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Season 2, Episode 209
Evil Begins to Show It's True Colors
Air date 1/23/2016
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part Two
A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing - Part Two

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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voice overs.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Vicki]: Charles, you don't have to.  

[Charles]: Yes, I do. I'm going to do better. I'm going to be a better man. I'm going to risk it all, if it means keeping you safe. 

It cuts to a scene. 

[Sub lowers down, towards a file on the ground with a taped note on it. ] 

[Sub]: "If you want to know the truth, you need to look into the past of the Butler. Take the key from his ring, then unlock the files and learn the secret that created you".  

It cuts to a scene. 

[On a table is a cylinder container. Omni grabs it, pulling off the cap, and flipping it over. Out comes a rolled up paper. The light hits the paper, revealing it to be The Map. ] 

It cuts to a scene. 

[Omni]: I think I have an idea on who The Five are. (later on)  Brandon is the Founder. (later on) Omi is likely as The Betrayer. 

It cuts to a scene. 

[Brandon]: "Sub, your fate will be decided tomorrow. (later on) You and Jack Doogorn are connected. One shall live, the other shall not. 

It cuts to a scene. 

[Charles]: You will lose Kross.  

[Kross (voice)]: You don't have all the pieces of the puzzle. You haven't figured out who my partners are. You will find out soon though. I promise you.  

It cuts to a scene. 

[Yopo grabs Dr. Sines, who is now in handcuffs. ]

[Dr. Sines]: can't stop him.

It cuts to a scene. 

[Kross]: End of line, David. 

[Kross leaves the Mayor's Office, leaving a bleeding David King in despair, watching the fire move closer to the fireplace full of gas, as the entire City Hall bursts into flames. ]  

It cuts to a scene. 

[Kross]: If you want to know the truth Charles.... you need to ask your father.

It cuts to a scene. 

[Richard]: I met someone before your mother. But this person.... was very different. 

It cuts to a later part of the scene. 

[Charles shakes his head in disbelief, before facing his father one last time. ]  

[Charles]: I don't want to ever see you again. I'm done with you. I'm done with you in my life.  

It cuts to a scene. 

[Richard, furious, strikes Rob in the face, throwing the blankets and pillows into the air, as Rob falls to the ground. ]  

[Richard]: You did all of this. 

It cuts to a scene. 

[Kross (Voice)]: Oh I know everything Robert. I know who you are. 

[The Fiend grins, as he reaches for his face. He grabs onto the mask, pulling it off and throwing it into the bag. With the mask gone, all that remains is Robert Gullahorn dressed in The Fiend's clothes. ] 

[Kross (Voice)]: Soon the rest of the island will know it to.

[He forces Clara's mouth open, forcing the substance down her throat, before placing the bottle in her hands, making sure her fingerprints are on it. He then takes the glass out of her hand, lifts it up high, and waits for a few seconds. He looks over, and sees an awake baby Charles, looking at him. ]  

[Kross (Voice)]: You destroyed the only good thing in my life. 

[Kross, his hand shaking, tears forming in his eyes, faces up to the sky, and lets out one large blood-hurtling cry, grief assaulting him viciously as the tears hit the paper. ] 

[Kross (Voice)]: You will die Robert.  

Hall Manor - Wikia Island -  A few hours after the Federal Penitentiary 1970 scene in Aqua de la Muerte

[A car rolls up to the Manor. A few other vehicles are on the grounds. The first car stops, as two men step out. The closing doors, these two men walk towards the door. One of them knocks on the door. The door opens up, revealing a younger version of Richard's employer from A Natural Death. ]

[Employer]: Can I help you?

[Rob]: Yes, is Richard available? 

[Employer]: You're his friends. The ones that survived. 

[David King]: Indeed we are. 

[Employer]: He's in his room. I heard about the death of two of his friends in the terrorist attacks. I'm sorry for your loss. For his loss. 

[David]: Thank you. 

[Employer]: Rest assured, I'm giving him a leave of absence with full pay during these challenging times. Come in, I'll show you the way. 

[It cuts to David and Rob entering the bedroom of Richard Butler. Richard, shellshocked by the recent events at the bar where Eric Cureluy died, sits on his bed. ] 

[David]: Richard? How are you?

[Richard]: He died because of me. 

[David]: Perhaps. Whose to say? At least we three made it out. 

[Rob]: You said two friends died. 

[Richard]: I lost two friends that day. Eric died. The Kross I once knew died too. 

[Rob]: Look Richard, I've set up an appointment for you with Dr. Lucius Sines in 3 days time. You'll be expected to attend the appointment. 

[Richard nods. ] 

[David]: Come on, let's do this. 

[Richard reaches into his closet and grabs a large chest. This is the same chest found by Charles in Under The Sea. Richard places his fingers on the family crest, the one with the word BUTLER on it. ] 

[Richard]: My father owned his chest. We've had it for many years. It belonged to his father, and his father's father. 

[Rob]: Now, it will belong to us three. 

[Rob opens up the chest as the group begins placing items in there. David King places a couple of books on the history of the island, the myth of the Fiend, and some news articles about the attacks in the chest. Rob places a picture of the Old Spanish Church in the chest. ]

[David]: Are you putting the disk piece in the chest? Or the book we found in the caves?

[Richard]: The book I'll keep in my library. As for the disk piece, I have another idea. 

[Richard shows David and Rob his closet, showing a safe. ] 

[Richard]: I spent nearly a month's amount of money buying this safe. It has five keys to keep safe. 

[Richard reaches under his bed. Grabbing the golden disk piece, he places the triangle-shaped object into the safe, and shuts it. He locks the safe using the five keys, before taking four out, and giving two to each of his friends. ] 

[Richard, speaking to David]: One belongs to you, the other to your brother. 

[David]: I'll take the chest to John's place too. 

[Richard, speaking to Rob]: One belongs to you. The other belongs in Eric's coffin, which you'll place it in during the funeral. 

[Rob]: Okay. 

[Richard takes the last key and places it in his pocket. ] 

[Rob]: Remember, if anything happens, and Kross finds a way out, he can never know about this safe, about this chest, or about the keys. If that Fiend does, game over. 

[David]: Agreed. 

[Richard]: He wasn't the Fiend. 

[David]: How do you know?

[Richard]: I just ... know. I knew that Kross, the one that lived in 1964. That Kros was not The Fiend. 

[Rob looks at him, a small grin appearing on his face, due to knowing the one secret Richard does not. ] 

[David]: It doesn't matter. I'll take the chest to John's. 

[Rob]: I'll come with you. Richard, remember. Dr. Sines. 3 days from now. 

[Richard]: Of course. 

[Rob and David grab a side of the chest and carry it out, as Richard walks over and closes his closet. ] 

John King's House - Wikia Island -  Two Hours Later - 1970

[David King knocks on the door. A younger man opens up, looking in surprise. ] 

[John King]: David? 

[David]: I'm sorry John to come so suddenly, but I need a favor from you. 

[John looks over to see Rob as well. ] 

[John]: Of course, anything for my brother. Come in. 

[Rob and David come in with the chest. A woman walks into the room. ] 

[John]: Oh Rob, David. This is the woman I'm courting right now. 

[Woman]: Hello. I'm Joan. 

[David shakes her hand. ] 

[David]: I'm David, his brother. 

[Rob shakes her hand. ] 

[Rob]: Robert Gullahorn. 

[Joan]: Nice to meet you all. 

[John]: Joan, could you make some tea for my friends? We'll be in the living room in a few. 

[Joan leaves as David looks at his brother. ] 

[John]: Yes, we live together. I just recently proposed to her, of course I wasn't planning on making it public given the climate of these times. But I think she's the one.

[Rob]: That's nice, John.

[John]: Anyway, what do you need?

[David]: Can you show us where you found that secret room in your house?

[John]: Yes, yes I can. 

[It cuts to John taking Rob and David into the study. John takes a fire iron and reaches into the fireplace in the room. He presses on a triangle symbol, an Alchemy Symbol for fire, as the the fireplace makes a loud clicking sound. The left side begins moving forward as the right side remains in place. After moving 20 inches, it stops. John walks in first, followed by Rob and David with the chest. They reach the room, finding only a small table. ] 

[John]: When I bought this house, I was surprised to it. But considering the circumstances you're all in based on what you told me on the way up, it's a good thing I found it. 

[David hands John a key. ] 

[David]: This key is essential to hiding away something very important. I'm trusting you with it. 

[John]: I can't carry this key with me. Here, I'll put it in your chest. 

[John opens the chest, and places his key in it. He then shuts the chest, takes it off of Rob's hands, and places it on the ground in the secret room. ] 

[David]: It's crucial that Kross never finds out about this place. 

