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• 4/8/2015

A Special Preview of A NATURAL DEATH - Friday the 13th

On this very haunted day, I figured it would be a great oppurnity to reveal a special preview of MURDER: Mystery Island's season premiere!

[All is quiet in the Wikia Cafe. The guests have seperated themselves into two different groups. Omni and Omi dicuss the latest news about that event in a manor, while Brandon glances over to the other side. Jack speaks up. ] 

[Jack]: I suggest that since we aren't necessarily eating our meal anymore, we retire to the lobby with our drinks. 

[Sub]: Sounds like a good idea. 

[Nate]: I am all for it. 

[Everyone reveals the Cafe, as they enter the lobby. Brandon walks over to Speedy. ] 

[Brandon]: Hey, just wondering. Do you know who invited us here?

[Then, They suddenly see a large television hooked up to the wall. ] 

[Speedy]: That's weird.

[AB]: Was that on there before?

[Omi]: No, it wasn't... 

[Suddenly the lights go out. The entire hotel is quiet. Suddenly, the TV flickers on. Static. Everyone slowly walks to it as the static-filled TV continues to increase in noise. Suddenly, there's a loud screech. ] 

[Tyran]: Holy Bilbo Baggins!

[It then cuts to a shadowy figure, with a face unable to be seen. A voice then starts talking, only the static and the clear voice motifier makes it unable to idendifty who is talking. ]

[Person on the Screen]: Hello, I am the one who brought you here. I can not give my name for important reasons, but you will soon find out. 

[It cuts to Charles's Butler Quarters. The Maid and him are watching his on his bedroom's television. ] 

[Maid]: My Gosh... 

[Charles]: Its happening... all over again... 

[Person on the Screen]: I have come, from a place far away. I am here, amongst you all, for a reason. Five of you have hidden who you really are, or prehaps, don't realize it. I am here to collect you five for my ultimate purpose, which is part of a bigger plan. Time and Space itself have joined together for this moment. The Moment of a Cosmic Conjunction is nearly upon this very island. 

[It cuts back to the Lobby. ] 

[Nate]: Time and Space....

[AB]: Five of us... 

[Tyran]: A Cosmic Conjunction?

[Person on the Screen]: There will have been efforts to hide these five. They will look like you, they will be like you. However, they are very special. They have ancient blood in them, and blood is precious. Therefore, I warn you all, you thirteen mortals to hear me. Dipose of your ... future dead with dignity. Pray for salvation... and hope for the best. 

[Speedy]: No... 

[It cuts to Charles and the Maid, as it zooms up to Charles slowly. ] 

[Person on the Screen]: Five, I speak to you alone now. On this very special vacation I have planned for you, you may allow your guests and fellow vactioners to die. However, this is foolish. Reveal yourselves to the world, allow me to use you to unlock the chains... and unearth the greatest mystery yet. If you do not do this, I shall kill every last man, woman and servant who tries to conceal you from me. So Beware... for I am Coming for you. 

[Suddenly, a ding is heard. The TVs in the lobby and Charles's room explodes, sending Charles and the Maid to the wall, and sending all thirteen guests to the floor. Slowly, everyone in the lobby gets up as they look at the TV. its destroyed. Meanwhile, in Charles's room, the Maid tries to use the phone but the line is dead. ] 

[Maid]: So what now?

[Charles looks at the Mountain, grimly. ] 

[Charles]: It appears... we'll play an old friend's game.

Now keep in the mind, this isn't the FINAL version of this scene but this is what I have so far. Anyways, tell me what you think. 

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• 12/14/2013


• 12/14/2013
welp that's epic
• 12/15/2013

The Maid can talk (gasp). Also Man of Steel reference.

• 12/15/2013

You mean, "They will look like you, they will be like you."? That's just a coinidence ._.

• 1/3/2014
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