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• 5/26/2015

Where The Fuck Have I Been

Capitalizing Every Word Like A Fucking Champ.

Okay anyways, this is mostly targeted towards Sci, Sif, Brian and those who actually care but let me just start off by saying:

Sci, my apologies for literally not saying anything about MURDER S2. I haven't been reading it but I will once every episode is done. It's like buying the Season 2 DVD and watching all episodes in one go. THEN give my opinion. Coming to Wikia over and over has been difficult and it's one of the main reasons for my decision. Anyways, on too.

Paper. You.... Attack on To'kustar is back. Thank you. That's all. 420/69 would re-read. 

So onto me (that sounds wrong). It's been... interesting. School has gotten a lot better as a result of me being away from Wikia and my social life was not a topic to bring up last time, but that isn't important right now. I'm doing fine, I don't go on wikia anymore because It's hard. I use a phone and even though it's awesome and has a big screen, Mobile Wikia sucks my ass. Period.

If you want to find me outside of Wikia, I have Skype and Tumblr. Skype is more for chatting if you prefer and Tumblr... well, I'm a hardcore meta/theory writer on Attack on Titan. Unless you wanna get spoilers up your ass I'd suggest staying away from there... or if you care. But yeah, my name on there is LeapingTitan. If you followed by previous works here on Wikia you'd know the origin of the name.

Lastly, the Upcoming NickFusi0n Project.. well.... sorry to say this but... SURPRISE, IT'S NOT CANCELLED. All my time away from Wikia and my experiences IRL have led me to actually create it, slightly different from what I intended but it's definitely coming. No set release date and probably not anytime soon but all I can say is it will be in something other than text form if you get what I'm hinting at. (I've been getting a lot better at drawing on paper and not just digitally)

So a TL;DR - I'm fine, I'm doing the Upcoming NickFusi0n Project, I'm on Tumblr (Username - LeapingTitan) aaand yeah... 

Also, *nuke*


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• 6/10/2015

sorry i didnt see this

acing social life like a boss HUH

also i followed you on tumblr already lel

• 6/13/2015
I think "Social Ace" is going to become a meme of TEE now. Also lol okay
• 7/15/2015

spoiler from the future- social ace did not become a meme

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