[John]: I won't say a word. Now come on, Joan has tea for us downstairs. 

[Rob]: Wait, I lost my keys to my apartment. Let me check the chest, I might have accidentally thrown them in there. 

[David]: Okay, just be fast. 

[David and John leave him alone, as Rob waits. He hear the door shut in the study, as Rob reaches into his pocket and takes out his apartment keys, jiggling them. ] 

[Rob]: Fools. 

[Rob goes to the chest and opens it up. ] 

[Rob]: David wants to bury the past, to hide it away. But the past makes us who we are.

[Rob begins pulling out books and ripping pages. One book focuses on the myth of Altantis, another deals with the history of the search for eternal life. Rob throws the books back in, setting the chest up as it will appear to Charles and his friends in 1989. ]

[Rob]: One day, this chest will be just another piece of a grander puzzle. One day.... I'll come back for this. 

[Rob places his pages in his coat pocket, closing the chest and exiting the room. He kicks the fireplace door, motioning it to return to normal, as it cuts to him walking down the stairs. He shows his apartment keys to Joan, David, and John, who are all drinking tea. ] 

[Rob]: Found them. 

[John]: Excellent. 

[Joan]: David told me about the loss of your friend. I'm sorry. 

[Rob]: You know what they say. Sometimes we're so focused on our enemies, we forget to watch our friends. [Rob smiles to show false sincerity, as The Fiend of Wikia Island continues to play the long game. ] 

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One.png

Unknown Time - Unknown Location - Between 1989 and 2014

[Inside a red office, a man is writing in what appears to be a notebook. A desk plate with the words "Stewart 'Street' Masters" lays on the desk as well. A knock on the door is heard. ] 

[Street]: Come in. 

[The door opens up to reveal a second man, carrying a paper in his hands. ] 

[Street]: What is it, Andre?

[Andre]: Mr. Masters, our investments in the market have brought great profit over the last month. We now have enough funds for our continued search for the Fiend Disk. 

[Street]: Excellent. 

[Andre]: Sir, there's another thing. It's about the boy. 

[It cuts to a ware-house looking room. A teenage boy, about 15 years old, is taking deep breaths, trying to sit up. The boy looks up, before his face is smacked with a crowbar. He begins coughing in pain. ] 

[Kross (voice)]: Wow. That actually looked like it hurt this time. But you know what teachers say. You have to repeat the experiment to get the same results. 

[Kross' grin fills the camera, as the sounds of brutal torture are heard. Slam. Smack. Crunch. The boy lands on the ground, a few tears in his eyes. ] 

[Kross (voice)]: Oh see, that looked like it hurt even more. I'm gonna have to get a 2nd opinion on this. What do you think, sport? Does this hurt more? 

[Kross strikes the boy in the ribcage, the boy screams in pain. ] 

[Kross]: Or does this one hurt more? 

[Kross beats the teenager again in the groin, a second scream of pain emerging. ] 

[Kross]: Is this more painful?

[Kross strikes the boy in the right side of the face again, blood spitting out of his mouth. ] 

[Kross]: Or is this more painful?

[Kross hits the side of the boy, blood dripping onto the floor. Kross' maniacal laugh echoes across the room, as the sounds of more beating follow. ] 

11:30 PM - Fiend Mountain - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[The Betrayer, Kross, and The Fiend are all sitting around a table. ] 

[Kross]: With only a few hours before the new day, I want to know your plans. These next few hours are cruical. 

[The Fiend]: As I promised, the Key will be found very soon. After tomorrow's death, I will leave the hotel and search the remaining possible locations for the Key. I should have it by the end of the night, if all goes according to plan. 

[Kross]: Excellent. And you? 

[The Betrayer]: I intend to get closer to the remaining guests and observe. Of course, I have a few ideas in mind on how to make the crime scene more dramatic. 

[Kross]: Everything is happening as it should. I shall personally enjoy the fall-out of the next few hours. 

The Church of the Fiend Compound - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 10 AM

[The camera cuts to a zoom over a forest, moving a mile away from the compound. As the camera reaches the edge of a dirt road, military trucks and vehicles are lined up, as police officers and WAI Agents line up, facing an unknown agent giving orders. ] 

[Unknown Agent]: This is a one-time chance. Alpha Squad will take the front, Beta and Delta will take the sides and back. I've spoken to Agent Rider, and he was very clear that we have orders to shoot to kill.

[The agent takes out a photo of Kross, held in his prison cell, and shows it to the agents.]

[Unknown Agent]: You see him, shoot him. You see a man with a gun who is not part of the law, you shoot him. You understand?

[The agents cock their guns in response, and begin loading onto the trucks, mobilizing for the assault. A large group of agents and officers walk towards the edge of the forest, as the Unknown Agent holds his arm up. Looking at the truck driver, who nods, he looks back at the group towards the forest, and throws his arm down. Beta and Delta Squads begin running into the forest, as two trucks of soldiers and officers zoom onto the road leading to the compound. It cuts to the Compound. Kross is looking outside a window, holding the locket in his hand. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots something moving, quickly moving away from the windows as he exits the room, walking over to another member of the Church. ]

[Kross]: Do we have any agents walking around the compound?

[Unknown Member of Church]: No sir.

[Kross]: Then we're under assault from the Agency. Get everyone out as soon as possible. Prepare a defense team. We're about to enter a confrontation. 

[The Unknown Member hurries down, as members of the Church start getting together. Two men open a closet and pull out guns for fellow assassins. Agents of the Agency of Investigation run throughout the forest, reaching both sides of the house and the back, as they crotch down, waiting for a signal. Suddenly, the trucks arrive, as the soldiers begin running to the house's edges. As the trucks stop, out comes a group of assassins as gunfire erupts. The soldiers at Beta Squad sneak to the side, firing from behind the assassins, killing two. Delta Squad sneaks over to the back, kicking down the backdoor and taking down two men with automatic pistols. ] 

[Delta Squad Agent]: Get on your knees now!

[A few more assassins jump towards the agents, one grabbing his pistol and shooting the agent in the face, before being shot himself. Meanwhile on the front side, as the assassins are getting shot down, Kross comes out of a room on the second floor, carrying a large brown, stained bag, which he drops to the floor. Shots shatter the window facing the agents, as he opens the bag up to reveal a bazooka launcher. Loading one into the launcher, he fires it at one of the trucks, flipping it over and crashing onto another truck, flames shooting out in a large explosion, knocking agents and officers over. ] 

[Officer]: Was that a bazooka?

[Agent]: Storm the Compound, now!

[The surviving agents and officers run towards the house, as Kross walks back into a room, shutting the door and locking it. It cuts to Delta Squad meeting Beta and Alpha in the house, before hurrying upstairs, shooting anyone in their path. They reach a room, agents going to both sides of the door, as one counts from 5 to 1. Upon reaching zero, he kicks the door open, rushing in while shouting. ] 

[Officer]: Freeze!

[Agent]: Hands in the hair!

[Officer 2]: Don't move!

[The officers stop running inward, looking in disgust, as they lower their weapons. ] 

[Agent]: What the hell...

[Instead of Kross, a young 20-something year old male is laying across a bed, shirtless and covered in blood. The dead young adult has a large stitched up cut in his stomach area, and blood is coming out of his nose. ]

[Agent]: We've searched this entire compound.... how the hell did Kross get out?

[It cuts to a large section of the island covered in tents, as the camera flies above, reaching the Old Spanish Church. The tents near the Church continue to grow in number, as it moves towards a piece of paper glued onto a tree: The temporary tent city of "New St. Wadsworth"] 

New St. Wadsworth & Old Spanish Church - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 10 AM

[Yopo and Mig are standing outside of the Old Spanish Church. ] 

[Yopo]: When I said this town's officials had failed them, I didn't mean to become the acting mayor. I really hate politics. 

[Mig]: Yes, I'm aware of that. Sir, why did you call me here again?

[Yopo]: Oh. Right. Because I am restricted to my duties as acting mayor, I'm placing you in charge of the Kross investigation. Find the son of a bitch for me. 

[Mig]: Thank you sir. I will. 

[Yopo]: Come inside, we need to discuss a graver issue. 

[Yopo and Mig step inside the Old Church, where they sit at a table placed in the middle, where other soldiers are. Robert Gullahorn steps out of the shadows, walking towards the table as well. ] 

[Yopo]: So, what is our plan for the people of this island?

[Agent]: There are two possible options. Option A: Mass Exodus off the island. Or Option B: Force Sheltering into other homes across the island. We can not allow a tent city to live this long. 

[Yopo]: The population was unsure about leaving the town. I'm not sure if they would want to leave the island. 

