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• 7/18/2015


prime you're in charge of doing shit i only have complete control ok so tell the fuckers what this is about

OdyssTee is an upcoming DND-esque adventure roleplay. TEE users can sign up to take place in a Forum roleplay in a fantasy setting. OdyssTee is still under construction and will (hopefully) launch on July 20, 2015.


OdysTee follows ((number)) of heroes after the end of a sub-continental war between the Kingdom of Makria and the Kaybeddine Empire. Makria won, but unfortunately transporting and arming all of their troops drove the Makrian gold reserves into the negatives. Thus, Makria cannot send any ships to recollect our heroes, and they will have to cross the Thalassian Sea on their own. There are only two problems with that- they have no boat and home is very far away.


Sol as Dungeon Master


To sign up for the roleplay, state your character's name, gender, age, appearance, and backstory (optional). They must be humans, sorry, and if it doesn't fit in with the lore I'll let you know.

Choose two weapons:

  • Bronze Sword 
  • Bronze Bow (+ 20 Bronze Arrows)
  • Bronze Spear
  • Bronze Hammer
  • Wooden Shield
  • Bronze Dagger
  • Bronze Hand-Axe
  • Bronze Poleaxe
  • Bronze Halberd
  • Bronze Scythe
  • Wooden Sling
  • Bronze Mace
  • Bronze Flail
  • Wooden Wand of Frost/Flame/Shock/Flora
  • Wooden Staff of Water/Flame/Wind/Stone

Two Positive Traits:

  • Silver-Tongued (10% cost discount)
  • Born Leader (+1 to allies in combat)
  • Animal Whisperer (the ability to speak to animals)
  • Adrenaline Junkie (1/2 stamina cost)
  • Heavy Sleeper (stamina regens 2x fast when sleeping)
  • Quick Learner (learns skills 1.5x as fast)
  • Hopeless Romantic (levels up Seduction skill 2x as fast)
  • Night Owl (levels up Survivalism skill 2x as fast)
  • Serial Arsonist (levels up Destruction Magic 2x as fast)
  • Sticky Fingers (1.5x inventory slots)
  • Early Bird (strikes first in combat)
  • Escape Artist (levels up Parkour skill 2x as fast)
  • Green Thumb (levels up Druidism skill 2x as fast)
  • Private Eye (levels up Intrusion skill 2x as fast)
  • Easily Fooled (levels up Illusion Magic 2x as fast)
  • Cool Faccade (levels up Blade Mastery 2x as fast)
  • Photographic Memory (+5 spell slots)
  • Loving Nature (+10 health to all allies)

Two Negative Traits:

  • Light Eater (1/2 health recovered from eating food)
  • Water Fearing (levels up Aquatic skill 2x slower)
  • Motion Sickness (levels up Equestrian skill 2x slower)
  • Scaredy Cat (levels up Intimidation skill 2 x slower)
  • High Taste (unable to use low-quality loot)
  • Hot Headed (initiates combat easier)
  • Socially Awkward (levels up Seduction skill 2x slower)
  • Height Phobic (stamina halves when on a tall building, mountain, or flying mount)
  • Lone Wolf (-1 attack when fighting alongside others)
  • Hot Stepper (starts with 50 stamina instead of 100)
  • Friendly Fire (levels up Targeting skill 2x slower)
  • Shit Talker (10% cost increase)
  • Angry Catfish (attacked by fish)
  • Eco Terrorist (attacked by passive animals)
  • Ill Intentions (2x damage to friendly NPCs)
  • Rage Inducing (enemies do +5 damage)
  • Quick Tempered (levels up Illusion 2x as slow)
  • Color Blind (Magic damage does 1 1/2x as much damage

You will also start off with thirty inventory slots, ten spell slots, a Leather Helmet, a Leather Tunic, Leather Gauntlets, and Leather Boots (sorry, no pants). Along with that, 50 $, 100 Base Health, Stamina, and Mana.

Finally, the part you've been waiting for (hopefully). Skills. You get twenty points, allocate them wisely.

  • Seduction (makes prices cheaper)
  • Navigation (less chance to get lost)
  • Intrusion (pickpocketing and lockpicking)
  • Survivalism (woodworking and basic skills like fishing, fire starting, etc.)
  • Alchemy (able to craft more complex potions)
  • Dexterity (more attacks)
  • Craftsmanship (crafting more complex items)
  • Scavenging (more loot)
  • Endurance (damage reduction)
  • Finesse (inventory spaces)
  • Intimidation (chance the enemy will flee)
  • Perception (puzzlesolving)
  • Enchanting (what it says on the tin)
  • Druidism (an anti-pissed-off-ometer)
  • Aquatic (swimming and underwater exploration)
  • Knowledge (I really don't know yet lol)
  • Parkour (ropes n shit, for exploring on land)
  • Evasion (dodging)
  • Equestrian (mount riding iykwim)
  • Targeting (how well your attacks hit)
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• 7/17/2015
ok i signup or something do we allocate points now
• 7/17/2015

Alright, motherfucker. Here we go.

