicki) Shall we? 

-Play Soundtrack 5 (look on the right of the screen)-

[It cuts to outside by the pool. The doorway to the hotel opens up as Charles leads Vicki outside, holding her smooth hand. Vicki looks in amazement at her surroundings, full of color and light. Hanging from a hook above the door all the way across the side to the pool shed, and then from the pool shed towards a palm tree on the grounds are small lights. Rose petals are on the ground, and the pool lights are making the pool glow a calm blue. ] 

[Vicki, putting her hands to her mouth in disbelief]: Oh my god... Charles!?

[Charles, still standing next to her on her life, smiles, standing closer to her, entering her personal space, as he raises his head, looking outward. A grin is on his face. ] 

[Charles]: Do you like it?

[Vicki notices a small table for two, white tablecloth with two pieces of china with T-bone steaks and pasta, two wine glasses, a red wine bottle, silverware, and two thin yet tall wax candles, both lit and glowing embers. ] 

[Vicki, still in disbelief]: I ... I love it. 

[Charles leads Vicki to the table, pulling out a chair for her. In the distance, the sun is touching the water, beginning to set into warm and vibrant colors. ] 

[Vicki, being seated]: Thank you. 

[Charles]: You're welcome. (1:24)

[It cuts to Charles and Vicki enjoying dinner. Charles and Vicki are talking to each other, engaging in actual conversation. At one moment, Charles is shown to actually be laughing. Another shot shows him refilling Vicki's red wine. Vicki is shown to be smiling, as Charles is moving his hands around, as if telling a story. She nods her head yes, before the two of them take bits of their pasta. It cuts to Charles getting up, walking over to Vicki and offering his hand. She looks at him, interested. ] (1:53)

-Play Soundtrack 6 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Charles]: May I have this dance?

[Vicki]: Why of course. 

[Vicki stands up, standing close to Charles. Charles steps closer to her, putting one hand on her waist. The touch jolts Vicki for a moment, as she looks at him differently. The two are the closest they've ever been, their other hands together, united as one. ] (0:28) 

[Charles]: Vicki.

[Vicki]: Charles.

[Charles and Vicki dance around the pool together, moving on the red petals. One. Two. Three. One. Two. Three. Each step is a step forward, a step towards a renewed romance.  Charles twists Vicki away, who spins around for a moment, before returning to the butler. ] (0:58)

[It then cuts to them, slowly dancing with each other, slowly turning. Vicki rests her head on Charles' shoulder, making Charles smile. ] 

[Vicki]: Thank you Charles. 

[Charles]: You're welcome Vicki. 

[The two continue dancing with each other, as the sun continues to set. ] 

The Abandoned St. Wadsworth Police Station - Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 10:30 PM

-Play Soundtrack 7 (look on the right of the screen)-

[It cuts to an outside shot of the abandoned police station. ] (0:06)

[It cuts to the inside of the station. Nearly dark except for a single light, the dust sits on shelves, as the camera pans over to see Richard, inside a cell. The man, sitting on the bench, stares at the object in his hand, a small music locket with the letters R+K etched into it. With the only sounds echoing across the building being that of the music and Richard’s breath, the father watches as the music begins to fade, finishing its last notes, before closing on itself. The notes of half a song, a lover’s song. Richard sighs, clearly remembering the days of old. ] (0:24)

[Then a single note plays, followed by another. Glancing at his music locket, he realizes that it isn’t his. But it’s familiar. Turning his head, his face shows shock, then joy, and then horror, mixed emotions running in one heartbeat, a heartbeat shared by two people. As the second person comes out of the shadows, Richard gets up; staring at a man he hasn’t looked at in twenty years. ] (0:41)

[Richard]: I knew you’d come for me. (0:45)

[Kross]: You were expecting me. (0:50)

[Richard]: It has been twenty years. I knew you couldn’t help visiting me. 

[Kross lifts his hand, showing the music locket playing the second part of the lover’s song. ] (0:59)

[Kross]: Five years we were together. Five years I devoted my mind, my heart, my soul to you! I asked to be with you, to share my life with you! And when we finally had an opportunity to be together…

[Kross steps up to the jail cell bars. ] 

[Kross]: You weren’t there. (1:22)

[CLICK! The song abruptly stopping, the anger from his prison years beginning to show, ending the Lover’s song without compassion, closing the locket, in front of Richard. Richard sighs, almost as if he had pity for him.]

[Kross]: Why wouldn’t you there?

[The father of Charles, staring at Kross’ eyes, removes them, looking at the ground for two heartbeats, before looking back at the man. ]

[Richard]: I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be there with you. I thought what we had was wrong.

[Kross]: You always had your doubts about us.

[Richard]: I made the right choice, look at the man you were, at the man you are now.

[Kross]: Would you love me if I was anything but what I am, Richard?

-Play Soundtrack 8 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Richard spits at Kross, walking to the right, away from him. ]

[Richard]: I do not love you. (0:07)

[Kross wipes off the spit, and looks at the man in the cell. ]

[Kross]: You were many things once Richard, but you were never cruel. (0:17)

[Kross begins walking over towards Richard. ]

[Kross]: That woman that you married, the friend we both had, they have corrupted you. (0:23)

[Richard flinches at the reference of Clara and Rob, as the lover turned enemy reaches him. ]

[Kross]: They have taken away and hidden what always should have been mine. (0:33)

[Kross reaches through the bars, grabbing onto Richard’s face. Richard’s body shakes for a moment, believing it’s a threatening touch, as Kross begins feeling the man’s face. Richard and Kross look at each other, Kross smiling, as Richard breaths, realizing Kross means no harm, breathing, as if he has been relieved from a great weight on his back for the first time in twenty years. The longing eyes of Richard Butler show the reassurance of a spark in his eyes, a spark thought to have been dead, but reborn. Knowing that he controls him, Kross grabs Richard’s other hand through the bars, as Richard begins to even craft a smile. ]

[Richard, almost hypnotically relieved]: Kross… (0:52)

[Kross]: I will succeed. And when I do, I will live together with you. You will have all of me at last. If only there wasn't Charles standing in the way.... (1:11)

[Richard, hearing his son’s name, removes his hand from Kross’s hand, and grab’s Kross’s throat. ]

[Richard]: What do you want, Kross? (1:20)

[Kross steps back, letting go of Richard as Richard let’s go of him, before taking a key and injecting it into the keyhole, before opening the cell door. He steps to the side, as the Butler takes his few steps out of the cell, and into the police station’s office area. ] (1:35)

[Kross]: I want you to get out of here, and I want you to go to Charles, and convince him and his friends to not get in my way. (1:43)

[Richard, looking at him, nods his head, thinking. ]

[Richard]: And what fate do you have in mind for Robert? (1:47)

[Kross]: The last thing Robert Gullahorn will know is how powerful my rage can be, and how tight my hands on his throat are. 

