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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/20/2016

Teemblr: Death of a Primelor

to find the old teemblrs go search it you fucking autist
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• 6/6/2016

Teemblr: Avant Garde Edition

i aint even ask for permission fo dis shit lol
This is fukin independence
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• 5/30/2016

Experimenting w/ Sounds, Visuals, and Music

So one of the neat things I've been doing is experimenting with music, sounds, and visuals for ADTWD - Part 4 and Part 5 (as well as for the future). Here's some examples of what I've been doing. 

00:35 Everything City Intro 1994
This first video I actually came up with for the series finale, so in a sense this is a first look at the series finale. I just felt like doing it now. Inspired by the introduction to Spider-Man in Civil War. 

This "soundtrack" is as of now meant to be in Part Five. This is a combination of three tracks: two for background music and one for sound effects. The idea is that by doing this, it adds a new depth to the reading.
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• 2/16/2016

A Deal With the Devil Sneak Peak

7:30 P.M. - Broom Closet - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 15, 2015
[Charles walks into the room. Tied to a chair, with a table in front of him, is Brandon Faust. Brandon gleams with excitement. ]
[Brandon Faust]: Hello Charles. 
[Charles]: You lied to us. 
[Brandon Faust]: Of course I did. I'm the Betrayer. 
[Charles]: So if I may ask... 
[Charles grabs the other chair faced across from Brandon and sits in it. ] 
[Charles]: Why show your true colors now?
[Brandon Faust]: Well, it's a long horrific story full of torture and violation, the kind of story that would get its own Lifetime film, but I'm getting ahead of myself. As you know by now, Omi is dead. 
[Charles]: Yes. Omni saw you. 
[Brandon Faust]: When we discovered that hidden portion of The Map, Omi realized that the guests had been fooled. You see, the day that Lego had died, we all witnessed what everyone believed to be the ghost of Ponce de Butler, your ancestor. Of course, in reality it was a hologram created and acted by yours truly. 
[Charles]: So you consider yourself an actor?
[Brandon Faust]: Oh yes. I love illusions and theatrics. It's my thing. 
[Charles nods, as Brandon turns his head, as if trying to control himself for a moment, before grinning back at the Butler. ] 
[Brandon]: You don't think you stand a chance, do you? Do you have any idea how much danger you're in? 
[Charles]: I've always been in danger. I'm used to it by now. 
[Brandon]: Yes perhaps but... you know you can't win this game. It's suicide. 
[Charles]: If I'm correct, you tried that yourself yesterday. 
[Brandon]: That was a moment of weakness, but I'm stronger. Stronger than I have ever been. You know why?
[Charles]: Do tell. 
[Brandon]: It's because I know deep in my heart.... that I'm special. 
[Charles freezes for a moment. ] 
[Charles]: We're done. 
[Charles gets up, clearly alarmed, as Brandon shouts to him one last time. ] 
[Brandon Faust]: Charles Butler... no matter how hard you try, you will play into Kross's hands. I promise you... when the Night of the Dead arrives... it will be your blood that spills the most. 

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• 12/12/2015

The Father, The Son, and the Suicide Airing Dates + Official Image of The Map

On one fateful night in 1989, The Fiend obtained The Map. What secrets lie within it?How will it reappear in January 2014? Who will obtain it?

The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part One airs December 30th!
The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part Two airs December 31st!
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• 11/26/2015

Happy MURDERous Thanksgiving: Discussing The Father, The Son, and the Suicide

If you have not read In Love and MURDER, SPOILERS BELOW.