[Mig]: Personally, if we had an exodus off the island, it would give Kross perfect opportunity to escape. He's not getting off this island right now. Our ships are monitoring the borders. 

[Yopo]: Good. Gullahorn, Agent Rivers will be in charge of the Kross Investigation from now on. You'll be working together on this case. 

[Rob]: Very well. I'm heading to the police station to deal with Sines. 

[Mig]: Alright. 

[Rob walks out of the Old Spanish Church, passing by a couple with two tired children. Rob walks into the tent city, passing by citizens who are cooking their own food, and by volunteers from the WAI, passing out rations of food and water. Two men start brawling outside a tent, making Rob run up to them, taking out his pistol at them. ] 

[Rob]: Hey, enough! What's going on?

[Man 1]: He stole one of our water bottles. 

[Man 2]: I have 5 children, and the ration station only gave us 3 water bottles. 

[Rob]: Listen, I know times are tough, but we can't fight each other. (looks at Man 1) How many do you have in your tent? 

[Man 1]: Just me and my wife. 

[Rob]: Then let him have the extra waterbottle. Got it?

[Man 1 and 2 nod, as Rob puts away his pistol. Glancing over, Rob notices an object in the distance. Walking over, he looks in surprise. ] 

[Rob]: Richard?

[Richard, putting the final nail on the tent, glances at Rob. ] 

[Richard]: Rob. 

[Rob]: Wha- what are you doing here? Why aren't you at Hall Manor?

[Richard]: Charles and I had an argument. My son hates me now. He doesn't even want to live in the same place as me, so he's been staying with his girlfriend at her house. 

[Rob]: The Demple Residence? Huh. 

[Richard]: With Charles and I not on the best of terms, and Kross having broken in, I'm not safe at the Manor anymore. So, I'm living with the rest of St. Wadsworth here, until you and the Wikia Agency of Investigation find an alternative. 

[Rob]: Richard, look. I... I just want to apologize for my behavior a few days ago, and for everything in the past. Every word I've said to you, every action I've taken.... I did because I care about you Richard. You're my best friend. If the agency knew that you and Kross were in a relationship, they would immediately arrest you just because of something you did as a young man. I... I didn't mean to call you a freak. You're not, and I'm sorry. I don't want to argue about it, I just want to fix our friendship. 

[Richard]: Thank you Rob... and I'm sorry for calling you a puppeteer. I'm sorry for calling you out on not having a wife or child. I was just.... angry. Thank you though Robert. 

[Rob]: Listen, I'm going to the Police Station to interrogate Dr. Lucius Sines. Apparently he was a member of Kross' friends. Do you want to come?

[Richard]: Of course. 

[Richard gets up and starts following Rob as they reach the edge of the tent city and towards a collection of cars, Rob opening the door to his police cruiser. ] 

10 AM - Library - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2014

[Omni is shown in the library. Books opened and spread across the floor and table, the officer looking at The Map. Turning the various rings, his eyes moving across the paper, as he brings together two rings. ] 

[Omni]: "Detras Del Mapa". 

[Omni glances over at a Spanish to English dictionary, flipping the pages to D. ] 

[Omni]: Detras... according to Merriam-Webster, it means... behind. Behind the Map.... 

[Omni turns the Map around, but sees nothing.  ]

[Omni]: I could really use a coffee right now. 

[Omni gets up, walking over to the door. As he grabs the handle, he finds it not budging. ] 

[Omni]: The hell... it's locked. 

[The officer begins hitting the door, knocking to force it to open, as it cuts to Omi in the Laundry room. Omi turns on the dryer, and goes towards the door, coming across the same problem as Omni. It cuts to Brandon inside a bathroom, banging on the door. ] 

[Brandon]: Can anyone hear me? Hello?! HELLO?!

[The camera cuts to the ocean, as the camera zooms across the ocean towards the hotel. Suddenly, a quick flash of light flickers from the windows, rock and flames bursting outward, and part of the hotel drops into the ocean below, the explosion rocking the island. It cuts to Charles, in his room, looking across his room as items shake. Vicki, in the Lobby, sees the Chandelier shake as well, dropping her duster. Charles bursts into the Lobby, looking at Vicki. ] 

[Charles]: What was that?

[Vicki]: An explosion, from upstairs by the sounds of it. 

[Charles]: Oh my god. Sub. Jack. 

[Charles and Vicki run towards the staircase, Vicki breaking one of her heels on her shoes as she climbs up. Charles grabs her, pulling her upward as she takes off both heel shoes and throws them down. The two crawl upwards, adrenline flooding their bones as they reach the 2nd floor, down into the hallway of the guests. ]

[Charles]: I'll check Jack, you go to Sub!

[Vicki runs to Room 201, opening the door and bursting into Sub's bedroom. The grey and white palette filling each wall, each furniture piece, Vicki shuts the door, observing the room as she notices a lack of fire or burning corpses. She begins throwing different parts of the room away, looking for any sign of Sub. ] 

[Vicki]: He's not here. Jack. The Fiend went after Jack!

[She whips her hair, the maid reaching for the door, as a spark of electricity shocks her, sending her back. ] 

[Vicki]: Damn!

[She begins to reach over, slowly touching it, before another shock forces her back to the ground. ] 

[Vicki]: I ca... I can't leave. 

[It cuts to Charles running to the door of Room 205, as he reaches to open the door. Shaking the knob and unable to force it to open, he kicks the wooden door, pieces of new wood breaking off as smoke floods the hallway. Charles covers his nose with a hankerchief, as he bursts in. As the smoke begins to clear, Charles squints his eyes, noticing the ocean in his view. The entire wall facing the ocean, on the dangerous cliffsides has been blown away, and the rest of the room is other on fire or is covered in smoke. Looking down, Charles notices a hand holding onto the damaged floor. ] 

[Charles]: Jack!

[Charles drops to his knees, looking down to see the old retired judge, barely hanging on, the floor beginning to fall into the ocean below. ] 

[Jack]: There...... there was a bomb.... I started to hear.... under my.... bed....other... arm.... broken...

[Charles]: I'm going to help you Jack, don't worry. VICKI! 

[Vicki is trying to kick down the door, but the door is barely budging. It cuts back to Charles, reaching for Jack's arm, trying to pull the old man upwards. ] 

[Jack]: Don't.... Charles... I'm not going to survive this. My strength is ... failing me. You... can't help me.... but I can help you.... one last time. 

[Charles]: Don't say that, I can pull you up. 

[Jack]: Charles.... I know this fiend has tormented you... for longer then I can imagine... which is why.... I know who it is. I know who the Fiend is. 

[Charles]: Jack... we can talk about this later.... 

[Jack]: It was the first..... he who came to the island first.... who came to the hotel before I did.... who knew the law better then most.... Omi. He killed them all.... he wears a mask that hides the true.... nature... he did this to me. 

[Charles]: Are you sure?

[Jack]: Go.... Go to the Mountain. Confront the Fiend. It is the only way... 

[Jack begins to slide from Charles' grip, as Jack's one useful hand grabs onto Charles' hands. ] 

[Jack]: Listen to me.... please. 

[Charles]: Okay, okay. 

[Jack]: In my time that I've known you, I have grown to know you as more than just an ordinary man. I've realized that Charles... you're special.

[With those two words, Charles' expression completely changes. It freezes. Confusion.... into memory.... into confusion..... Charles looks at the judge in a way he's never looked. ] 

[Charles]: What.... what did you say?

[Bang. Blood. Eyes. Death. Charles looks at Jack, blood spilling onto his clothes, a direct shot to the heart, as Jack looks at Charles Butler one last time. The grip gives away, as the oldest guest falls towards the ocean. ] 

[Charles]: Noo!

[Charles looks upward, a shadow of a man, in complete black with a dark mask and a short gun peering from the ruins of the hotel room above Jack's in the abandoned third floor. The mysterious assassin shoots at Charles, who rolls away towards the rest of the hotel, the gunshots hitting the ground as more of the floor falls back into the ocean. The crash of waves is heard, as the sound of a massive object hits the ocean. Vicki bursts into the room, having gotten out of Sub's room, looking at Charles. Charles takes deep breaths, tears in his eyes, as he turns back and crawls towards the edge. He looks down below, waves crashing on the cliff side, no sign of a body. Charles Butler looks at Vicki, and nods, the Maid sighing at the acknowledgement of Jack's death. ] 

St. Wadsworth Police Station - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; Noon

[The door opens up, Richard entering the interrogation room, as Dr. Lucius Sines, formerly known as Daral Scidran, sits at the table. ] 

[Sines]: Richard Butler. Back to me at last, I see. 

[Richard]: You betrayed me. 