[Richard, nodding in a sadistic sense of approval, begins walking away, as Kross turns to face his old lover one more time. ] (1:57)

[Kross]: And what about you, Richard? (2:05)

[Richard, stopping for a moment, turns his head, and looks at Kross. ]

[Richard]: I will always love you Kross. That is my answer.

[Accepting this answer, Kross walks into the cell, looking around, as Richard exits the Police Station. Kross, looking at the wall, sighs, before smiling. ] 

6:30 P.M. - Lobby - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Charles and Vicki walk into the lobby, smiling and holding hands together, only to see the guests sitting together in the lobby. Omi looks at them, a confused expression going on. ] 

[Omi]: Oh okay... what's going on?

[Everyone else notices them. ] 

[Vicki]: You don't have to worry. This isn't you for Omi. 

[Omni]: Oh, so that's why we weren't called down to dinner in the Cafe. You two were off together. 

[Charles]: You didn't have dinner on your own? I left Sub a note. 

[Sub]: There was a note?

[Charles]: Nevermind. Are you all alright?

[Omni]: I suppose. Things aren't just adding up though. Did Jack say anything to you before he died?

[Charles looks at Omi for a second, before looking back at Omni. ] 

[Charles]: He told me to go to the mountain.... to stop the Fiend. 

[Omni]: Hmm. There's also something else bothering me. I'm struggling with The Map. Cinco. Detras Del Mapa. Up is Down. Some of the phrases and images make no sense on this thing. For example, why are these symbols surrounding the island?

[Brandon looks over, looking at the symbols. ] 

[Brandon]: Maybe those are like the planets? 

[Omni]: Okay but still. 

[Sub]: Here, let me look at it. 

[Sub reaches over to grab it, but Omni stops him. ] 

[Omni]: No, The Fiend gave it to me so I'll look at it. 

[Sub]: Oh come on, just let me look at it Omni. 

[Omni]: Sub, enough!

[As Sub grabs the Map, he pulls the paper upward, seemingly ripping it's upper left corner. ] 

[Brandon]: Sub!

[Sub lets go, looking at everyone guilty. Vicki walks over, horrifed at what has happened. ] 

[Vicki]: Sub, what did you do?

[Sub]: I didn't mean to do that. 

[Omni]: Look at what you did you id- what the 

[Omni points to the Map. Underneath the top part of The Map, a handwritten H is shown. Omni looks back down at one of the phrases on The Map, then back at the corner. ] 

[Omni]: Detras del Mapa..... of course. 

[Omni reaches the edges of the Map, moving his fingers, as he slowly begins to pull it forward. The top part of The Map comes off, revealing underneath it a large collection of handwritten Spanish text, and an alternative drawing of the island. ] 

[Omni]: It was in my face the whole time.

[Sub]: You're welcome by the way.

[Omni]: Thank you Sub. That's a lot of Spanish to translate though. 

[Vicki]: You don't have to translate it though. I will. Did I mention that I learned Spanish when I was young?

[Omni]: No, I don't believe you did. 

[Vicki grins, grabbing the hidden part of The Map, as he begins reading it out loud. ]

[Vicki]: "Hello. My name is Ponce De Butler, and I am here to tell the true story of this Island. " 

[Sub]: Ponce De Butler.... Charles' ancestor. 

[Vicki]: "You may have met me in the past, or if you have this Map after my death, then you may know about the legend of The Five and The Fiend. With deep regret, I confess to having told a series of lies about the island". 

[Omi]: A lie? 

[Vicki]: "We didn't come to the Island and fight a demon. Instead, what we found inside the mountain was something just as evil. " 

[It cuts to a flashback, showing Ponce De Butler in Spain. He kneels before a king, before being given a paper. It cuts to him walking towards two large ships with four other men. ]

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Our journey began many years ago, when I was summoned by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. Our mission was simple: to find and explore new lands for the empire on which the sun never sets. I naturally agreed, and set sail onto the Atlantic with my childhood friends: Christopher King, George Founder, Jay Betrayer, and Michael Hero.

[It cuts to the two ships arriving on the island in the flashback. The conquistadors cut down some branches, looking at what will eventually be known as Fiend Mountain. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: We intended to find gold and silver, rubies and sapphires, and perhaps if we were fortunate enough, fine silk. Instead, all we found was forest. We searched the island, eventually coming to the conclusion to enter the mountain. Our men were tired and fearful of going to the mountain, so only us five: Christopher, George, Jay, Michael, and myself entered the mountain. 

[The five conquistadors enter a large hole in a cave-setting, as Ponce looks in shock. Inside are temple columns, religious statues, and human remains. ]

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Inside, we saw the remains of an ancient people. Ages-old temple columns, pagan deities, skeletons all around. At the epicenter of it all.... was it. At first, we had no understanding of what it could be.

[It cuts to a stone column, the top of it having a strange object. It then cuts to them looking across the cave ruins, and then a damaged tablet. ]

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Green water in a glass cube. It was strange yet... beautiful. Tempting even. So, we studied the remains of a dead-civilization. For months, we searched for the answer. Then, one night, we found it. A nearly damaged tablet, a carving of a skeleton with the words "Neró Aiónia Zoí". Water Eternal Life. We quickly realized that it was an evil invention created to dethrone the one right of God: immortality.

