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• 12/20/2014

Sol: Create Sburb Roleplay Thread

This is a roleplay of Homestuck. If you have any questions ask me or some shit. Brian told me t set it up on my own TuT. liek if yuo crie evrytiem

Uhh I think I'll add more stuff later.

roles taken

Brian- Thief of Heart

Gavin- Bard of Life

Troll Gavin- Prince of Doom


SbRpTalk- 1 is color, 2 is acronym, 3 is what the fuck you said.

MTTalk- LikeSbRPTalk, but for Sol's character

DreGavTalk- Dream Gavin Talk

ZavspriteTalk- Zavsprite Talk

VVTalk- VeiledVulture Talk

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• 12/20/2014

You get on another computer an start a separate "session" of Pesterchum.

-- vainSavior [VS] began pestering shiningBlade [SB] at ??:?? --

VS: Remember me?

VS: I need you to be my server player for Sburb.

VS: You need me to win for reasons I will explain another time.

• 12/20/2014

> Brian: Try to think of something to do.

You don't know what to do anymore, since you got this fancy outfit and the quest is all done.

Someone is pestering you.

Oh, it's VS! You've been wondering how he's been doing after all these meteors bullshit.

He wants you to be his server player. Huh.

[SB]: yes of course i remember you we talk about shit every day

[SB]: i thought you weren't very interested in original games

[SB]: but let me download the server file


Luckily you find a large field to deploy your house on. You enter your house and get on your computer.

You quickly google sburb server download again and you download the file, placing it in a different directory this time. You launch the thing and connect to VS.

[SB]: hi

• 12/20/2014

VS: Greetings, human.

VS: Wtf, I mean

VS: Hi.

VS: Some weird shit happened to me when you started your session.

VS: In a nutshell, I learned a bunch of stuff magically.

VS: Anyway, put down the alchemy tools if you please. I need to get in the Medium as soon as I can. The bigger the head start on breeding the Genesis Frog, the better.

• 12/20/2014

Whoa, this guy sure knows stuff. He probably just finished reading a walkthrough or something. You will look into that later.

You drop the basic shit on his, wait is he on a meteor?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? What a weird place to live in.

Anyway you drop the basic shit there.

[SB]: did you read a walkthrough or something???

[SB]: you wont know the shit i've been through man

[SB]: i killed a giant monster, absorbed its soul, died, and now im in a fancy outfit

• 12/20/2014

VS: What no. I already said how I know this.

VS: Also, I know.

VS: it looks girly


VS: Anyway brb alchemizing and shit.

VS: Open the Cruxtruder pls I need to prototype my sprite

You begin to alchemize and shit. The first thing you do is take your stupid roleplay gun/sword thing from your PISTOLSWORDKIND Strife Specibus, and cross it with a nearby... power source thingy. You get the ENERGY TRANSFORMAJIG! It can convert into a few various forms, such as an energy-shooting pistol, an energy-bladed sword, and an easily reusable grappling hook.

Next you combine the ENERGY TRANSFORMAJIG in pistol form and... A CAR DOOR. What the hell is this doing here?

You get a GUN DOOR! It's a door that shoots whoever turns the knob. That's disappointing. You were hoping to recreate a thing you saw in some show.

Then you combine the Transformajig in pistol mode and a BAG OF POTATO CHIPS. You get a gun made of potato chips godddammit. Then you remember a different way to combine items. FINALLY. You get a gun that shoots infinite potato chips. Hell fucking yes.

Oh! And you just thought of something totally original and brilliant and awesome! You combine some shades and a computer. Fuck yeah! Portable computer! You bet nobody has ever thought of that.

You combine another weird power source thing and some gloves. You get the ELECTROGLOVES! Now you can shoot GODDAMN LIGHTNING BOLTS OUT OF YOUR HANDS. Actually, it's just kind of a painful zap that you can do by touching things, but still! Electric hands!

With some more experimentation you create ABSURDLY DURABLE AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHES. But it's time to stop messing around, you go check if Brian busted out the Kernelsprite yet.

• 12/20/2014

[SB]: it is not girly it's AWESOME

[SB]: anyway ok

You open the Cruxtruder for him. He could've just, slashed it open with his energy sword or something, like you did, but not with an energy sword. Oh well.

[SB]: also

[SB]: make a proper door gun

[SB]: because


• 12/20/2014

VS: thx4kernelsprite

You pull a leaf out of your pocket and toss it into the sprite. Your INFINITE WISDOM OF EVERYTHING gives you the knowledge that the leaf will make your future enemies weak and crunchy and shit. Hahahaha.

VS: Yeah I'll do the door gun some other time.

-- vainSavior [VS] sent file "HENSHIN.gif " to shiningBlade [SB] --

You experiment for a while to create the thing to enter the Medium. You end up with a glowy transparent transforming truck toy. You spend a while figuring out how to transform it, and when you're done, you are enveloped by a bright flash and reappear on the Land of Servitude and Frogs. You begin to derp around killing stupid leafy crunchy imps for grist to alchemize.

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