[Sines]: Hmm, yes. I suppose I did. 

[Richard]: You told him everything. All that I said. All we had done. 

[Sines]: I had no reason to suspect Kross would ever escape, until your son got involved. 

[Richard]: You had no right!

[Sines]: I have every right. You're a coward, Richard, whether you want to believe it or not. All you have done for the last twenty years is run away. Rob did you a favor by introducing you to Clara. It was rather unfortunate that your filthy desire for men drove her to suicide...

[Richard]: That was not why she killed herself. She never knew. 

[Sines]: How do you know? Hmm? Does the boy know? ... you have told him. How did he react to "good old father being a sodomite?"

[Richard]: You better watch what you're about to say next. 

[Sines]: Tell me how he reacted.

[Richard]: What do you think? He hates me.

[Sines]: As I predicted. Rob was right, you shouldn't have told anyone. Only the three of us, Rob, you, and I were meant to know. You're in trouble Butler. Kross wants you badly. The sexual tension he possesses is.... almost intoxicating. He's angry with you, but he has always desired you. You will face him soon, unless you abandon your son and leave the island.

[Richard looks at Sines, looking at the down, as if ashamed.]

[Sines]: You've been running for years, and even now you run. What will you do about Charles? About Kross? Most importantly, have you considered that Kross and Charles might not even be the worst situations? That there might be something worse that you aren't aware of? Hmm?

[Richard storms out of the room, frustrated. ] 

[Richard]: He's doing it because of me. Everything is because of me Robert. 

[Rob]: We're going to stop him Richard. 

[Richard fails at a smile, when he glances over Rob's shoulder. ] 

[Richard]: Charles?

[Charles Butler, along with his friends, stand at the entrance of the Police Station, a horrified expression on Charles' face. A second after seeing his father, Charles turns away, and begins leaving the building. Running forwards, Richard pushes through Charles' group of the friends, as it cuts to outside. Charles is walking away from the building, as Richard exits, his arm extended outwards. ] 

[Richard]: Charles, wait! Please!

[Charles stops. ] 

[Richard]: Please... 

[Charles, shouting from a distance]: I have nothing left to say to you. 

[Richard]: I've given you some time to take it in.... I've given you space. But Charles.... we can't go on like this. 

[Charles whips his body around. ] 

[Charles]: You're a coward, and all you've ever done is lie to me. Why should I listen to you? 

[Richard]: Yes, I am those things, but I am a good man. I've tried to be a good father. 

[Charles]: A good father would have told his son the truth! A good father would have been there for his son, not abandon him! 

[Richard]: I didn't abandon yo-

[Charles]: I needed you back in January, before the Night of the Dead, and it was only when I almost died that you got involved. 

[Richard]: Son, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, do you understand? You wanted the truth, and I told you it. But now you're mad at me for telling you the truth? 

[Charles]: I don't have to explain myself to you. Not after what you've hid from me. 

[Richard]: Fine. I know why you're here, so I'll leave. If you... if you find it in your heart to forgive me, or if you want to talk... I'll be in New St. Wadsworth. You know where that is, right?

[Charles]: Yes. 

[Richard]: Good. You can have the Manor, I'm not staying there anymore. It's your place now. 

[Richard begins walking to the left, back towards New St. Wadsworth, as Charles' grim expression turns to one of disappointment. A single sigh escapes from him, as he walks towards the station. It cuts to Charles walking up to Rob. ]

[Rob]: You can't see him. 

[Charles]: I'm going to talk to Sines. Whether it's legal or not. 

[Rob looks at Charles, taking two steps closer. ] 

[Rob]: The answer is no. Don't make me arrest you. 

[Charles]: Like I said, I'm talking to Sines. No matter what you say. 

[Rob and Charles stare down at each other, neither backing down. Rob smiles after a moment. ] 

[Rob]: Well played. Five minutes. 

[It cuts to Charles entering the interrogation room, much to Sines' surprise. ] 

[Sines]: Charles Butler, as I live and breath. 

[Charles]: Dr. Lucius Sines. You were my father's psychiatrist. 

[Sines]: Yes.... and who are these people? 

[Arthur, Diana, and Vicki enter the room with Charles. ] 

[Charles]: My friends. Arthur, Diana, and my girlfriend Vicki. 

[Clark enters the room behind the rest of the group, Sines' eyes watching him. ] 

[Sines]: Clark Johnson. How are you?

[Diana]: You two know each other?

[Sines]: Yes, Clark is actually a patient of mine. 

[Clark]: Doctor. 

[Charles]: Hey, I'm the one talking to you.

[Sines]: You have my attention. 

[Charles]: You've been working with Kross. 

[Sines]: Yes. I believe most of the island has figured that out by now. 

[Charles]: What the Island hasn't figured out is that your name isn't Lucius Sines. 

[Sines]: Come again?

[Charles]: According to public records stored at the town's library, there is no Sines family on Wikia Island, and there haven't been any recorded arrivals to the island since the late 60's. Yet you were born on the island. The only way that's possible is that Lucius Sines is a false alias. 

[Sines]: You're quite the detective, Charles Butler. Indeed you're correct, I was not born Lucius Sines. I was once a writer... named Daral Scidran. 

[Charles]: Daral Scidran. The man who wrote A History of Wikia Island

[Sines/Scidran]: You read my work. 

[Charles]: You know the most about this island. About The Fiend. 

[Sines/Scidran]: In my many years, I have seen things with my own two eyes I regret at times. I have learned things. If you ask nicely, I might be persuaded to answer your questions. 

[Charles]: Okay. There was an organization that helped Kross attack City Hall and kill David King.  This organization... do you know what it's called?

[Sines/Scidran]: The organization is known as the Church of the Fiend, and you are no longer safe on this island.

[It cuts to Rob, waiting outside the interrogation room, as a member of the WAI walks up to him. ] 

[WAI Member]: Sir, we've returned from the compound. We killed several men, but Kross was neither captured nor killed. 

[Rob]: Damn. 

[WAI Member]: We did however uncover something of interest... 

[Rob looks at the room door, sighs, and follows the WAI agent outside. A truck is waiting outside as two people drag a body from the truck onto a table placed outside. Rob exits the building with the WAI Agent, as they look at the body. ] 

[WAI Member]: We found this young man in the bedroom, wearing only what he has on currently. We aren't sure where he's from, who he is, or anything else. 

[Rob]: His name is Grant. He's from Los Angeles. American. He doesn't live on the island, I don't even know how he came here. 

[WAI Member]: That's very specific.... how do you know this?

[Rob]: He's my cousin. 

[WAI Member]: I'm sorry, sir. We believe he was a member of the Church of the Fiend, and um.... during an on-field autopsy, we found this inside of him. 

[The WAI Member pulls out a VHS Tape with the label "For Rob". It cuts to Rob walking back inside. Rob walks up to a television box, turning it on and placing the VHS tape inside it. Sitting down in a chair, he grabs a pencil and begins messing around it with his hand, as the images come together, and the recording begins. ] 

[Kross, on video]: Hello Robert. I'm sure you're looking for me, perhaps you've even found me on an occasion or two. It doesn't matter really. Now, this recording is to show you that I am everywhere and can do everything I want. As you know, I was locked up in a glass box for twenty years. Twenty years of no control, unable to fulfill my wants, and more importantly, my needs. Do you realize how difficult it was for my libido?

[Rob looks away in annoyance. Kross looks away from the camera, and tells someone to come towards him. The young man before walks towards him, with a shirt on, as well as pants. The shirt is a buttoned-up shirt. Kross holds onto him, smiling as he looks back at the camera. Rob's attention is back on the television. ] 

[Kross]: Now this is your... cousin I believe? I honestly don't care. Now, Grant right here, happens to share something in common with me. Tell me Grant, do you find men sexually attractive?

[Grant]: Yes. 

[Kross]: Am I attractive?

[Grant]: Yes. 

[Kross, grinning at this, begins unbuttoning the shirt on Grant, revealing his chest. Kross places his hand on him, the touch of flesh making Kross' face glow, stroking each muscle, each part of the sick pack, before taking Grant's shirt off completely. Grant smiles as Kross does this. ] 

[Kross]: I know you find the idea of two men in bed repulsing, but you should really give it a try. It really.... loosens you up, you know? The best part is, Grant is actually a virgin. Not a single woman, not a single man. I'm going to be his first. 

[Rob squeezes the pencil in his hand, snapping it into two pieces. ] 

[Kross]: Strip off your clothes and lay on the bed. I'll be there in a moment. 