[It cuts to Ponce De Butler grabbing the cube and standing on the top of a staircase above the other members of The Five. ] 

[Ponce De Butler]: Only God can grant eternal life, not this pagan creation. 

[Ponce throws the cube towards the ground, but as it hits the ground, the cube bounces off, and falls over to the feet of Christopher King. King grabs the cube and inspects it, surprised that it did not shatter. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: We quickly realized we could not destroy it. It's glass was stronger then any we had encountered. Once we knew we could not destroy it, we knew that the only option left was to hide it from the world. 

[Ponce watches as the other members of the Five push to the side a large stone with lines dividing its face into piece pieces, covering the entrance to the ruins. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: We began to create a Gate to block the doorway to the cube. Pulled both of our ships into the mountain piece by piece, and rebuilt them to serve as trials. We began to develop trials, and began working on a second door that would need a key to get into the trials. We also devised a complex lie to convince the world that the mountain was not safe.

[George Founder points to something in the mountain. Christopher King walks over and sees a human-like skeleton with small horns. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Using a strange skeleton we found, we created the story of The Fiend.

[It cuts to a town as citizens flee into their homes as a figure, dressed in a red cloak with large horns walks down the street. The figure returns to the woods, removing the cloak to be Jay Betrayer. ]

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: We dressed ourselves up to scare our men into believing that a demon from Satan himself lurked on the island. We convinced them that we fought this demon, and using the power of Christ, imprisoned him inside the mountain. We named the mountain "Fiend Mountain", in order to scare away any who might be interested in entering it. 

[Michael Hero places a large golden disk on a wooden table, as the other members of the original Five stand above it.] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: We created a disk to divide up among our families, a disk that would unlock the Gate within. 

[Michael cuts the disk, before it cuts to each member having a piece. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Whether it was fate or coincedence that when we went into the mountain, that the moon covered the son in a shade of blood that night, I do not know. But our lies were efficient. The people believed in the legend of the Fiend, and we were hailed as heroes. All had gone according to plan, and no one would dare to try and find the Gate. Until shortly after Jay's death, when our sins had grave consequences. 

[It cuts to the Old Spanish Church, in its prime, as the Spaniards sing Roman Catholic hymns. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: While most of our people in the newly christened "St. Wadsworth", our town dedicated to the patron saint who had voyaged with us, sang to our one and only God, beneath our church was a pagan and profane ritual site deep within the caves. 

[The camera moves from the church to the ritual site, where men dressed in monk-like robes are cutting their hands and dripping their blood on a human skull. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Our lies worked too well. A cult began to grow, a pagan church for the fiend, founded by Eduardo Gullahorn. Disillusioned after his wife died, Eduardo distrusted God and began to reject our roman catholic ways. But when he heard our lies about The Fiend, he believed that if God was so cruel as to take his wife away, the devil would be merciful. So, he began to worship our make-belief creation, and gained followers quickly. 

[Ponce De Butler, now with grey hair, is thrown into the water at the ritual site. Ponce tries to crawl, but Eduardo steps on his knee, making Ponce scream. ] 

[Eduardo]: You will tell me how to free the being of this island... or you will die. 

[Ponce, having multiple injuries, sits at a desk inside the caves, only lit with a single candle, as he writes on a single large paper. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: I had to make it seem like I was working for Eduardo, but I had made it my life's mission to keep others away from the mountain. So, I created this Map. I used symbols, images, and phrases to hide how to enter the mountain. I even wrote one phrase in English instead of Spanish, as I knew Educardo could not translate English. 

[As Ponce is saying this last sentence, it shows him writing the words "Up is Down" on the Map. He is then shown spinning the rings, to mix up the images and make it harder. ] 

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: Eduardo was not pleased by this action, and thus he attempted to kill me... 

[Eduardo throws Ponce to the ground, aiming his sword at him. ] 

[Eduardo]: Your usefulness is at an end, Butler. 

[Ponce De Butler]: Perhaps Gullahorn, but first, take a gander. 

-Play Soundtrack 9 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Eduardo looks away from Ponce, a confused expression turning to surprise. Coming from one of the tunnels of the cave system is Christopher King, with a group of other armed Spaniards. Behind him is George Founder and Michael Hero, the members of Eduardo's group being surrounded by the Spaniards led by King, as one of the members of Eduardo's group grabs a flag with a skull of horns on it. ]

[Church Member]: This land belongs to the everlasting Church of the Fi-

[The member is shot in the head, and falls to the ground, as Christopher lowers his pistol. ]

[George Founder]: Let us all remember that man's bravery, shall we?

[Eduardo backs away, grabbing Ponce and holding him hostage with his sword, as other members of the Church back towards the ritual site.]

[Michael Hero]: It's over, Gullahorn. Put down your swords, and you will be fairly tried. 

[Eduardo]: You dare stand against this Church? 

[Christopher aims his gun at Eduardo] 

[Christopher King]: This is not a Church, this is a pagan cult for a Fiend. 

[Eduardo]: You believe your god can stand against mine? 

[Christopher]: You are a fool. You seek that which only faith in our god can provide. 

[As Eduardo and Christopher argue, Ponce looks over to see a spear lying on the ground. He struggles to try and move his foot over to pull it towards him. Ponce is successful, the blade coming towards him, kicking the spear upwards and into his hands, as Ponce uses it to stab Eduardo in the rips. ] 

[Eduardo]: Sacrilege. Kill them all. 

[Eduardo and Ponce enter a clash of their respective weapons, as members of the original Church of the Fiend clash against the Spaniards, led by Christopher King. The Spaniard's gunfire takes down five Church members, as Christopher King shoots a man in the stomach, then takes out his blade and stabs a man in the chest. Ponce and Eduardo and Ponce step back as Ponce abandons his spear and grabs a sword and its case, on the skull ritual site. He pulls the sword out, a sword with silver and gold edges, with black letters spelling BUTLER on it. ] 

[Eduardo]: You really believe you can stop us?

[Ponce De Butler]: All I have to do is stop you. 

