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The Awesome Jack
• 10/29/2015

Chair of Mountain Terror (Discussion)

EDIT: On October 30th, I will release the upcoming episode, Chair of Mountain Terror. Scroll down for the latest scene!

On May 24th, the midseason finale of Mystery Island will be released. Here's a scene for the upcoming episode, Chair of Mountain Terror

[A van drives up to the edge of the jungle. Five people exit the van, wearing backpacks and carrying shovels. They come into the moonlight, revealing themselves to be Charles, Clark, Arthur, Diana, and Vicki. ]

[Diana]: Are you sure its here?

[Clark]: I'm sure.

[They head towards a large tree, one taller then most other trees. Once they reach the tree, they begin digging in front of it. ]

[Arthur]: How much digging is this going to take?

[Suddenly, the shovels hit an object, creating a loud noise. Everyone looks at each other, as Charles and Arthur jump down the hole, and begin removing the dirt nearby. ]

[Charles]: Why is there so much dirt?

[Arthur]: Since you're a butler's boy, I wouldn't expect you to know much about dirt.

[Charles, annoyed]: Moving on.

[Arthur and Charles clear the top of a chest, as Clark throws hooks with chains down to the two other males. Charles and Arthur place the hooks on the sides of the Chest. ]

[Charles, shouting to Clark]: Pull it up!

[Diana, Clark and Vicki pull on the chains, lifting Arthur, Charles and the chest up. They manage to get the chest next to the hole, as Charles and Arthur get on the ground. Clark walks to the Chest, and opens it up. All five teens look at the contents of the chest, smiling. ]

[Charles]: We have it. We have the Key...

Remember to read the last episode, Aqua de la Muerte for important revelations. Be sure to comment and vote on the polls to help me out. And also remember that the next MURDER Mystery Island Discussion Chat will be held on May 30th/May 31st!

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The Awesome Jack
• 5/24/2015

Hey guys, my head is just killing me right now, so I'm going to delay the midseason finale to tommorow. Sorry.

• 10/29/2015

Back over 5 months later! Here's another scene form the upcoming episode!

Wikia Island Police Station - Wikia Island - 11 PM - 1989

[Charles is still putting away some of the files in the third box. Vicki comes from one of the backrooms, walking to Charles. ] 

[Vicki]: Come on, take a break from the work. 

[Charles]: I'm almost done, I just have about... fifty left. 

[Vicki]: Alright, we'll be in the back. 

[Vicki walks away from Charles and disappears from the room. Charles looks around, taking out "A History of Wikia Island - by Daral Scidran". He opens it to a page showing pictures of The Key, The Gate, the Map. ] 

[Charles]: "The Map will reveal the location of the Gate. Once entering the Mountain, there will be a door. The Key can be used to open the door and the Gate. Once unlocked, the Five must travel through a series of tests, tests that will challenge the Five. " 

[Charles hears something, and turns around. He sees a spinning bottle on the ground, eerily. Charles turns back to the book. Quietly, Charles's shadow forms into the shadow of a demonic shape. Charles, hearing something again, turns around. As he turns around, he drops the book, standing up and looking in horror, as he faces The Fiend, who is growling. ] 

[Charles]: What the hell... you're the demon?!

[Fiend]: I prefer Fiend... Fiend of Wikia Island. 

• 10/29/2015
  • [Charles]: What da are tha Dmon????? :O :O :O
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