My guy is Scandinavia Legbeard, the motherfucking coolest Nord west of the Nile. He thought he could make it big by selling boats, but unfortunately the king didn't like his superior quality boats and put Scandinavia in jail. However, Scandinavia don't take no shit. Scandinavia busted out of jail using nothing but a deck of playing cards, some water, and a pipe bomb. Shit, motherfucker. He then took the stone rubble and built a super suit made out of rocks 'n shit, and flew it to the barracks. Because he was in this stone suit, they took his identity for granite and sent him off on the front lines. Scandinavia did it as sort of a middle finger to the king and his low-quality boats. Ha, who wishes they had good boats now, asshole?

Scandinavia's gender is a fucking dragonkin. He takes no shit. Flap flap, motherfucker. He burns yo shit down.

Legbeard is sixty-nine years old. That's because he's secretly two little kids hidden under a trench coat who are six and nine, but that's not important. Because he's fucking Scandinavian, he has pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. What? Did you expect me to say he was black as coal? That's fucking racist, you nigger. Go wash your mouth out with a bottle of propane and a match for even thinking of a radical thought like that.

Legbeard deserves a fucking staff of stone for all his oppression points. AND AN AXE.

Fuck yeah, I wanted to use that meme. This is like OdyssTEE, Revenge of the Meme. Electric Memeloo. I can't think up any other witty titles, so go suck my dick.

Legbeard is obviously a Serial Arsonist/Photographic Memory with Friendly Fire and Ill Intentions. Suck his privilege stick.

I put a whopping fifteen Survivalist points, as that is survivalist point-per-inch of the size of Legbeard's utterly massive erection. You didn't give us pants, you pay the goddamned consequences. I want the leather pants.

And I will get the Leather Pants. +1 to Intrusion, +2 to Scavenging, +1 to Finesse, and +1 Seduction. King me, motherfucker.

• 7/17/2015

time to sign up to this shit

My name is Aron Elmao, I am a malekin and I've set up to be the best alchemist in the world ever since I isolated myself from society to do so. Except i got lazy and started shitcasting on an magical board called 4chant and wasted the last 10 years of my life doing that. Which was ok but now i wanna do shit irl probably because I need to pay my internet bill. I sort of known alchemistry which is obvious. I hail from Dyu Mountains.

I have Sticky Fingers because of my sick cargo pants, and Hopeless Romantic because /r/sedruid has taught me a lot. I have Hot Headed and Height Phobic. My starting weapon is the Bronze Spear, and my skills are allocated as so:

+5 Alchemy

+5 Perception

+3 Evasion

+3 Enchanting

+1 Seduction

+3 Endurance

here is how he looks like

• 7/18/2015

It's obvious I can't make any character better than the two above, but I'll try. 

My character is Isabel of Genericsoundingtownname, a green-eyed, freckled nineteen-year-old ginger who enlisted in the military seeking fortune and fame. Unfortunately, instead of steel and bloodshed, she got bronze, leather, and no way home. This didn't disuade her from her visions of popularity, so she struck up a conversation with some other soldiers, and now she stands alongside them.

She has flowing red hair that curls at the ends like she wears a blazing waterfall. She has sparkling green eyes, pale as night skin, and freckles dotting her cheeks. She stands at 5'11 and has a relatively average body build, but she is by no means out of shape.

She wields a Bronze Sword as well as a Bronze Bow. Her traits are Cool Faccade, Hopeless Romantic, Water Fearing, and Scaredy Cat. She has 5 Endurance, 4 Targeting, 2 Craftsmanship, 2 Seduction, and 7 Survivalism.

• 7/18/2015

My dudebro is George Clearself. About mid-20-something, with black hair and a face.

He's an adventurer. He travels all over the world and collects ancient artifacts and souvenirs. This affinity is what landed him in the military (voluntarily).

That, and his ridiculous sense of justice. He was once a vigilante in a faraway kingdom, defending it against [insert appropriate monster here] and criminals. He's also wanted there for beating a particularly sadistic serial killer to death accidentally, out of rage.

He wants to return to that city because he's too damn optimistic.

He's also a great horse rider, and has crafted a variety of fancy horse armor in the past.

Quick Learner

Loving Nature

Quick Tempered

High Taste

Bronze sword and bow & arrow

Equestrian - 4 points

Craftsmanship - 4 points

Navigation - 3 points

Dexterity - 4 points

Parkour - 2 points

Survivalism - 3 points

Gryffindor - 50 points

• 7/29/2015
once another feathery asshole signs up we'll start
• 9/2/2015

>july 20

ayy lmaooooooo

• 9/2/2015

happy birthday me, ur present is odysstee not happening

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