[Eduardo screams at Ponce as he runs up to him. Ponce follows suit, the two striking their blades, as Ponce turns his blade and lowers it down before swiping up, the blade ripping apart the flesh and bone of Eduardo's hand. Eduardo screams, his own sword falling to the ground, as Ponce strikes him in the chest. Ponce drives up the sword into Eduardo, moving over to his face, whispering into his ear. ] 

[Ponce De Butler]: For Jay. 

[Ponce removes his sword, the blood of a Gullahorn entering the smallest spaces of the sword's particles, as Eduardo falls to the ground, dead. ]

[Ponce De Butler (voiceover)]: After Eduardo's death, I placed my sword, the sword imbued with the blood of a Gullahorn in one of the trials inside the mountain. For 30 years we had worked on these trials, and at last, they were completed. We sealed up the entrance, our job nearly complete. All that remains is to hide this map. 

[It cuts back to 2014, with Vicki reading the Map's hidden layer. ] 

[Vicki]: "Against the advice of my life-long friends and brothers, I have chosen to write this message as a final plea. Do not enter the mountain. The only result of a quest for eternal life is death. There is no guarantee of immortality, but passing on... that's dead certain. There is no Fiend, but that doesn't mean that fate and destiny hasn't played a role on this island. This island is cursed, the sins of a pagan people are now one with this accursed island. That much is true. I write this because I know that one day, our lies and our trials will fail, and the Gate may be breached. That is why I ask you, do not let anyone enter the mountain. You must fight to keep them from defying the one true God. If a man with evil in his heart breaks the cube and drinks those waters, all hope is loss. To our descendants of the Five families, it is up to you to protect the world, to protect our legacy. I wish you the best. With best regards, Ponce de Butler". 

[Omni]: That.... is a lot of information to process. 

[Brandon]: It's hard to tell what's real anymore. One day we think this is supernatural, the next it's not. 

[Omi]: If it's true, what he said about The Fiend.... then I need to go downstairs. 

[Omni]: Why? 

[Omi]: I need to check The Lab. We were told a few nights ago by the spectre of Ponce de Butler that the Fiend was a demon, yet now we learn he's not. Why would there be a contradiction? Something's not right... I'm going to find out what really happened that night. 

[Omi walks away from the group, as Sub watches him. ] 

Graveyard - Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 11 PM

[It cuts to WAI Agents walking in the graveyard with Agent Yopo. They walk up to the site of Eric Cureluy, with the coffin still outside. ] 

[Agent]: Kross was here sir. 

[Yopo]: The only question is: why?

[Agent, in the distance]: Sir!

[Yopo walks over to that agent, who has a group of photos in his hands. Yopo grabs them and looks at them. An over-the-shoulder shot shows Kross and Grant Gullahorn, intimate expressions of lust filling the pictures, every position imaginable. Yopo turns over the pictures, as he sees an ink written message:"SEE YOU SOON ROB". Yopo looks at the images, and then back at the agent. ]

[Yopo]: Where is Robert Gullahorn right now?

The Ocean near Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 11 PM

[Surrounded by water, with the island in sight, a single boat sits, on top of the reflective star-covered seas. Rob pulls a chest towards him on the boat, unlocking it and opening it upward. He takes a moment to breath. ]

[Inside the chest lies Mig's body parts, at the very top his head, beneath it hands and feet. Blood covers all the parts, as a fly lands on it. Rob closes the chest, locking it once more before lifting it upwards. He positions it above the water... and drops it. The chest sinks into the ocean, falling fast, as Rob watches from above. ]

A House on Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 11 PM

[A woman walks by carrying a plate into the kitchen. She places it in the sink, before walking into the dining room again. The woman, now revealed to be elderly, grabs the plate of an elderly man, going off to place it in the sink again. A far-away shot shows a picture frame in the living room, which is adjacent to the dining room. The picture frame shows Robert Gullahorn between the old woman and man, all of them smiling. The camera cuts back closer to the older man and the table, as the woman returns. Suddenly, the sound of a window shattering is heard, alarming the elderly couple. ]

A House on Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 11:30 PM

[Robert Gullahorn is shown walking up to a house. As he reaches the front door, he notices the window is shattered. He quickly enters the front door, and runs through the living room. Upon reaching the dining room, he stops... and looks in horror at the sight of the old man and woman, hanging from the dining room chandelier on ropes. ] 

[Rob]: Oh my god..... Mom! Dad! 

[Rob runs up to the table, stepping on it, trying to untie the ropes. He lets both of them down, before crying over them. Another far-away shot shows the picture frame damaged, as the camera pans over to the wall, now with a message written on it:"I'D THOUGHT I'D STOP BY TO SAY HELLO. - KROSS. ". ] 

The Demple Residence - Wikia Island - September 9th, 1989; 11:30 PM

[Charles is lying down on the couch, sleeping. Suddenly, a woman's hand shakes his shoulder, waking him up.]

[Charles]: Mrs. Demple?

[Mrs. Demple]: I'm sorry to wake you Charles. I know it's late but someone's here. 

[Charles, rubbing his eyes]: Who?

[Mrs. Demple]: Well, I believe it's your father Charles. 

[Charles lowers his arms, now more awake. He looks at Mrs. Demple, surprised. ] 

[Mrs. Demple]: He came here to speak to you alone. Is that alright?

[The camera zooms in on Charles' face, as it cuts to him, waiting in the dining room. The shadow of another person appears, as it cuts to another point of view, facing Charles' face. ] 

[Richard]: Charles. 

[Charles turns around, facing his father. ] 

[Richard]: I'm sorry I woke you up, but I couldn't wait. 

[Charles]: It's fine. 

[Silence. ] 

[Richard]: I was at the police station a little while ago. Alone.

[Charles]: Oh?

[Richard]: Kross appeared and visited me. 

[Charles]: I see. 

[Richard]: Kross told me that he doesn't want you or him to get in his way. 

[Charles]: Did he now?

[Richard]: You see, Kross is on a path of revenge. He intends to kill Robert. Once that's done, there won't be anyone else to get in the way of his happy ending. 

[Charles]: Except me. He doesn't want me to be here. He wants you and you alone. 

[Richard]: Yes, exactly. 