The Father, the Son, and the Suicide is a culmination of the last seven episodes in many ways. We address some of the big issues in the two parts. These go from the identities of The Five to major revelations such as the connection between Kross and Richard, what happened to Eric Cureluy, how the Fiend has been able to move around, and a theory about what really lies inside Fiend Mountain.
In 2014, we deal with the fall-out of Speedy’s death, which becomes a turning point. Charles is forced to face in full the reality of his situation, other guests are forced to realize that they have to work together, and one guest inevitably dies. The episode chooses to highlight Omni as the guest truly leading this group of special people in this complicated situation, but we also highlight other guests, who are forced to open up about some secrets that the audience already knows, but not necessarily the other guests.
In 1989, we deal with the fall-out of Kross’ escape. This incident introduces new characters to the Island from the Wikia Agency of Investigation. The island goes into a martial-law state, and over the course of a single day, we learn more about different characters. Dr. Lucius Sines, who helped free Kross and knows the truth about an incident that happened between Richard and Kross in 1970, is one such example. But the real stars of the 1989 scenes are the remaining members of (as Street once put it), “the original Murder Incorporated”, which consist of Richard Butler, David King, Robert Gullahorn, and Kross. These four are really developed and focused on, as we dig into who these characters are. By the end of the episode, your perceptions about these characters will change, and it will truly begin a new chapter in the 1989 storyline.
As the title suggests, this episode deals with Richard and Charles. Although the episode won’t be completely about Richard and Charles, these two characters will have a dramatic confrontation, where Richard will be forced to reveal some secrets from his past, and their relationship will be changed. As to the Suicide part, there will be more than one possible answer. If this episode does anything for the reader, the lesson it shares ultimately will be that not everything is as it seems.
The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part One will air in Late December 2015.
The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part Two will air immediately following Part One.
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• 11/5/2015

MURDER Trailer: A Tease at the Rest of the Series


[Three helicopters fly above Wikia Island as Charles looks from afar.]
[Charles, voiceover]: This organization... do you know what it's called?
[It cuts to an angry teenage Charles in an interogation room with Dr. Lucius Sines]
[Dr. Sines]: The organization is known as the Church of the Fiend, and you are no longer safe on this island.

[The next shot shows Kross looking at a locket]
[Kross, voicover]: Look around you, Charles.
[It shows Charles, in present-day Wikia Island, looking tired, on the ground, breathing heavy]
[Kross, voiceover]: Everyone you believed in....
[A montage of Officer Robert Gullahorn, David King, and Richard Butler are shown]
[Kross, voiceover]: involved in a great lie.
[It shows Charles and a few guests walking down a dimly lit cave tunnel. It cuts to the Present-Day Kross in the cave-like setting.]
[Kross]: Why did you come?
[A gun is shown firing three times as three pregnant women, tied up in bondages and blindfolded, fall to the ground, having been shot in the head each, in a strange grey setting.]
[Charles, also in the cave-like setting]: I came here to stop you. 
[Charles is shown running through the hotel, kicking down a door open, and running into it to see the entire side of the room facing the ocean has gone, crumbling into pieces.]
[Kross]: And I thought you came here to die. 
[Charles]: Well it's all a matter of perspective. 
[Wikia Agency of Investigation cars drive through the woods towards an abandoned house as clips of the guests messing with a Ouija board, explosions across the town, helicopters flying above the Island, an old man falling to the ground in his house, a more modern-looking Kross walking into a busy bar, Brandon in tears, fingers holding onto the floor as a guest is holding on for dear life to not fall into the waters below, an explosion of flames, a quick appearance of Ponce de Butler's spirit, the Fiend whipping his head up while hanging onto a police vehicle in 1989 in the middle of a car crash, and Charles hanging onto a rope as he comes crashing towards Kross before cutting to black. ]
[Guest]: Oh my god... It was you. You're the Killer. 

Don't Forget to read or re-read the previous episodes of the Season!

A Natural Death
Under The Sea
The Butler Did It
I Came In Like a Cannonball
Aqua de la Muerte
Chair of Mountain Terror
In Love and MURDER
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• 10/19/2015


Welcome to OdyssTEE, a world that Sol controls. Take off your pants and panties, because you don't want them to be blown off by how badly this will fail.
Anyways, if you haven't signed up yet, Thread:13944 is the place to do it. Because we have so few adventurers, any late recruits will be welcomed with open arms.
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• 10/1/2015

choose your own adventure attempt 1- sci fi space shit

Your eyes awaken to frost. You cannot move. Ice? Are these your dying moments? Are you a sailor cast aside in the arctic circle, forgetting your past in the freezing depths?
But you are not cold, and you are not wet. You are oddly... normal.
The frost slides open. It was a glass door, you think. You stumble out into the blinding lights. You nearly fall to the floor, but you extend your arm in time. You are naked, save for your underwear. You put a hand over your eyes to protect them from the light.
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• 8/18/2015