[Grant walks away to do as Kross asked, and Kross looks at the camera, walking towards it to show only his face. ] 

[Kross]: You did something wrong. You wronged me. I had nothing to you, and you wronged me. You created the monster that the Agency of Investigation hunts for. But we know that you're the monster, Robert. That's why I'm going to make love to Grant. To show that I can do anything I want to you or your family. I will use Grant to live out every sexual fantasy that I have ever wanted to live in the last twenty years with Richard.

[Rob's face begins squeezing together, the anger boiling in his eyes, the two pencil pieces now beginning to snap once again. ]

[Kross, on video]: Once I'm done with Grant, I'll find another family member. Another cousin, an uncle, maybe even your father. I will hurt everyone you ever once cared about. Then, one day I will grab you by the throat and I will take you. I will break you by forcing you to do the one thing you think is the most revolting action a man could make. I'm coming Robert. I will take you by force, and only after that, after I made you my plaything.... will I finally break your neck. I'll see you soon, but for now, enjoy the sounds of a long-awaited love session. 

[Kross walks off camera as Rob, in his anger, punches the television screen, causing his knuckles to bleed. Rob screams out for a moment, as he removes his hand from the television. He starts pulling out small shards of glass, as the skin on his hand begins turning blue and black at some parts. Rob looks around at the faces watching him, as he grabs a nearby window shade, ripping it off, and using it to cover the wounded hand. It cuts to Rob walking into the evidence room. He walks towards a shelf, pulling out the old Butler Chest, having been collected by the Police as evidence following Joan King's murder of John King a few months earlier. Opening it up, he sees the key left behind by John King. ] 

[Rob]: I knew I'd come back for this one day. 

[Rob grabs the key and shuts the chest, before walking away. It cuts back to the Interrogation room. ] 

[Sines/Scidran]: Do you the story of Richard and Kross? 

[Charles]: Yes. They were.... together. 

[Sines/Scidran]: What do you know... Richard actually being honest. Well, Richard and Kross were together for five years before Robert got involved. 

[Arthur]: Officer Rob?

[Sines/Scidran]: Yes. You see... while I myself find the concept of a man being in a relationship with another man... unpleasant, Robert is disgusted by that thought. He cringes at the very word "homosexual". Robert Gullahorn is a man obsessed with controlling everything. Lives. Relationships. Death itself. He's lied, he's cheated, and worse yet.... he's murdered. 

[Diana]: Murdered? 

[Sines/Scidran]: Many years ago, Robert Gullahorn told Richard, your father Charles, that Clara Butler, your mother, died of suicide. In reality, she was killed my Robert using snake venom from a rare poisonous snake on the island. I did a private autopsy of the body myself without Gullahorn's knowledge. 

[Clark]: Can you prove it?

[Sines/Scidran]: I had some files of it in my office, but I haven't been able to access it in days. 

[Charles]: I trusted him.... and now I find that he might be my mother's killer. 

[Vicki]: I can't believe he would do something like this. He must really hate Kross. 

[Sines/Scidran]: He does. Rob considers Richard and Kross freaks due to their desire for men. Abominations. While Rob hides his true nature behind that perfect smile, he is in fact full of hatred and darkness. You haven't seen his true side, however that's only because he isn't aware of the fact that Richard and Kross aren't the only freaks on this island. 

[Charles]: What are you talking about?

[Sines/Scidran]: You never told him Clark?

[Arthur and Diana look over at Clark, unease as the attention focuses on him. ] 

[Clark]: I don't know what you're talking about Sines. 

[Sines/Scidran]: But you do, my boy. You do know what I'm talking about. You really haven't said anything to any of your friends, not even the ones you've known long before Charles? Are people that terrified of the truth? 

[Charles]: What is he talking about Clark?

[Clark]: He's lying Charles. Don't listen to a word he says. 

[Sines/Scidran]: Clark is a Friend of Dorothy. He's bent. 

[Charles]: What does that mean.... Clark? 

[Clark]: Please Sines.... don't. 

[Sines/Scidran]: Clark Johnston shares something in common with Kross. You see, both have fallen hard for young attractive men in the Butler family tree. I guess saving your life does that to a person. Why don't you show them just how much you are attracted to Charles, eh Clark? 

[Charles, taken aback by this revelation, slowly turns to face Clark. Tears begin to come out of Clark's eyes, a horrified look on his face, as everyone focuses on him. ] 

[Clark]: I'm sorry. 

[Clark pushes through the group to the door, quickly exiting the room as Sines/Scidran laughs. ] 

[Sines/Scidran]: I do enjoy telling a secret that shouldn't be told. 


Graveyard - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 12:05 PM

[Members of the Church of the Fiend are digging in front of a tombstone. Kross is seen watching nearby, under a tree. ] 

[Church of the Fiend member]: Sir, if I may ask, why are we doing this?

[Kross]: Because I didn't just go to City Hall to blow it up. I needed information. 

[It cuts to a flashback, when Kross and David King where together in the Mayor's office inside City Hall. David is shown talking to Kross, his hand bleeding, before he gives Kross with his spare hand a key.] 

[Kross (voice)]: David told me that after I had been imprisoned, Richard Butler locked the piece of the Fiend Disk in a safe, and divided the five keys that locked it away. I took David's key.

[It cuts back to the Graveyard as the men keep digging. Kross begins walking towards the men digging at a grave. ] 

[Kross]: His brother's is in the Police Station, too risky to take now. Richard and Rob each have one, and the final key lies here. 

[The gravestone he stands in front of reads "Eric Cureluy". A man throws up from dirt, as what appears to be a wooden object is shown. ] 

[Church of the Fiend Member]: We found it. 

[Kross looks downwards as more dirt is thrown into the air. It cuts to the men pulling the coffin out of the ground, placing it in front of Kross. As they finish, Kross raises his hand to stop them. ] 

[Kross]: Prepare the car. I wish to be alone for a moment. 

[The Church of the Fiend members nod as they walk away. Kross walks up to the coffin and pulls up the lid, revealing the rotten corpse of Eric Cureluy. In Eric's hands lies a key, wrapped around the bones that once made up his fingers. ] 

[Kross]: Hello Eric. The years haven't been kind... have they? I remember when you and I used to go swimming. I was slow, but you taught me how to swim. Eventually, I was faster than you were. I was so proud of myself that day.  

[Eric's corpse doesn't respond. ] 

[Kross]: You know, I think that if you were alive, you would have been the most accepting in the group. You would have been okay with Richard and I. David and Robert never understood, but you.... you probably would have. I remember a story actually, about you. You see, after Richard's 18th birthday, Richard and I celebrated. We were both adults, and so happy to have that freedom. We decided we wanted to take things to the next level. While we were expressing our... mutual love for each other, you started to come to the room. You almost caught us in fragrante delicto.

[Kross reaches for his pocket and grabs out some pictures, looking at them. ]

[Kross]: I hid under the bed, as you came in. You realized that Richard had been in bed with someone, and asked if he needed to come back later. Richard said yes, and then you.... you said something Eric. Something I never forgot. You said, "Richard, whoever it is that you're sleeping with.... as long as they make you happy, I'm good. " Now, that seemed revolutionary to me, and that is why I believe you would have accepted Richard and I being together. 

[Kross reaches down, grabbing the key from the bones of his former friend. ] 

[Kross]: You were a good friend, and I'm sorry I killed you. But you got in my way. You got in the way of my happiness, when you knocked me away from the man I love. I'm sorry that I have to do this to you now, in death, but I need the key. Whether I like it or not, my life is one of torture. There are almost two sides of me. There is the side that wishes nothing more than to be with Richard for the rest of my life, to live on an island and watch the sunset. And then, there is the other half. The half that doesn't want to die. The half that is so afraid of death that he must do everything in his power to get into the mountain. I'm not ready yet, Eric. I'm sure you weren't either. I hope that whether you're with God or you're burning away for sins unknown, that you forgive me. For what I have done, and for what I am about to do. 

[Kross places the picture in Eric's hands, making sure they fit, before he closes the lid to Eric's coffin,  gets back up, and begins walking away. ] 

1 PM - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2014

[Vicki is walking down the hall, still removing dust from earlier in the day. She grabs a small key hanging on a small board and exits the hotel, entering the outside section by the pool. She walks over towards the shed, taking the small key and unlocking the shed. As she opens it up, she screams in horror. Lying inside, the wet corpse of Jack Doogorn. ] 

1:10 PM - Lobby Area - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2014

[Omni, Omi, Brandon, Charles, and Vicki are standing in the lobby. The Map is rolled up in Omni's hands. ]

[Omni]: Where did you put Jack's body again? 

[Vicki]: In the Morgue, of course. 

[Charles]: I saw him just merely three hours ago... now he's on a slab. Cold and dead. 