[Charles turns away, a tear falling from his eyes as his eyes begin to water. He takes a breath, feeling hurt. ] 

[Charles]: What did you tell him?

[Richard]: I told him nothing. 

[Charles is still facing away from Charles, more tears coming down his eyes. ] 

[Richard]: However, I have no intention of pushing you out of my life. I never had any intention to push you out of my life. I obviously couldn't tell Kross that, not in the state he is in now. But I didn't come here to send you away. I came here to fix our relationship. Because yes, I do love Kross, even though I realize that is a difficult reality for you to understand. Yes, I also loved Clara. I loved them both. But there is someone more precious to me, someone I love even more than Kross and Clara. 

[Charles]: If you so much as say Rob I swear....

[Richard]: No! Not Rob. You Charles. I love you. I love you more than I will EVER love Kross. You're my son. Nothing is going to change that, and nothing will. I'm still your father. 

[Charles, still not facing Richard]: That doesn't make up for a lifetime of lying. 

[Richard]: No, it doesn't. I admit that. I made horrible mistakes. But I'm trying to fix them. I'm trying to be a better man than I was a few days ago. I'm trying, Charles. You don't see that but ... I'm trying. 

[Charles, still not facing Richard]: You could have told me though without trying to lie and avoid it. Maybe I would have taken it better. 

[Richard]: This was always going to be hard Charles. It was always going to be hard on you. I admit, I was selfish in prolonging it more than I should have. I just want you to talk to me again. To look at me again. 

[Charles turns around, showing Richard for the first time the tears on his face. ] 

[Charles]: Is this what you wanted to see? 

[Richard's face turns sorrow, saddened but what he sees. ] 

[Richard]: Of course not. I never wanted to see you like this. 

[Charles]: It just.... it doesn't make sense. None of it does. 

[Richard]: That's why we have to talk about this Charles. I'm open to explaining any of this. Anything you need to know. 

[Charles]: Was I a mistake? Was having me a mistake?

[Richard]: No Charles, no no no. You... you're not a mistake. 

[Charles]: But the way you talked about Kross.... you've never talked about Mom like that before. Not with me at least. I was mad because it was HIM, not just any other guy, but HIM. I felt like ... like being with mom was a mistake. Like I was a mistake. I've been trying to push that thought away, and I've been trying to figure out this whole thing for the last few days, but I'm just lost. I'm lost, and I don't know how to get through all of this. 

[Richard]: Charles. I promise you. No matter who influenced me, tricked me, or loved me.... I have always wanted to have a son. So, when I had the opportunity with Clara, I took it. I have been proud to be your father every day since your arrival on this Earth. You are not a mistake. You're a miracle. 

[Charles, taking this in, runs up to Richard and grabs onto him, embracing him in a tight hug. ] 

[Charles, crying]: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I yelled at you. I want to be with you again. I'm not done with you, dad. 

[Richard, patting Charles on the back]: It's okay Charles. It's okay.  [Charles continues to cry, Richard holding him as the two stand together. ] 

[Charles, still crying]: I'm not a burden?

[Richard, still patting Charles on the back]: No Charles. I promise on my life you aren't. You're not a mistake. You're not a burden. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. 

[Charles, still crying]: You promise?

[Richard, still patting Charles on the back, holding him tight]: Yes. I promise. 

[Charles nods his head, closing his eyes as he stops crying, deep breaths in and out. Richard, sensing that Charles has calmed himself, smiles for a second. Then a worried expression grows, and he moves away from Charles. ] 

[Richard]: Are you okay now?

[Charles]: I will be. 

[Richard]: Good, because there's something else I need to tell you. Your mother didn't kill herself Charles. 

[Charles]: What? Another lie?

[Richard]: Yes, but I am not the one who created it. It's hard to believe, but the man you spent January with, the man that I thought my friend.... he killed her, Charles. Robert Gullahorn killed Clara. 

6:45 P.M. - The Lab - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

The Lab

The Lab.png

[Omi is looking around the Lab, looking over cabinets and boxes. He sees an empty box and throws that away, and then stops for a moment. ] 

[Omi]: Was that there before?

[On the floor, unlike the rest of the room, there is a large square piece cut out and noticeable. Covering most of it is a large desk. Omi walks over to the desk, pushing it across the room, revealing a small handle connected to it. ] 

[Omi]: Bingo. 

[Omi pulls the handle, lifting the square to reveal it as a door. Underneath the door is a ladder leading down to another level of the hotel. It cuts to Omi finishing climbing down the ladder. With the exception of the light from The Lab, the lower level Omi is now in is dark. Omi reaches for something in the darkness. Suddenly, the lights turn on, his hand now on a light switch, as he looks forward. The room is a grey color, as he looks straight into the camera, his jaw opened a little. ] 

[Omi]: Is that what I think it is?

The Demple Residence - Wikia Island - September 10th, 1989; 12:30 AM

[Richard]: I went to apologize to him, and he wanted to be left alone. I then brought up how the Agency had questioned me about Clara, and then I realized.... I realized he had done it. 

[The camera moves away from Richard, showing a tired Arthur, Diana, Clark, Vicki, and Charles sitting next to each other. ] 

[Richard]: He punched me, and threw me in a cell to starve and die. I trusted him, and he .... he betrayed me. He had wanted me to die all those years ago. 

[Diana]: That's horrible. 

[Arthur]: So how did you escape?

[Richard]: Kross broke me out. He wanted me to do something that I could never do. I just don't know how I didn't see the signs. Did he act strange when you worked with him? In your community service?

[Charles]: It was a long time ago, but there were moments where I thought he did act odd, but I just figured that was part of his personality. Although... I wonder. 

[Richard]: What?

[Charles]: The night that The Fiend attacked us at the Police Station... Rob had left about an hour before the attack. He couldn't have come in through the front door, which means he must have gotten in using the backdoor.

[Arthur]: Wait, there was a a backdoor?

[Clark]: Yes, only for officers. They have a special code that can open the door. Rob would have known it.

[Charles]: Plus, The Fiend attacked you that night as well. Now that I think about it, that's too much of a coinecdence. 

