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• 4/13/2015

Hawk (TV series): Update, Discussion and Q&A

This is the update, discussion and Q&A thread for Hawk, a brand new Marvel television show. 

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• 4/9/2015

10 facts about Hawk.

1. Hawkeye is renamed to Hawk. You may ask why, but imo, the latter suits him better.

2. Hawk's costume will be pitch black.

3. Most of the characters from marvel unniverse will be revamped and have new origins and new stories.

4. Daredevil will play a major role in the show.

5. Bullsye confirmed.

6. Clint Barton's occupations: Circus Worker (formerly), Circus Ringmaster, Vigilante (Part-time).

7. The show will have at least two spin-offs set in the same universe: a Ghost Rider show and a White Tiger miniseries.

8. Clint's adoptive mother is not what she seems.

9. Barbara Morse will adopt the mantle of Mockingbird later on.

10. Unlike the comics, Clint is NOT a S.H.I.E.L.D agent.

Bonus fact: Daredevil is a SHIELD agent instead of lawyer.

• 4/10/2015

Just so you guys know, production will begin this June. And unlike my other shows in which I complete a whole season and then air it, this will follow the pattern of as soon as an ep is created, it's released, just so I know how it's received and should I make more eps.

• 4/13/2015

This sounds interesting, but it reminds me of Arrow. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though. Also highlighted. 

• 4/13/2015
The first 13 eps will take inspiration from Arrow to build up the story and the characters. After that everything'll be original.
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