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• 1/18/2015

NickFusi0n: Reconnections (Please highlight)

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Before I begin, I'd like to say that this will be both on BTFF (Off-topic) and TEE as it concerns my history on both and other wikis. Wherever you're reading this, feel free to reply and ask questions. So with that...

Welcome everyone, readers, ladies and gentlemen, to my latest project titled NickFusi0n: Reconnections. If you were on BTFF chat yesterday, you would know that in this project I would talk about all of my canceled series and projects in my time on wikia, both here, BTFF and other wikis. And if you weren't on yesterday to know this... now you do lol. 

Anyways, the way this will go is I will separately talk about a certain project, how I intended it to go, why I canceled it and most important, how it was going to end. Yeah, if you've been around you'd know I leaked w:c:theeverythingeverything:Attack on Titan: Gale's plot as part of my departure from Wikia, well now I'm basically doing the same for all of my other projects. I will describe what I had in mind for the plot, characters and so on. Keep in mind though, I didn't have any complete plot ideas for all of them so not all will have a full leak or something, but most will to some extent. And so... let's get started.


Ah.. there it is. The thing that I overhyped the most back in Fall 2012. G.E.A.R, my first attempt at official writing. Although I did pretty good back then for a 13-year old wikia noob, I think that today, compared to my other works, it's pretty bad. It had no plot organization whatsoever. 5 heroes, a few supporting characters and a normal bad guy. Nothing too special. Basically, I struggled to come up with a plot for Episode 4 which is why it took so long to come out and after that well.. I didn't have the motivation to continue the series. However, the following ideas I had were these:

  • The Fusion Drive A.K.A. the thing that lets you fuse weapons together and sheet was going to appear in Episode 7, mixing the AMDB and Excaliburn to make the Volcannon. After that, it would have been the AMTEEC, after Brian was introduced as a supporting character.
  • The main villain was the old man with the cane from Nick's nightmare in the first episodes.
  • The old man wanted a single piece of equipment to power up a nuclear bomb in the finale. Basically, once the good guys find out there is a race between Good and Evil to find the artifact. At the end, it's revealed the Artifact was a part of the AMDB that Nick had all along and didn't know about it. That part he found randomly when he was a kid, it also enhanced his intelligence which let him built all the machinery and stuff but he was unaware of it. He messed around with it for a while and then got the finished product = The AMDB. In the finale, all weapons of the good guys merge into one with the Artifact and destroy the doctor who is revealed to be an Alien, his followers and his bomb before it goes off. As a result, the G.E.A.R project is destroyed from an EMP, all the weapons and stuff are as well. Plus, the Artifact returns to its original owenr who was going to be an alien as well, and the opposing force to the doctor.
  • Although the series take place in Australia, none of the characters except Nar were australian.
  • The final thing I will talk about is at the end of the G.E.A.R section.

Overall, I liked the idea. But the problem was, I didn't have enough episodes between the premiere and the finale and I was a pretty noobish writer back then so I couldn't come up with anything too epic and awesome either. Still, this series holds a special place in my memories as it represents my friendship with a lot of users, both fans and those who signed up for it. Overall, the series didn't go but it served its purpose.

Before I end it off about G.E.A.R I would also like to give an honorable mention to Sci, who in his series, w:c:theeverythingeverything:The End of Wikia, wrote a large crossover of TEE series, with G.E.A.R being included it. Back then I thought it was pretty cool but I recently re-read the whole thing and I saw it in a whole other way. Bink's character development, the maturity and the epicness of the G.E.A.R team did what I couldn't do with the series... which was Maturity and Character Development. If it wasn't for a certain thing I will announce later, I'd probably let Sci take over G.E.A.R and continue it/reboot it because I know he would do a better job with it than I ever could. He already did in fact, in the above-mentioned crossover. And speaking of TEOW, one last thing:

  • The crossover would have a canon impact on the plot before the finale. Knight Chris would return but would be killed off for real this time. But before his death he breaks up with Bink.

And that's all about G.E.A.R... or is it?

Attack on Titan: Gale

Well... here it is. AoT:G, another overhyped project I had back in June 2014. It went pretty well and it was the first series I came up with that actually had a complete plot without any plot holes. I already told this to Sci, but to be honest I regret leaking the plot. I could have continued it the moment I came back to Wikia and as Sci said, if it was fully realized, it would have been great. Really though, I am proud of this series. Although I don't feel like copypasting the plot again, you can find it in my TEE Contributions. Still, here's a few things:

  • There were a few alternate endings I had in mind. The original and first one, Nick was only going to lose his powers in the process of curing Sci and not get eaten and die at his hand. And the ending where he dies was going to be the alternate and non-canon one. However, later I decided to make the alternate one the real one because of the impact it would have. If the thing aired, it probably would have done pretty freakin' well for the reader, but still... you can choose your ending. 
  • Also, that thing I posted a month later about the Epilogue where Nick is revealed to be alive and has been curing for 2 years... I don't know if I even consider that real or fake myself lol.
  • Last thing, Sci would end up together with Veronica, first of the Top 10 but that would be about it. No Nick x Patricia, sorry lol. I never intended to go all ship-heavy with this series.