unnamed tee story

edit: fixed formatting
The sun rose over the northern town of Dokrylle, and with it, the morning fog. Residents stirred out of their cots, brewed their morning tea, and went about their daily routine.
For Aphoria Bluedown, today was no ordinary day. Her dear friend from the southern lands, Horado, was coming to visit her, after months and months of separation. You see, Horado was a slave boy. His father and mother came to the island nation of Pere from Oitis after the small-but-brief war between the two nations. Horado's grandfather, who was also named Horado, was the leader of the noble house of Reytara. House Reytara supported the war effort greatly, but it was not enough to win. After the war was lost, the bill collectors came to collect Horado Reytara's debts, and instead of paying, he fled with his newborn son and family to the Chokka Province, at the bottom of Pere. His wife died on the trip.
From there, Horado Reytara began a journey north, ensuring his family- or what remained of it- that there were vast riches in the northern province of Thaite. This was not honest, and was a swindle by Nye Bluedown to get the poor family in deeper debt. The poor Reytara's were bound to be swindled eventually, for their leader had been pampered and only knew of a life in power and wealth.
In the north, Nye Bluedown "assisted" Horado and his kin in building a nice cottage near the town of Dulin. This was also a trick- Nye knew that once the Reytara's establishment grew large, House Black, centered in Dulin, would buy out the town. Then, Nye would charge Horado for all of his "help". House Black's money would go from Horado and straight into his pocket. House Reytara would then be vassals- nay, slaves- to House Bluedown. This was precisely what happened.
What happened, at least, until House Black learned of it. You see, House Black believed that you had to make yourself great, and not have greatness thrust upon you. Conning innocent people, who had built a town by themselves, was not exactly "honorable" in their eyes. With this in mind, House Black declared war on House Bluedown. The war would be known as the War of Nye.
Bluedown decided to atone for their sins, by excommunicating Nye and taking his belongings. However, this did not appease House Black. Their money was still being used for "unworthy" purposes. Two months after the initial declaration of war, and House Bluedown was shoved from the "upper crust" of Thaite society and demoted to middle- or even lower- class artisans. Their slaves were taken and their belongings were looted. The Reytara family continued, without the last name. Eventually, Horado was born to a metalsmith and a seamstress. He went north, with his master Percival Black, every few months, as Percival arranged for his own son, Morcant Black, to head to the island of Gwast and make himself somebody.
Today was one of those days, in one of those months. It was the last time- for Morcant himself would be coming to the port city of Dokrylle later in the month. The preparations were complete, and a ship- Orion's Club- was waiting in the docks. Morcant was to head to Gwast and slay the great dragon Jenwage, who had been terrorizing the locals for centuries. Morcant's own father had attempted to slay the dragon, before returning home and becoming a great warrior in the War of Nye. He then challenged his father to the seat of the throne, and became the leader of the clan and all it owned.
As the members of House Black approached, a crowd of people gathered at the gates. In the crowd, small Aphoria stood, trying to not be crushed. As she practically crawled through the mass, she found a wooden crate, with a sack of potatoes resting above it. She removed the potatoes, throwing them to the ground, where they spilled out.
She made her way on to the crate. Yes, she thought. The crate was tall enough. She was about a head above everyone else. She could see the gates now, and they were still firmly shut. Damn. That meant it would be a while.
Her thoughts were interrupted when a strong, meaty hand, grabbed her shoulder. She gasped and turned around.
"Hullo, 'Phoria! Whatchu doin' out here? Arent'cha worried ya might get tramped to death?" the strong, burly voice raised out above the chit-chatter. It was her friend, Tirell. Tirell was a burly man, in his late thirty's. He was bigger than most men in town- almost half as tall and twice as wide. If you didn't get a closer look, you might think he was a giant. That, and the fact he was almost always covered in blood and smelling like meat. You see, Tirell was a butcher. An orphan, he intended to be a blacksmith or a guard until he badly hurt his back, fighting as a boy in the war of Nye. That was his excuse, anyway- while he may look to be forty, he certainly was not. Besides, he was only about thirty-six- the War of Nye was thirty-one years ago. Aphoria may be young, but she knew that was impossible.
"Oh, hi Tirell! I'm looking for my friend Horado," Aphoria started, a sigh coming. The hand wasn't a rapist's or a murderer's, and for that, she could now breathe easily.
"Horado? Ain't that the Oitin boy ya got a crush on, 'Phoria?" Tirell joked, letting out a hearty laugh. As he saw Aphora was clearly not amused by the joke (her face was turning red and she looked ready to kill), he began to charismatically defend himself. "Oh, ya know I'm only jokin'."
"I know, it's just..."
Before Aphora could finish, a boy with a face covered in either dirt or coal- probably both, knowing the men in this town- rang one of the bells on top of the wall. "QUIET! PERCIVAL'S APPROACHIN'!"
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• 8/10/2015


Welcome to the egocentric, transphobic, homophobic, Napoleon-complexed, worshipping, cocksucking, shit-fueled, circlejerk engine that birthed this great wiki.
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• 7/18/2015


prime you're in charge of doing shit i only have complete control ok so tell the fuckers what this is about
OdyssTee is an upcoming DND-esque adventure roleplay. TEE users can sign up to take place in a Forum roleplay in a fantasy setting. OdyssTee is still under construction and will (hopefully) launch on July 20, 2015.

