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• 1/6/2015

The Events of the Black Session

This is the session from where Sol's trolls come from in CREATE SBURB RP THREAD THAT ISNT A SIGNUP THREAD.

Yeah, and it's going to mainly be written by me so uh yeah

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• 1/6/2015

A young girl stands in her room. What might her name be?

Oh stop screwing around. It's ROZERA GANSTI.

Your name is ROZERA GANSTI. You have many interests, mostly including TAXIDERMY, PORNOGRAPHY, ARCHERY, FLARPING, and ROMANCE. You aren't very good at romance, and oh hell you would suck if you tried to make a pornography.

> Examine poster on wall.

That poster is the theatrical poster for your favorite book, FIFTY SHADES OF BLOOD. You here it's coming out soon. You can't wait.

>Examine computer.

You examine your computer.

God, it's so cool. You had your friends pimp it out. It has a custom version of Trollian and everything.

Speaking of Trollian...

• 1/8/2015

-- karatePunchstar [KP] began trolling foxyLongbow [FL] at 8:04 AM --

[KP]: Hov do you do, Rozera?

[RL]: 1'm do1ng f1n3, th8.

[KP]: Hasss Halarm 8een on at all?

[KP]: I need to tell him sssomethin' rather important.

[RL]: Sorry, 1 hav3n't b33n on long 3nough to know.

[KP]: Drat!

-- karatePunchstar [KP] ceased trolling foxyLongbow [FL] at 8:09 AM --

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