[Vicki]: Rob was also curious about where we had found The Map, when he took us to the Prison. I'm sure there would have been other ways to translate The Map, but he chose to go to the Prison. 

[Arthur]: When we found John King dead, Rob said he knew him. We only went to John King's house because of a phone call we assumed came from The Fiend. That would mean that Rob knew about the chest. 

[Richard, hearing the word chest, takes a step forward, surprised] 

[Richard]: You found a chest in John King's house?

[Arthur]: Yeah. It actually had the Butler family crest on it. 

[Richard]: That's my chest. David and Rob took it to John's place. I doubt Joan wanted any attention, nor do I suspect that David would have called. No, it was Rob who made that call. He's the only other person who knew. 

[Diana]: Surely there has to be a place where he stores his Fiend outfit, if it's true. 

[Richard]: I doubt he'd be so foolish as to store it in his car or house... although he does own a warehouse. It's just a few miles from the police station. His father used to own it. The five of us would sneak in sometimes and hang out. I haven't gone through in ages, nor did David. 

[Clark]: It's worth a try, Mr. Butler. Let's go now. 

6:45 P.M. - Lobby - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Omni and Sub are looking at The Map, while Charles is not in the room. Brandon is standing on his own, looking at a window. In the distance is Fiend Mountain, with a small dot of light. As Brandon looks, he notices his reflection. As he looks at his reflection, he begins grinning. ] 

[Voice]: Brandon?

[Brandon turns his head, to see Vicki. ] 

[Brandon]: Mrs. Demple?

[Vicki]: Please, call me Vicki. 

[Brandon]: Vicki. What can I do for you?

[Vicki]: Would you mind coming with me to the Cafe? I want to talk to you. 

[Brandon]: Of course. 

[Vicki smiles, and begins walking away. Brandon looks back at the window for a moment, and then turns around and follows Vicki. ] 

Robert Gullahorn's Warehouse - Wikia Island - September 10th, 1989; 1:25 AM

[Richard, Charles, Arthur, Diana, Clark, and Vicki are looking throughout the warehouse on a moonlit night. Flashlights shine light at every corner, revealing webs and dust. Old furniture also is shown, as everyone looks for a sign of the weird and odd. ] 

[Diana]: Wait, what's that?

[Diana points her flashlight to the ground, strange marks leading to a bookshelf on a wall. ] 

[Arthur]: I don't know. Mr. Butler?

[Richard]: I have no clue. 

[Richard and Charles walk over, and push it away. As the bookshelf moves, a wooden door is revealed. It cuts to all six of them entering the room, with just the light from their flashlights, Arthur finds a light switch, and flips it. Two large lights turn on towards the end of the room, catching the attention. ] 

[Clark]: Oh my god. 

[At the very end of the room, on a hanging rack is The Fiend costume, in plain view. The lights are above it, showing the detailed mask as well. The rest of the lights turn on slowly after as well, revealing further objects. They turns to their right, looking both shocked and horrifed. On the right wall, there are dozens of images, each with different dates attached to them, as well as taped documents. A desk also sits with various objects, including weapons. ]

[Vicki]: He's a madman. 

[A picture of the entire group in 1964 hangs on the wall. Richard and Kross stand next to each other, Rob on the other side of Rob. David stands next to Rob's other side, and Eric stands next to Kross. Notes about THE CHURCH, FIEND, and other events are also taped, as Richard takes note of one document. ] 

[Richard]: "Today I killed Clara Butler, and today I question my morals for the first time". 

[Charles walks up to another document, and pulls it down. ] 

[Charles]: "How to Frame Kross for Fiend Activity". 

[Vicki walks over to pictures of The Map, a picture of Fiend Mountain, before walking over to the desk with the weapons. ] 

[Vicki]: So many weapons....

[Arthur, Diana, and Clark walk over towards a picture of themselves in the Police Station, a picture of the red car that once belonged to Arthur, and pictures of John King, Joan King, and the woman who would become Sub's mother, the woman that John had an affair with. ] 

[Clark]: He did it. He did it all. He shot the tires the day we met Charles. He knew when Joan was going to kill John. He knew about it all. All of it. 

[Charles looks back at the costume. The camera focuses on Charles' face, worried and uncertain. ] 

[Charles]: Robert Gullahorn is the Fiend. 

[The camera cuts to the costume, zooming closer to it. ] 

[Charles (voiceover)]: He's the Fiend of Wikia Island. 

[It transitions to the Fiend Costume, now worn down, and a bit older, as it transitions to a different room. This room is grey, unlike the previous room. The camera turns, facing Omi, as it reveals the scene is now back in 2014. ] 

[Omi]: So that's what The Fiend looks like. 

[Omi climbs back the ladder, back into the Lab. He looks over to see a laptop and a few projectors. He walks over to the devices, looking for a power button, but unable to find one. As he looks behind them, he notices yellow wires. Following the wires, he notes that they lead to the wall, and go behind the wall, travelling all across the room to one destination: a light switch near the doors. Omi walks over, calm and collected, as he reaches the light switch. ]

[Omi]: I wonder. 

[Omi flips it, and looks over. All that happens is that the laptop turns on. ] 

[Omi]: Huh. 

[Omi walks back over to the laptop. The laptop has a blue background with the words "Initializing Program" in white text. ] 

[Omi]: Program?

[Suddenly, the main lights turn off, as the projectors rush on. A green glow appears onto Omi's face, Omi opening his jaw slightly in shock. The lawyer walks away from the laptop for a moment, eyes squeezing to understand what he is seeing. The camera moves from his back towards the open space, revealing the ghost of Ponce De Butler, just as he was a few nights ago. Static appears on Ponce, making his voice messed up.]

[Ponce De Butler]:  The Story you and the Thirteen have been fed is a lie.

6:48 P.M. - Wikia Cafe - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[Vicki and Brandon are sitting together in the Cafe. ] 

[Vicki]: I need to ask you something. 

[Brandon]: Of course? 

[Vicki]: Could it be ... could it be possible that I am one of The Five?

[Brandon]: I suppose, but that would mean there's an extra guest. I thought it was four guests and Charles. 