Ben 10: Chronocle

THIS ONE... oh my god. I got SOOO much hype back then, as always. In fact, there were like 12 fans before the thing even started. People liked the Synopsis and in my eyes, it would have been great. But I never figured out what the storyline would be and I lost motivation to do so... which is why the thing never saw the light of day. Sorry to dissapoint you guys, but GC is the spiritual successor to it... in a way.


At this point, I don't believe anyone remembers this one. This was originally going to be a user series based on the moments I had on Chaturn with other users... then I had a talk with Jack. He made it like BTSF, not exactly, just add a cup of randomness with a wtf on top and you get Asdfbtff. Honestly I would still continue this if I wasn't so busy. Still, thanks to Jack for writing an episode or two. I never did so yeah.... lol.

Keana: The Burden of The Sword

OMG. AN MCFF SERIES?! Yup, and this one was probably the most overhyped of them all. I got them soundtracks, the art, the coding layouts and stuff but... there were a few problems with this. Mainly, for a Minecraft fan fiction, it barely had any signs it was Minecraft at all. Not to mention a large section of the first few episodes' plot was taken from Legend of The Seeker, and overall shows how unoriginal I was back then. However, once again, Sci did something awesome with something not-so-awesome. He wrote Episode 3 and had a perfect plot, dialogue and feel trip for it. It was pretty cool so shout out to him for doing so. Overall, the series was doomed from the beginning, but still... it had it's charm, but not without Sci and his episode. Here are a few things:

  • There was going to be a third main character joining Adam and Kate named Corthon, and if you payed attention, Maya mentioned him in Episode 2. He is a powerful wizard and would be introduced in Episode 8 from the plans I had. He would be pretty old but wise and powerful and stuff... basically your typical movie wizard. 
  • In the ending, Adam would kill Borg with the Sword of Chronicle while Borg was going to use an Artifact (yup... again) to become basically overpowered as hell. In an alternate ending, the Chronicle is destroyed in the process and the energy released tampers with the balance of the planet's energy which would set up for Season 2, which Borg would return and once again be the true villain in. Adam would use magic powers similar to those of Corthon, and Corthon himself would have been either kept alive or killed off before the Season 2 finale. Adam and Kate would end up together.

Burst Fusion / Usermon

Forget Asdfbtff, THIS is the one that is forgotten if not non-existent at this point. It was basically a Pokemon series with sprie fusions as our characters. I did have the idea for the plot though, but the fact that it was an ANIMATED series that I worked on myself and all that didn't help with the motivation. I was going to start it in 2012 but that didn't go well. Later, I decided to resume it in 2013 but I moved to Germany at that moment and I had too much stuff going on in order to work on it. Still, the plot that I had in mind transitioned over the current plot for GC, so no spoilers. And still, Sci and Bink signing up and us being the main characters... that also holds a special place in my memories, just like G.E.A.R.

N.U.K.E (The Lost Series)

Suprised? You should be. No one except Sci knew that this was a thing. I was going to start it in Fall 2013 after Burst Fusion's cancellation, and it was basically going to be like this: Nick is 200 years from the future, and he uses a time portal to send 4 teenagers from 2013 to his time period. They witness a post-apocalyptic scenario where a doomsday experiment took place. A virus was spread throughout the planet that people called "The Nuke". The Nuke was a parasite which infects the host by attaching to their heart. After the parasite hits puberty, it reproduces and causes a huge nuclear explosion from within the heart of the host, and the explosion spreads the parasite's children throughout the blast radius, infecting others and continuing the cycle. A genetic mutation within Nick, who is also infected, allows him to control the parasite and use its powers. The 4 teenagers he sends to the future in his time period are the ancestors of Nick's best friends, who died while fighting the villains which I can't reveal anything about since I never properly came up with concepts for them. The 4 from the past had their genetic mutation in the first place and in such they also harness the powers of the nukes which their far future children had but failed to help Nick with. Basically, in the future, they look for a way to go back in time and stop the accident from ever happening. That is, if certain people didn't like the way the world was... you get what I'm getting at.

Overall, this had potential but I never got into plot development or even writing... so yeah. Still, I thought I'd be a cool thing to inform you guys of this since Sci is like the only one who ever even heard of this.


And with that, this is the end of NickFusi0n: Reconnections. I personally feel happy sharing all of this and I would love to see reactions to things people were asking me the last few years. Also, I don't think I forgot any series but if I did, make sure to inform me below. 

And lastly, the Upcoming NickFusi0n Project will be further but not fully announced on my Birthday, which is soon but I won't say the exact date. Also, I will be going semi-active for now because of my need of hard work in school. GC Season 2 will remain TBA for now.

And with that... NUKES!

--Time... Space... Two forces that can truly be called... Omnipotent. But no matter what happens, they must be kept in balance. And if not... The End is still premature. - GENESIS: CHRONOCLE 15:58, January 18, 2015 (UTC)

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• 1/19/2015

NUKE actually sounds interesting, I thought it was just going to be a generic-zombie-apocalypse lol

• 1/19/2015

Yeah, it was going to be but I later changed it... before it got canceled that is.

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