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• 5/10/2015

Next MURDER Episode on May 17th (Plus New Poster and Scene)

UPDATE: Due to the requirements of the real world, I henceforth announce to this community that MURDER: Mystery Island will release its fifth episode, Aqua de la Muerte, on May 17th


To make it up for you guys, I have a scene from the upcoming episode!

[It cuts to the five teenagers, Officer Rob, and the second officer entering the Administration Wing. A new officer arrives, this one with a giant mustache, all grey hair. ]

[Prison Officer]: Officer Rob, your visit is not expected.

[Officer Rob]: I didn't expect to be here either. However, it appears that we will need contact with one of your prisoners.

[Charles]: One who can speak Spanish.

[Prison Officer]: Well... most of the prisoners are in the yard, so I can ask them now. I'll be back.

[The Prison Officer begins leaving. ] 

[Officer Rob]: Thank you.

[Officer Rob then turns to the rest of the group. ]

[Officer Rob]: If he says no one can help, we're leaving. Got it?

[Everyone nods, as he turns around. Moments later, the Prison Officer returns. ] 

[Prison Officer]: We do have a prisoner who can help. I will take them there. 

[Officer Rob]: Thank you very much. 

[It cuts to Charles and the group walking down the prison hallway, past many empty cells. They are being led by the Prison Officer. ] 

[Prison Officer]: What kind of information do you need?

[Charles]: We need some translations, since the Ma- the evidence we've acquired is in Spanish. 

[Prison Officer]: Hmmhm. 

[The Prison Officer stops near the end of a hall, next to a do metallic white door, with three red lights on the left side, a big red light at the top, a number pad on the right side, and below it a wheel to turn. The door is made up of several triangle parts, all forming a circle-door, with a small circle window in the center. Above the door, it says MAXIMUM SECURITY: Solitary confinement. ] 

[Arthur]: Are we going in there?

[Prison Officer]: Besides the man in there... there have only been four other souls who have been in that room. You will not be the 5th to 9th. Instead, we have Prisoner 05061014. 

[Prisoner]: I hear you need help with translations... 

[Charles]: Yes... 

[Charles takes out the Map and shows it to the prisoner. The Prisoner takes a look at it, flipping it around. ] 

[Prisoner]: This is old... permission to ask the name of the guest?

[Prison Officer]: Permission granted. 

[Charles]: Charles. 

[Prisoner]: This is very old, Charles. The text, the paintings... I know some Spanish, but this may be beyond me. 

[Suddenly, a voice echoes to Charles. ]

[Voice, in German Accent]: Charles... Charles Butler. I can help you uncover the truth of the Map... 

[The Prisoner Officer turns around, in shock as the Prisoner begins backing up, clearly afraid of the voice. ] 

[Prison Officer]: He spoke... after all of these years... he spoke. 

Are you excited for Aqua de la Muerte? Do you have a theory on the identity of the 15th user? What do you think is written on The Map? Have you figured out what Lego's vendetta against the Brandon/Speedy romance is? Comment below! 

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• 5/11/2015

Here is the official syponsis for Aqua de la Muerte!

As life continues (for some but not all) on Wikia Island, the guests become aware of the Brandon and Speedy situation and become determined to rekindle the passion between the lovers. Yet at the same time, a new threat emerges in the hotel, a threat that could destroy the hotel with his hatred for a single force: love. As the investigation of the mystery continues in 1989, a clue will take Charles Butler and his friends to the Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary, where he and his friends meet one of the most dangerous men they will ever meet in their lives.

• 5/11/2015

OMG. That poster is amazing!!! Love is Weakness tho.

• 5/11/2015
StreetM wrote:
OMG. That poster is amazing!!! Love is Weakness tho.

Another Once homage lol.

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