[Suddenly, a large banging noise is heard. Omni, Omi, Brandon, Charles, and Vicki look around in confusion, uncertain of where the noise is. Suddenly, a large section of part of the Lobby's wall opens up. ] 

[Omi]: The tunnel system.

[Out crawls Sub, hands tied up with rope, as he crawls out of the tunnel. A gag is in his mouth, as the group walks up to him. Charles grabs the gag and pulls it off Sub, an angry expression on the agent's face. ] 

[Sub]: Being drugged at 6 am in the morning and being left in a tunnel system to crawl, including down the stairs, is not fun at all. In fact, it's embarrassing, and I am starving. Please tell me you have lunch. 

[Vicki]: I'll make you a sandwich. 

[Sub]: Thank you Vicki. 

[Vicki walks away from the group as Charles helps untie the ropes. As he unties the ropes, he spots an envelope sealed with Wax sticking in the rope, which he pulls out. ] 

[Sub]: Where's Jack?

[Charles]: Dead. He... he was shot. Fell to his death. 

[Sub]: That's... unfortunate. 

[Brandon]: Wait. If Jack is dead, then that means there's only four guests. Four guests and 1 Butler.

[Sub]: The Five. I'm.... does that mean I'm in ... The Five?

[Brandon]: It would appear so.

[Omni]: That means I was wrong about Jack. I need to look at the Map.

[Omni unrolls The Map and begins looking at it. ]

[Omni, pointing to The Map]: I've been searching for any possible clues. I've found a few things, including this.

[Charles]: "Up is down". Well that’s just maddeningly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?

[Charles looks in his hands the envelope he acquired from Sub. Opening it up, he pulls out a paper. ]

[Charles]: "Dear guests, now that my Five have been assembled, the Game has changed. Seeing as you no longer will submit to my request of confessionals, I am allowing you to no longer make confessionals. With The Five assembled, you no longer need to go to the Crime Scene, Last Known Whereabouts, and Morgue Investigation. I will see you all soon. - The Fiend".

[Omi]: So what's our game plan?

[Omni]: I'll work on deciphering The Map. Omi, can you take a look at A History of Wikia Island? It's still in the library. 

[Omi]: Of course. Brandon?

[Brandon]: I need to through some of the rooms. Maybe Tyran has something we can use, or Ca- 

[Sub]: We get it. Go. 

[Brandon nods, running up the stairs from the Lobby to the second floor as Omi watches him. Omi begins to walk away from the Lobby towards the hallway that leads into the Library. As Charles watches Omi walk away, Sub looks at Charles with suspicion. Reaching into his back pocket, Sub pulls out a small picture of his mother, looking at it once more before looking back at Charles. Sub walks in the direction of Charles as Omni sits on the couch, looking at The Map with Vicki. ]

Graveyard - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 1:05 PM

[A police vehicle rolls up to the Graveyard. The car rolls up under a large tree before stopping. As the door opens up, two feet step out, Robert Gullahorn closing the door as he looks around. Robert Gullahorn grabs a shovel from the trunk of his car, and begins walking. He is shown walking towards the camera far away. It then cuts to a closer-up shot of him, carrying the shovel on his shoulder. It then cuts to a close-up of his face, determined as he walks past another tree to see a coffin on the ground. ]

[Robert]: Well shit. 

[Rob walks over to the coffin and opens it up, finding the dead corpse of Eric Cureluy, still laying there. He drops the shovel to the ground, paying note to the pictures in Eric's hands. Rob grabs the pictures, looking at them. A disgusted expression appears on his face, as an over-the-shoulder shot shows Kross and Grant Gullahorn, intimate expressions of lust filling the pictures, every position imaginable. Rob turns over the pictures, as he sees an ink written message: "SEE YOU SOON ROB". The photos are crunched together, Rob's fist squeezing them as his hand shakes in rage. Rob lets out an enraged scream, throwing the photos across the cemetery. Rob starts taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. ]

[Robert]: You want to play this game Kross.... then it's my turn to taunt you.

[Rob turns around, grabbing his shovel and walking back towards his car. ]

2 PM - Break Room - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2014

[The door quietly opens, as Sub slips into the room. Looking around, he sees a desk with the words "Head Butler" etched on it. Sub walks over towards it, looking through the drawers. He flips over papers, and begins looking around the wall. ] 

[Voice]: Looking for something?

[Sub turns around, surprised as Charles stands behind him, his arms crossed. ] 

[Sub]: Charles. 

[Charles]: Why are you snooping in my workstation, Sub? 

[Sub]: Look, I'm sorry. I have a good reason, trust me. 

[Charles]: I'm listening. 

[Sub]: Last night.... I got something. A file with a photo. 

[Sub reaches into his pockets, pulling out the photo of his mother. He shows it to Charles. ] 

[Sub]: This is my mother. He told me that I needed a key from your key ring to unlock the file cabinets and find out something. I don't know what. 

[Charles]: The Fiend wants you to know who you really are. He wants you to know which member of The Five you are?

[Sub]: I think so. He also said that if I wanted to know the truth, I had to look into your past. 

[Charles]: Well then let's find out what he's talking about. 

[Sub and Charles exit the break room, entering the hallway. On one side is the Staff rooms, and on the other side are the Laundry Room, the Fitness Room, and the Library. Charles and Sub reach the library as Omi exits the room.]

[Omi]: Oi! Sorry. I'm going to get lunch. Did you talk to me? 

[Sub]: Oh, no. 

[Omi]: Okay then. 

[Omi walks away, as Charles watches him walk away. ] 

~Flashback to a Few Hours Earlier~

[Jack]: It was the first..... he who came to the island first.... who came to the hotel before I did...... Omi. He killed them all.... he wears a mask that hides the true.... nature... he did this to me. 

~End of Flashback~

[Sub]: Charles?! 

[Charles]: Hmm yes?

[Sub]: I've said your name three times now. You okay? 

[Charles]: Yes, let's get on with it. 

[Entering the library, they reach the cabinets. Charles reaches to his belt, taking off the belt, and removing the key ring from it. Selecting a single key from he key ring, he unlocks one of the file cabinets, and steps away for Sub to look in. Sub begins searching through it, eventually coming across a file with the label "SUB". Picking it up, Sub opens it up and looks in confusion. ] 

[Sub]: It's a file.... from the Police Station that once existed on the island. 

[Charles]: Let me see. 

[Sub hands the file over to Charles, who also looks in surprise. ] 

[Charles]: It's a case. A case I worked on. 

[Sub]: You were a cop?

[Charles]: No. You see, after I met my friends, my father was framed for a crime he didn't commit. They helped me solve it, but because we went against the law, we were forced to do community service. This was the first case I did as part of that community service. 

[Sub]: Charles Butler... Teenage Detective. Huh. 

[Charles]: Hold on.  Let me see your mother again. 

[Sub hands Charles the picture of his mother, as Charles looks at it. ] 

[Charles]: Cecilia. Cecilia Bravtos. 

[Sub]: How do you know my mom's name?

[Charles]: It's in the file. I also... I've met her. In fact, I helped save her life from Joan King. 

[Charles looks at the paper underneath the Police Record Sheet. ] 

[Charles]: This one says that after that incident, she stayed on the island until September 1989, when.... 

[Charles looks at Sub, the two looking at each other. ] 

[Charles]: When all hell broke loose. 

[Charles looks back at the paper. ] 

[Charles]: It also says that she had a child a few weeks early of due date. When Kross was on the island, after the evacuation of St. Wadsworth, she fled the island with her child. 

[Sub]: I was born in late August 1989. I didn't know I was born on the island. 

[Charles' eyes change as he looks down at the file, in shock. ] 

[Charles]: Wait a second. Joan wanted to kill her because she was having an affair... oh my god. She told me she was pregnant when I met her but.... how did I not realize this earlier? 

[Sub]: What are you talking about?

[Charles]: Cecilia was the "Madame" that Joan King tried to kill. Your mother was having an affair with her husband... John King. Cecilia was with child... John's child. 

[Charles looks back up at Sub, still in shock. ] 

[Charles]: You aren't Samuel Unican Bravtos. You're Samuel Unican King. You are the final descendant of the King family tree. John King was your father. My father's friend was your uncle. That's.... that's incredible Sub. 

[Sub takes deep breaths, taking it all in. ] 

[Sub]: Wait, so that means my name is actually Suk? 

[Charles laughs, nodding his head no. ] 

[Charles]: I think you can stick with Sub. Sub King.... huh. 

