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Tyran Rex
• 4/8/2015

April 3rd/April 4th - Discussion about MURDER: MYSTERY ISLAND

Intro: I will be holding two discussions for MURDER: MYSTERY ISLAND, regarding A Natural Death, Under The Sea, and the upcoming episode, The Butler Did It. 

When: The first meeting will be for North/South/Central American Users, and will be between 7-8 PM EDT on April 3rd. The second meeting will be for European/Asian/Australian and Islands Users, and will be between 8 AM and 9 AM EDT on April 4th. If you want to know what time that is for you, I'm afraid you'll have to use this

Where: It will be on the Everything Everything Wiki's chatroom. If you are currently banned from the chatroom, message me and I will unban you. 

Who: Everyone is invited, but please be aware that if you have not read A Natural Death or Under The Sea, you will be 1) at a disadvantage and 2) You will recieve spoilers. 

What: The discussion will be many things. It'll be a way for me to communicate with you on what's good and what's not good about the first two episodes, both in terms of plot and writing style. It'll be a time for you to ask questions, maybe clarify on some things from the release episodes. Finally, it'll be a time to ask about the new episode, The Butler Did It, and will be when I release a new poster. A good question that I hope someone will ask is: Who the hell is Officer Rob? 

Anyway see you there!

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Tyran Rex
• 4/2/2015

If you're going to be at one of the two meetings, comment below to tell me which one you're going to!

• 4/4/2015
i might go to the second one but i'm not sure
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