OdysTee follows ((number)) of heroes after the end of a sub-continental war between the Kingdom of Makria and the Kaybeddine Empire. Makria won, but unfortunately transporting and arming all of their troops drove the Makrian gold reserves into the negatives. Thus, Makria cannot send any ships to recollect our heroes, and they will have to cross the Thalassian Sea on their own. There are only two problems with that- they have no boat and home is very far away.

Sol as Dungeon Master

To sign up for the roleplay, state your character's name, gender, age, appearance, and backstory (optional). They must be humans, sorry, and if it doesn't fit in with the lore I'll let you know.
Choose two weapons:

Bronze Sword 
Bronze Bow (+ 20 Bronze Arrows)
Bronze Spear
Bronze Hammer
Wooden Shield
Bronze Dagger
Bronze Hand-Axe
Bronze Poleaxe
Bronze Halberd
Bronze Scythe
Wooden Sling
Bronze Mace
Bronze Flail
Wooden Wand of Frost/Flame/Shock/Flora
Wooden Staff of Water/Flame/Wind/Stone
Two Positive Traits:

Silver-Tongued (10% cost discount)
Born Leader (+1 to allies in combat)
Animal Whisperer (the ability to speak to animals)
Adrenaline Junkie (1/2 stamina cost)
Heavy Sleeper (stamina regens 2x fast when sleeping)
Quick Learner (learns skills 1.5x as fast)
Hopeless Romantic (levels up Seduction skill 2x as fast)
Night Owl (levels up Survivalism skill 2x as fast)
Serial Arsonist (levels up Destruction Magic 2x as fast)
Sticky Fingers (1.5x inventory slots)
Early Bird (strikes first in combat)
Escape Artist (levels up Parkour skill 2x as fast)
Green Thumb (levels up Druidism skill 2x as fast)
Private Eye (levels up Intrusion skill 2x as fast)
Easily Fooled (levels up Illusion Magic 2x as fast)
Cool Faccade (levels up Blade Mastery 2x as fast)
Photographic Memory (+5 spell slots)
Loving Nature (+10 health to all allies)
Two Negative Traits:

Light Eater (1/2 health recovered from eating food)
Water Fearing (levels up Aquatic skill 2x slower)
Motion Sickness (levels up Equestrian skill 2x slower)
Scaredy Cat (levels up Intimidation skill 2 x slower)
High Taste (unable to use low-quality loot)
Hot Headed (initiates combat easier)
Socially Awkward (levels up Seduction skill 2x slower)
Height Phobic (stamina halves when on a tall building, mountain, or flying mount)
Lone Wolf (-1 attack when fighting alongside others)
Hot Stepper (starts with 50 stamina instead of 100)
Friendly Fire (levels up Targeting skill 2x slower)
Shit Talker (10% cost increase)
Angry Catfish (attacked by fish)
Eco Terrorist (attacked by passive animals)
Ill Intentions (2x damage to friendly NPCs)
Rage Inducing (enemies do +5 damage)
Quick Tempered (levels up Illusion 2x as slow)
Color Blind (Magic damage does 1 1/2x as much damage
You will also start off with thirty inventory slots, ten spell slots, a Leather Helmet, a Leather Tunic, Leather Gauntlets, and Leather Boots (sorry, no pants). Along with that, 50 $, 100 Base Health, Stamina, and Mana.
Finally, the part you've been waiting for (hopefully). Skills. You get twenty points, allocate them wisely.