St. Wadsworth Police Station - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 2 PM

[Sparks shoot out from wires as a police officer drops to the ground dead. Two feet walk past the dead officer, heading towards the interrogation room as more sparks shoot out. The camera rises upward to reveal a group of officers injured or dead. The man walking to the interrogation room has a Church of the Fiend cloak on. Blood dripping from the fingers of another dead corpse, the door opens up, as Sines looks upward to see the Church of the Fiend member. ] 

[Sines]: You came back for me. Kross actually had men come back from me. He even risked shooting up the entire police station for me. What a guy! Come on, don't just stand there. Get me out of these bonds!

[The Church of the Fiend member walks over, grabbing Sines and pulling him out of the room, cuffs till on the doctor. As Sines is being led out, they walk past a mutilated group of police officers, as well as two more men dressed in Church of the Fiend robes, both dead. Sines is led outside to a black car, which the Church of the Fiend member opens the backseat door for. Sines jumps in, as the Church of the Fiend member hurries to the front driver's seat, entering the car and driving away. It cuts to the car driving out of St. Wadsworth. ] 

[Sines]: To be entirely honest, I didn't think Kross was coming back for me after a day in the slammer. I know the Compound got raided, where is he hiding now?

[Church of the Fiend member]: I don't know. 

[Sines]: Don't know? Don't know?! How do you no-

[The Church of the Fiend member breaks hard, throwing Sines' face into the seat in front of him. ] 

[Sines]: What the hell are yo-

[The Church of the Fiend member turns his head, taking off the hood as a shocked expression appears on Sines' face. ] 

[Sines]: Gullahorn?

[Rob]: Sorry for the theatrics but I needed a way to get you out without drawing attention to myself. Of course, your little adventure in the City Hall a few days back left me just enough cloak and robes to stage a fake-break out. Kross and the Church will take the fall for their deaths, and no one will know my involvement. Those that are aware of my involvement are either loyal to me as their superior officer or already dead. Plus, bribes do work as extra incentives. 

[Sines]: Well done, Robert. So tell me, where are we heading? 

[Rob]: Oh, you'll find out soon enough. 

[Rob puts the car back on drive, as the car begins moving forward again. An overhead shot shows the car driving in the twists and turns of the Island, as the car reaches a cliff side. Rob stops the car, getting out and removing the Church of the Fiend outfit. Opening the door, Rob grabs Sines and pulls him out, forcing him to the ground, before yanking him upward, the hostage being pushed forward towards the front of the car. ] 

[Sines]: Robert... please. You don't have to do this. 

[Rob]: Pleading old man? No. I won't have any of that. 

[Rob takes a key from inside his pocket and unlocks the handcuffs, removing them from Sines. ] 

[Rob]: What did you tell them?

[Sines]: Who?

[Rob]: Charles Butler, the idiot girlfriend, and his stupid friends. 

[Sines]: Nothing, of course. 

[Robert Gullahorn smiles, before reaching behind him and pulling out a pistol, aiming it at Sines' head. ] 

[Rob]: Let's try that again. What did you tell them?

[Sines]: The truth. You lied about Clara. You manipulated Richard. You played the part of the best friend. 

[Rob]: So nothing else? He didn't ask you about anything else?

[Sines]: He did ask about the Church of the Fiend. 

[Rob]: What about The Fiend? 

[Sines]: Nothing to note. A simple reference but no conver- 

[Sines stops abruptly, looking at Rob, who is still holding a pistol at him. Sines grins, nodding his head in surprise. ] 

[Sines, laughing]: You ... you son of a bitch. You're the one who has been posing as the pretender. The Fiend. 

[Rob looks at Sines, not amused. ] 

[Rob]: Well, when you put it like that...

[Rob lowers his pistol, the trigger yanked as a bullet strikes Sines in the left foot. Sines screams in pain, the fiend-like shooter shoving Sines into the car front. Reaching into his coat jacket and pulling out two sharp hunter's knives, the cold weapons enter the flesh of Sines' left and right arms, breaking through the car exterior, and trapping the doctor onto the car itself. ] 


[Rob]: Ah shut up. 

[Rob walks away from Sines, still screaming, opening up the back trunk to grab a large brick. Carrying the brick over, he opens the driver's door, and places the brick on the seat. Entering the car, he turns on the car. Stepping out, he places his left hand on the break petal, and uses his other free hand to place the brick on the gas petal. ] 

[Sines]: Wha-What are you doing?

[Rob looks at Sines, who is looking at him through the wind shield. Rob looks back into the air, pulling forward the manual transmission (stick) forward to "DRIVE". The wheels of the car begin spinning but are held back by Rob holding his hand on the break. ] 


[Rob]: See you later..... Daral Scidran. 

[A look of horror on Sines/Scidran's face, Sines continues to scream as Rob lets go of the brake petal. He falls backwards as the car is thrown forward, driving forward on its own as Sines scream out in fear. The car is thrown over the cliff side, falling forward as Sines' lets out one last scream, the car striking into the ocean, another life taken, another life murdered. ] 

New St. Wadsworth - Wikia Island  - September 9th, 1989; 3 PM

[Richard is sitting inside his tent, personal belongings everywhere. In his hand is his locket with the song of two former lovers, friends, romantics. ] 

[Richard]: Why did things go so bad?

[Voice]: Sir?

[Richard looks to the entrance/exit of the tent, with Clark standing outside it, looking inward. ] 

[Richard]: Clark... Clark Johnston? What are you doing here?

[Clark]: I was ... wondering if  I could have a word with you, sir?

[Richard]: Sure, sure. Come in. Sorry for the mess though. 

[Clark nods, entering the tent and taking a seat on a small stool opposite of Richard, who is sitting on a mattress. ] 

[Richard]: What can I do for you?

[Clark]: Well... I'm afraid it's about earlier today. 

[Richard]: Charles said something bad about me, didn't he?

[Clark]: Not... recently, although last two days haven't been... anyway, our discussion with Lucius Sines ended in a most unfortunate way. You see.... Charles found out something I wish he hadn't. About me. 

[Richard]: I see. Listen, before you even go on... I've known how you've felt about my boy since the first time I saw you looking at him. Now, I'm not the best person to talk about this sort of thing. You obviously know my history with Kross, and if that's not proof enough then it probably is important to know that I'm not into just men or just woman. I loved Kross but I also loved Clara. Male and Female. I'm not heterosexual, nor homosexual. I'm... well I don't know what you'd call me. But let me ask you this: Do you really think you're going to get anything more than friendship from Charles? 

[Clark]: I know how he feels about Vicki. I see how much they like each other. But I mean, you like both sexes so... what if Charles does?

[Richard]: Perhaps he does, but even if that's the case, he's shown no indication that he feels that same way about you. As much as it is painful to admit, and as much as I know you can't control how you feel, there is very little chance that there will any future with my son. 

[Clark]: I understand that sir, but it's hard to stop liking someone even though they're already taken. It's hard to turn feelings off. To watch the person you have feelings for fall for another, to feel like the one thing you want is impossible, is torture.

[Richard]: I know, I know. That's how I felt once. I felt like the very idea that another boy could like me was impossible. I know the waiting is painful. But if you really care about Charles, you need to do everything you can to make sure your friendship with my son isn't ruined. Please... don't run away from your problems. Not like I have. Don't abandon him when he needs you. He needs his friends right now. If not me, at least you and the others. Promise me you'll do your best. 

[Clark]: I'll try sir. 

[Richard]: Alright. 

[Clark smiles, exiting the tent as Richard fakes a smile. He looks back at his locket, taking another glance at his precious object. R + K. Richard plus Kross. ]

Music-icon.png Soundtrack - Richard's Tale

[Richard looks away from the locket, as the camera zooms on his sad expression, into his right eye, entering the darkness. Shadows and smoke fill the empty void, before transitioning into memories of old..... into a flashback of Richard's past. ] (0:15) 

September 3rd, 1957. 

[A field of grass appears on a bright, sunny day. The wind is blowing on the grass, two butterflies dancing around each other in the air. A shiny, red ball appears, thrown into the air by a hard kick. As it crashes onto the ground, rolling down the hill, an 8-eight year old boy, blond hair is chasing after it. He runs down the hill, as the red ball lands in front of two feet, wearing worn-down shoes. Another boy, same age with brown hair, picks it up and looks at it. Another shot shows him to be under a tree. ] 

[First Boy]: Hey, that's my ball! 

[Second Boy]: Sorry, just picking it up. Here you go. 

[The second boy tosses it back to the first boy, who notices the 2nd boy looking at the ball. ] 

[First Boy]: Do you want to play with me?

[Second Boy]: Really? Yes. 

[First Boy]: Nice. I'm Kross. 

[Second Boy]: I'm Richard.