[Vicki]: I don't know. I just have a feeling... like maybe I'm more special then I thought. 

[Brandon shifts his composure, his casual demeanor changing to a more serious one. ] 

[Brandon]: Well, I suppose time will tell. Has Omi found anything in the Lab yet?

[Vicki]: I don't know, he's been down there for a while. 

[Brandon]: I was just wondering. After all, I think we're all interested in what really happened. 

[Vicki]: Yes well I'm sure he'll tell us soon. 

[Brandon]: Could you get a glass of Macallan Whisky? I saw some in the kitchen earlier, and I could really use a drink. 

[Vicki]: Of course, let me check the wine cellar. 

[Vicki walks into the Kitchen as Brandon smiles at her. Vicki walks into the kitchen, entering the Wine Cellar and looking around at the few remaining bottles of wine. A look of confusion appears on her face, as she leaves. ] 

[Vicki]: Brandon, I don't see any Macall-

[She exits the Kitchen doors, looking at the table she was previously sitting at, to see Brandon missing. Vicki looks in complete shock, looking around the dining room but seeing no one else. ]

[Vicki]: Brandon? 

6:50 P.M. - The Lab - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015

[It cuts back to the hologram recording of Ponce De Butler, in the air, as Omi stands by the laptop. ] 

[Ponce De Butler hologram]: The Fiend is Coming. Heed the warning from the Hotel's sign... 

[Omi tabs on the space bar of the laptop, which now shows a box with those exact words the hologram had said, and an audio recording on another box. Omi then presses the left arrow. Ponce De Butler begins moving once more, his words going in reverse, as the audio and hologram recording are reversed. Omi stops, and then presses the spacebar once more. ]   

[Ponce De Butler hologram]:  Beware. The Fiend is Coming. This has all happened before. He is looking for them, the Five. 

[Omi]: Wait, that's not a Spaniard. That's... not possible. 

[Ponce De Butler hologram]: The Butler, The King, The Founder...

[It cuts to a shot of Omi's face, as in the blurry background, the doors open. ]

[Ponce De Butler hologram]: The Betrayer....

[The camera shows the shoes of the person who has now entered the room. A flip of a light switch is heard, the camera rising. His arm lowering to his body, the Betrayer, now revealed, looks at Omi with a devilish grin. ] 

[Brandon]: Hello Omi. 

[The Ponce De Butler hologram freezes up for a moment before disappearing, all the electronics shutting off, and the regular lights turning back on. Omi looks at Brandon, the Betrayer, in shock. ]

-Play Soundtrack 10 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Brandon claps for a moment, taking a few steps forward.  ] 

[Brandon]: You know, out of all the guests who came to this island, I never thought it was you who would discover my secret. (0:08)

[Omi]: Oh my god... It was you. You're the Killer. (0:14)

[Brandon grins, and takes another two steps forward. ] 

[Brandon]: I've never actually properly introduced myself to you, Omi. My name.... is Brandon Faust. (0:22)

[Omi]: Faust. Faustian bargain. A Deal with the Devil. What is that, a show name? (0:28)

[Brandon]: You could say that, I suppose. A tad on the nose, I know, but suitable. (0:40)

[Omi]: So it wasn't me who was The Betrayer. It was you. 

[Brandon bows for a moment, sadisticly happy at Omi's realization. ] (0:50)

[Brandon]: Yes. I was always the descendant of Jay Betrayer. (1:00)

[Omi, beginning to sweat, takes a step back, trying to control his breathing. ] 

[Omi]: You were The Fiend. The whole time, it was you killing them. You killed Cassie Stallion. (1:14)

[Brandon]: No, I didn't rig that bomb to her. That wasn't my doing. (1:23)

[Omi, looking at Brandon, beginning to become scared closes his eyes for a moment. ] 

[Omi]: I don't understand. Why? We trusted you! We supported you and Speedy, you married her! (1:32)

[Brandon]: Unless it wasn't I who fell in love with Speedy. Unless I wasn't The Fiend, but instead while everyone knew about The Fiend, there was someone else. Someone else doing the special effects. Someone else doing the riddles.Someone else pulling that Ouija Board stunt.  Someone who made sure that if Jack survived the explosion, he would say things that would mess with Charles' mind when Charles heard it. But it doesn't matter Omi. It won't matter because if they find out who I really am... it puts the entire mission at risk. (2:07)

[Omi, realizing what Brandon is saying, shakes his head no, heavy breathing. Sweat falling on his eyebrows. Two more steps back. ] 

[Omi]: I'm not one of the Five. (2:12)

-Play Soundtrack 11 (look on the right of the screen)-

[Brandon]: No, you're not. (0:05)

[Brandon shows Omi an object in his hand. An opened pocket knife, as he slowly walks over towards Omi, who backs up into the empty coffin of Ponce De Butler. ] 

[Brandon]: You see, I'm the only special one here.

[Brandon steps closer to Omi, who is finally beginning to cry. ]

[Brandon]: And I'm afraid, as much as I've grown to like you, Omi.... I must do what is necessary. No one can know the truth. No one. (0:33)

[Omi, crying]: Please... (0:37)

[The knife strikes Omi's chest, Omi falls over onto Brandon, whose face is at Omi's left ear. ] (0:39)

[Brandon]: Goodbye Omi. Know that your death was always a part of the plan. (0:45)

[Omi lets out one last breath, before Brandon pushes him off, taking out the blade, before cutting with one wipe across Omi's throat, cutting it. Omi falls to the ground, as Brandon stands over. Suddenly, the doors into the Lab opens, as Omni walks in. ] 

[Omni]: Omi, did you find anything impo-

[Brandon, having been looking at Omi, turns his head to Omni, as the camera zooms up to the Betrayer. The camera cuts to Omni, looking at the now dead body of Omi, and the sight of his murderer, caught in the act. An act of betrayal. The secret is out. Brandon Faust is the Betrayer.... ] 

And now a trailer for the next episode of MURDER: Mystery Island. As you read, be sure to listen to the trailer's soundtrack, which you can find on the right side of the screen.