Seduction (makes prices cheaper)
Navigation (less chance to get lost)
Intrusion (pickpocketing and lockpicking)
Survivalism (woodworking and basic skills like fishing, fire starting, etc.)
Alchemy (able to craft more complex potions)
Dexterity (more attacks)
Craftsmanship (crafting more complex items)
Scavenging (more loot)
Endurance (damage reduction)
Finesse (inventory spaces)
Intimidation (chance the enemy will flee)
Perception (puzzlesolving)
Enchanting (what it says on the tin)
Druidism (an anti-pissed-off-ometer)
Aquatic (swimming and underwater exploration)
Knowledge (I really don't know yet lol)
Parkour (ropes n shit, for exploring on land)
Evasion (dodging)
Equestrian (mount riding iykwim)
Targeting (how well your attacks hit)
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• 5/26/2015

Where The Fuck Have I Been

Capitalizing Every Word Like A Fucking Champ.
Okay anyways, this is mostly targeted towards Sci, Sif, Brian and those who actually care but let me just start off by saying:
Sci, my apologies for literally not saying anything about MURDER S2. I haven't been reading it but I will once every episode is done. It's like buying the Season 2 DVD and watching all episodes in one go. THEN give my opinion. Coming to Wikia over and over has been difficult and it's one of the main reasons for my decision. Anyways, on too.
Paper. You.... Attack on To'kustar is back. Thank you. That's all. 420/69 would re-read. 
So onto me (that sounds wrong). It's been... interesting. School has gotten a lot better as a result of me being away from Wikia and my social life was not a topic to bring up last time, but that isn't important right now. I'm doing fine, I don't go on wikia anymore because It's hard. I use a phone and even though it's awesome and has a big screen, Mobile Wikia sucks my ass. Period.
If you want to find me outside of Wikia, I have Skype and Tumblr. Skype is more for chatting if you prefer and Tumblr... well, I'm a hardcore meta/theory writer on Attack on Titan. Unless you wanna get spoilers up your ass I'd suggest staying away from there... or if you care. But yeah, my name on there is LeapingTitan. If you followed by previous works here on Wikia you'd know the origin of the name.
Lastly, the Upcoming NickFusi0n Project.. well.... sorry to say this but... SURPRISE, IT'S NOT CANCELLED. All my time away from Wikia and my experiences IRL have led me to actually create it, slightly different from what I intended but it's definitely coming. No set release date and probably not anytime soon but all I can say is it will be in something other than text form if you get what I'm hinting at. (I've been getting a lot better at drawing on paper and not just digitally)
So a TL;DR - I'm fine, I'm doing the Upcoming NickFusi0n Project, I'm on Tumblr (Username - LeapingTitan) aaand yeah... 
Also, *nuke*
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• 10/29/2015

Chair of Mountain Terror (Discussion)

EDIT: On October 30th, I will release the upcoming episode, Chair of Mountain Terror. Scroll down for the latest scene!
On May 24th, the midseason finale of Mystery Island will be released. Here's a scene for the upcoming episode, Chair of Mountain Terror: 

[A van drives up to the edge of the jungle. Five people exit the van, wearing backpacks and carrying shovels. They come into the moonlight, revealing themselves to be Charles, Clark, Arthur, Diana, and Vicki. ]
[Diana]: Are you sure its here?
[Clark]: I'm sure.
[They head towards a large tree, one taller then most other trees. Once they reach the tree, they begin digging in front of it. ]
[Arthur]: How much digging is this going to take?
[Suddenly, the shovels hit an object, creating a loud noise. Everyone looks at each other, as Charles and Arthur jump down the hole, and begin removing the dirt nearby. ]
[Charles]: Why is there so much dirt?
[Arthur]: Since you're a butler's boy, I wouldn't expect you to know much about dirt.
[Charles, annoyed]: Moving on.
[Arthur and Charles clear the top of a chest, as Clark throws hooks with chains down to the two other males. Charles and Arthur place the hooks on the sides of the Chest. ]
[Charles, shouting to Clark]: Pull it up!
[Diana, Clark and Vicki pull on the chains, lifting Arthur, Charles and the chest up. They manage to get the chest next to the hole, as Charles and Arthur get on the ground. Clark walks to the Chest, and opens it up. All five teens look at the contents of the chest, smiling. ]
[Charles]: We have it. We have the Key...
Remember to read the last episode, Aqua de la Muerte for important revelations. Be sure to comment and vote on the polls to help me out. And also remember that the next MURDER Mystery Island Discussion Chat will be held on May 30th/May 31st!
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• 5/10/2015

Next MURDER Episode on May 17th (Plus New Poster and Scene)

UPDATE: Due to the requirements of the real world, I henceforth announce to this community that MURDER: Mystery Island will release its fifth episode, Aqua de la Muerte, on May 17th. 