[The two boys smile at each other, quick flashes of the two kicking balls as another shot shows the hill they're playing on to be the hill shown in the opening of The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part Two. Another shot shows them lying down on the grass, looking at the clouds. ] (0:52)

[Richard, pointing upwards]: That's a battleship!

[Kross, pointing upward]: No, it's a comb. (looks over at Richard) Hey, you should come meet my friends. 

[Richard]: Really? I've never had a bunch of friends before. 

[Kross]: I know David and his older brother John, and I know Rob and Eric. They're great. 

[Richard]: I'd like that. Does this mean we're friends?

[Kross]: Best friends. (looks upward) Look, it's a horse riding a unicycle! (1:17)

[The two boys laugh at the idea of a horse riding a unicycle, as it cuts to a group of friends. ]

September 5th, 1957. 

[Kross is shown with Richard, standing together in front of three other boys inside the ice cream store.] 

[Kross]: Boys, this is my new best friend Richard. Say hi to Richard. 

[Eric]: Hi Richard. I'm Eric. 

[David]: I'm David. 

[The third boy looks at Kross, disappointed. ]

[Rob]: I'm Rob. 

[As Kross and Richard get ice cream, Rob takes off a small bracelet with the words "Best Friends", looks at Kross again, before silently walking to a trash bin and throwing the bracelet away. ] (1:45)

April 14th, 1964. 

[It cuts to Kross and Richard, at the age of 15. Kross continues talking about something as Richard just watches him, a spark in his eyes.  ] 

[Kross, noticing Richard]: What? 

[Richard]: Oh...nothing.  

June 17th, 1964. 

[It cuts to the two of them, looking at each other, with only a nearby streetlight, the two of them inching closer then ever before. Their breaths touching each other, before the first skin contact begins, and in a flash of desire, the two begin a battle of passion and tongue, kissing each other after months of desiring and waiting. ] 

May 22nd, 1969

[Kross and Richard, now twenty years old, are laying on a picnic blanket in the night, kissing each other passionately as the camera rises, showing a figure standing on the road above them. The camera turns from the back of the figure to the front, slowly revealing a horrified, disgusted, disturbed Robert Gullahorn, having accidentally discovered the truth about the two. ] (2:05)

[Rob (voiceover)]: Richard. 

[Richard (voiceover)]: Don't tell anyone, please!

May 23rd, 1969

[It transitions to a shot of Robert Gullahorn and Richard Butler on another hill, the sun setting. ] 

[Rob]: Surely you realize that what you have is wrong. You are disgracing the Butler family name.

[Richard]: You don't understand Rob. I love him! I'm going to the docks tonight to leave with him.

[Rob]: It's not love, it's lust. You're going down a dark path Richard, and if you continue this lifestyle... you will pay the ultimate price. 

[Richard]: He's a good man, my best friend, the love of my life. Please don't make me do this. 

[Rob]: He's not your best friend. I am. I have always been watching out for you. 

[Richard]: I ... I don't know what to do. 

[Rob]: Write him a letter. Leave it at your favorite spot. Tell him it's over.

[Richard looks at Rob, tears in his eyes, as it cuts to him writing the letter. ] 

[Rob (voiceover)]: Tell him that you never want to speak to him again. It is the only way to save your immortal soul. 

[It cuts to Kross running in the town, as Robert Gullahorn sees him, grinning. It then cuts to Kross finding the tree in the field with a white note on it. Grabbing the letter with his one free hand, Kross begins to read the letter. Kross, his hand shaking, tears forming in his eyes, faces up to the sky, and lets out one large blood-hurtling cry, grief assaulting him viciously as the tears hit the paper. ] (2:43)

July 15th, 1970 - One Day After Eric Cureluy's Death

[It cuts to Richard and Rob sitting in Richard's room in Hall Manor. ] 

[Richard]: He died.... He died because of me. 

[Rob]: Eric died trying to protect you from that devil. 

[Richard]: Maybe.... I should talk to him. 

[Rob]: No! Um, he's betrayed you. Listen to your old friend, won't you? Have I ever steered you wrong? Led you astray? No. But Kross.... he has. 

[Richard]: I.... did I make the right choice?

[Rob]: Yes Richard, you did. Now, it is time to move on, to find a woman to love. If you truly trust me.... 

[Richard]: I do.... you're my best friend. 

[Rob]:  Promise me you won't tell anyone else unless I tell you to. No one .... can know. (3:27)

[It begins transitioning to the Dr. Sines/Richard meeting as shown in Aqua De La Muerte. ] 

[Richard (voiceover)]: I shall never reveal this shameful secret in my life.

[Rob (voiceover)]: Your word, Richard!

October 15th, 1973

[It transitions again to a hospital room. Richard walks into a room, as a nurse walks up to him. ] 

[Nurse]: You can see her now. Congratulations on your child. 

[Richard]: Thank you. 

[Richard walks up towards a bed, Clara Butler laying in it, holding a young baby, a few hours old, wrapped in a small blue blanket. ] 

[Clara]: It's a boy. 

[Richard, smiling]: A boy.... I have a son. 

[Clara]: What should we name him? 

[Richard's smile disappears, his eyes wandering the floor as he thinks. He stops for a moment, a reflective expression on his face, as he flashbacks to his past. Kross and Richard, both 18, are laying down on the grassy field, their favorite spot, looking at the clouds, as they once had ten years earlier.] 

[Richard]: If we ever had kids... what do you think we'd call our son?

[Kross]: Well... I'm not sure. We're 18, Richard. 

[Richard]: I know, but just out of curiosity. 

[Kross pauses for a moment, then looks at his lover. ] 

[Kross]: How about Charles? 

[Richard, looking at Kross]: Really? 

[Kross]: Yeah, Charles like Charles Darwin. (Richard's expression makes him laugh) I'm serious!

[Richard]: I know. Charles... that's not so bad. 

[It cuts back to the hospital scene. Richard looks back at his wife, the mother of his newborn child. ] 

[Richard]: We'll call him Charles, like Charles Darwin. Our son is Charles Butler. 

[Clara]: I love it. Hello Charles. I'm your mommy. That's your daddy. 

[Clara gives Charles to Richard, as Richard looks at his son with both affectionate and conflicting emotions. ] (4:48)

November 24th, 1973

[Richard and Rob are sitting together in a room. Richard is shown to be shaking. ] 

[Rob]: Oh, my dear old friend, I told you not to feel for him. You have a wife, a child. Is that not enough?

[Richard]: I do love them, I do. But you know how I felt about Kross. It drives me mad that Clara and Charles can't know. I hate that I have to lie. 

[Rob]: It's just omission of the truth. Not a lie. Richard, it tears me up to see you this way. Why do you torment yourself?

[Rob points to the R + K locket, siting on a small table next to Richard. ]

[Rob]: There's the symbol of your suffering.

[Richard looks at the locket, before forcing himself to stand up. He walks to the table, picking up the locket. ]

[Richard]: My locket. Our locket.

[Rob]: Destroy it, and end these adolescent notions of love and redemption. End your pain forever.

[Richard looks over at a nearby wood furnace. He walks to the furnace, opening the doors up to show the burning fire inside. ]

[Rob]: Go on. Throw it. Destroy it.... NOW.

[Richard looks at the locket before sighing. ]

[Richard]: I can't. I'm sorry. (5:41)

December 20th, 1973

[Richard is walking down the hallway in Hall Manor. ]

[Richard]: Clara? Where are you?

[The sounds of a baby crying are heard, as Richard turns the corner, entering a room. ] (5:58)

[Richard]: Oh god no.

[Richard drops the ground, next to the corpse of Clara Butler. Tears shoot from his eyes, as he grabs onto her, trying to shake her to life. Baby Charles is still crying. ]

[Richard]: Please no. Clara, Clara! Don’t die, please I can’t lose you.

[Richard continues shaking her, before crying on top of her. ]

[Richard]: I can’t lose you! Clara! Clara! (6:35)

December 23rd, 1973

[It cuts to a funeral service at the Graveyard. Richard holds a black umbrella in his left hand, with his right hand holding the stroller for a young baby Charles. An older man and woman, Clara's parents, put two white roses on a casket, as Richard looks at it. ] (7:12)

December 25th, 1973

[Richard is holding young baby Charles, standing next to a Christmas tree. ]

[Richard]: Merry first Christmas, Charles.

[Baby Charles begins crying, as Richard tries to calm the baby down. ]

[Richard]: It's okay, son. Daddy's here. Daddy's got you. I promise.... I promise I will never let anything happen to you, and I will always love you. I will always love you Charles.

[The scene fades to black, as the camera zooms away from Richard's eyes, finally back in 1989. Richard looks back down at the R+K locket, and throws it towards a corner of the tent, covering his face in shame. ]


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