[The sounds of snoring echo in the room, Omni sleeping in his silk sheets. The two lamps on both ends of his bed are off, while the lamp on the desk is on. ] 

[Voice]: Ommniii. 

[Omni opens his eyes, alert. He looks around his room. The lamp on the desk is now off. It cuts to another shot of Omni in a different location. Omni's feet, actually on the wall, fall onto the actual floor, the zigzag pattern. Crashing onto the door he just walked through, Omni Trondion gets up. Looking around in bewilderment, he walks over to three chairs, a small table, and two thin lamps, with a small statue behind the chairs. ] 

[Omni]: Where am I? (done by 0:14)

[It cuts to black before returning to Brandon in The Lab. ] 

[Omni]: You. All this time.... you're the son of a bitch. The Fiend. 

[Brandon Faust]: Actually it's The Betrayer, but you can call me Faust. Brandon Faust. ( done by 0:21)


[It shows Brandon tied to chair, as Omni, Sub, Charles, and Vicki look at him. Brandon is shown grinning. It cuts to Charles entering the room as Brandon gleams with excitement. ]

[Brandon Faust]: Charles Butler... no matter how hard you try, you will play into Kross's hands. 

[It cuts to the burnt-field Richard and Kross used to go to. ] 

[Arthur]:  You're the only person I know who can stand up to that monster. 

[It cuts to Rob laughing as he jumps upward, two swords in his hands, and blocks Richard and Kross' swords. The scene then cuts back to the burnt-field, revealing who Arthur is talking to. ] (done by 0:34)

[Kross]: Now, please tell me you were smart enough to form a plan. 

[It cuts to inside a building with WAI agents, Church of the Fiend members, and Charles' friends. ]  

[Yopo (voiceover)]: Two butlers...

[A shot shows Richard and Charles together. ]

[Yopo (voiceover)]: a couple of a-hole teenagers...

[A shot of Arthur and Clark standing together, each with a small pistol in their hands. ]

[Yopo (voiceover)]: and a homicidal maniac

[Kross is shown loading a gun as he winks at Yopo. ]

[Yopo (voiceover)]: vs another homicidal maniac dressed as a demon.

[Rob is shown dressed fully as The Fiend, standing in the middle of Main Street in St. Wadsworth. ]

[Yopo]: This is the world we live in now. (0:48)

[Brandon shakes for a moment, looking back at Omni. ]

[Brandon Faust]: Sorry, I was too busy picturing how I would strangle you with the rope keeping me tied to this chair. (0:53)

[It cuts to Sub, out in the hallway.]

[Sub]: Okay, totally not freaky. 

[It cuts to Brandon, back in the room. ] 

[Brandon Faust, laughing]: I'm KIDDING! ... Except I'm not. 

[It cuts to a hallway as a younger Brandon is dragged down the hall by two men in robes. It cuts to him being strapped to a chair, before Kross looks at him and waves, as it cuts back again to Brandon being tortured by the shocks of the electric chair. It cuts to the Wikia Island Church, with Charles and Kross in the same room. ] 

[Charles]: Do you honestly expect me to trust you?

[Kross]: No Charles, I expect you'll die by the end of the night. Whether it's my hand or Robert's... well, I guess we'll both find out, won't we?

[Richard shoots at the camera. Brandon jumps into the air and tackles Omni to the ground in The Lab. Kross throws a knife towards the camera, as the camera tracks the knife flying in the hair, hitting a police officer in the forehead. Blood starts leaking out of his head as the officer falls to the ground. ] (by 1:12)

[Richard]: How the hell did you do that?

[Kross]: Practice. (by 1:16)

[A car flips into the air as Omni is running down a large hallway, red curtains on the walls, as the camera spins 360 degrees, the hero in a panic. It cuts to Brandon Faust holding a large hunter's knife while standing to a young blond woman strapped with belt buckles to a table, a gag in her mouth. ] 

[Brandon Faust]: Time to have fun. 

[Kross is shown laughing on the ground, pieces of the Fiend Disk, the Map, and various other documents surrounding him in a large circle. It cuts to The Fiend holding a large crowbar, grinning as it cuts to Brandon putting together an assault rifle and aiming it directly at a pregnant woman, this one a ginger. ] 

[Brandon Faust]: Bang. 

COMING SOON (done by 1:30)

[Kross and Richard fight against Rob, dressed in full Fiend gear with the exception of the mask. A helicopter flies high above as Kross, hanging onto it, shoots sporadicly, laughing. ]

[Kross]: To hell with it all!

[Two explosions rock the town of St. Wadsworth. The guests stand together in the lobby, minus Brandon. ] 

[Omni]: If we don't stop them...

[2014 Kross stands in Fiend Mountain, grinning. ] 

[Kross]: Then we must draw them out. 

[It cuts to Vicki and Charles in the Cafe. ] 

[Vicki]: You're going to go to war?

[Charles]: That son of a bitch brought the war to us.

[It cuts to Brandon in the room, grinning.]

[Brandon Faust]: You know you can't win this. It's suicide.


[Rob]: You both know, this can only end one of two ways. Either I die tonight.... or one of you die.

[A small group of police officers are firing their semi-automatics at Wikia Agency of Investigation agents. One officer tries to hit Clark with a baseball bat as he jumps back. Clark grabs a nearby sword from a knight in armor standing by and stabs the officer in the stomach, making the officer drop to the ground in pain. ] 

[Clark, shouting]: Oh my god, I just stabbed an officer!

[Kross, shouting, in the distance]: The first time you stab someone is hard, but don't worry, it gets easier!

[Clark, shouting]: Not exactly reassuring!


[It cuts to Street and Kross in a room. ] 

[Street]: You're blackmailing me?

[Kross]: It's just business. 

[Street]: I will not be blackmailed by some ineffectual, privileged, effete, soft-penis debutante. 

[It cuts to the rings of The Map moving as Omni watches them. It then cuts to Eric Cureluy, doing a little dance. It then cuts to Brandon in the room where he is contained. ] 

[Brandon Faust]: The only person you have to fear in this hotel is..... well, me. (done by 2:01)




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