To make it up for you guys, I have a scene from the upcoming episode!

[It cuts to the five teenagers, Officer Rob, and the second officer entering the Administration Wing. A new officer arrives, this one with a giant mustache, all grey hair. ]
[Prison Officer]: Officer Rob, your visit is not expected.
[Officer Rob]: I didn't expect to be here either. However, it appears that we will need contact with one of your prisoners.
[Charles]: One who can speak Spanish.
[Prison Officer]: Well... most of the prisoners are in the yard, so I can ask them now. I'll be back.
[The Prison Officer begins leaving. ] 
[Officer Rob]: Thank you.
[Officer Rob then turns to the rest of the group. ]
[Officer Rob]: If he says no one can help, we're leaving. Got it?
[Everyone nods, as he turns around. Moments later, the Prison Officer returns. ] 
[Prison Officer]: We do have a prisoner who can help. I will take them there. 
[Officer Rob]: Thank you very much. 
[It cuts to Charles and the group walking down the prison hallway, past many empty cells. They are being led by the Prison Officer. ] 
[Prison Officer]: What kind of information do you need?
[Charles]: We need some translations, since the Ma- the evidence we've acquired is in Spanish. 
[Prison Officer]: Hmmhm. 
[The Prison Officer stops near the end of a hall, next to a do metallic white door, with three red lights on the left side, a big red light at the top, a number pad on the right side, and below it a wheel to turn. The door is made up of several triangle parts, all forming a circle-door, with a small circle window in the center. Above the door, it says MAXIMUM SECURITY: Solitary confinement. ] 
[Arthur]: Are we going in there?
[Prison Officer]: Besides the man in there... there have only been four other souls who have been in that room. You will not be the 5th to 9th. Instead, we have Prisoner 05061014. 
[Prisoner]: I hear you need help with translations... 
[Charles]: Yes... 
[Charles takes out the Map and shows it to the prisoner. The Prisoner takes a look at it, flipping it around. ] 
[Prisoner]: This is old... permission to ask the name of the guest?
[Prison Officer]: Permission granted. 
[Charles]: Charles. 
[Prisoner]: This is very old, Charles. The text, the paintings... I know some Spanish, but this may be beyond me. 
[Suddenly, a voice echoes to Charles. ]
[Voice, in German Accent]: Charles... Charles Butler. I can help you uncover the truth of the Map... 
[The Prisoner Officer turns around, in shock as the Prisoner begins backing up, clearly afraid of the voice. ] 
[Prison Officer]: He spoke... after all of these years... he spoke. 

Are you excited for Aqua de la Muerte? Do you have a theory on the identity of the 15th user? What do you think is written on The Map? Have you figured out what Lego's vendetta against the Brandon/Speedy romance is? Comment below!
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• 4/13/2015

I Came In Like a Cannonball Discussion Thread

This thread will be used for all posts related to the upcoming episode, I Came In Like a Cannonball, airing on April 19th. 

For the first post, here is a teaser poster for the episode! 

A Second Poster will be posted on April 15th (15 divided by 3 = FIVE :O), followed by a third poster on April 18th. Stay tuned!
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• 4/13/2015

Hawk (TV series): Update, Discussion and Q&A

This is the update, discussion and Q&A thread for Hawk, a brand new Marvel television show.
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• 4/8/2015

New Forum Board + Brainstorming

So um
1) All MURDER-related posts will be put on the new MURDER board, that's cool, right?
2) I've been doing some creative brainstorming for the future of MURDER post-Season 2. Here's a teaser image. 

Maybe Mystery Island won't be the last season after all. ;)
Also I don't know why I highlighted this I guess just cause I can
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• 4/5/2015

DC or Marvel - What do you want?

So, as most of you know (or don't) I am a big Marvel and DC fanatic (except for the comics). And I saw the lack of Marvel and DC stuff here. It breaks my heart :(
I wanna make a difference by introducing a line of projects from DC or Marvel. Vote in the poll, about what do you want. :D Chose wisely becuase you are only getting one of the following things. Voting ends this Friday. 6 days from now.

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})What do you want?  A line of shared-universe animated DC shows 1 A Street-version of DC Cinematic Universe (live-action like the original one) 1 An Animated Marvel Cinematic Universe 0 A line of shared universe live-action Marvel shows 2 A line of animated Marvel shows 1 A Street-version of MCU (live-action like the original one) 1 The poll was created at 09:15 on April 5, 2015, and so far 6 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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